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Accommodation information in and around Aarhus.

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Rather than spend money on Aarhus hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Aarhus from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Aarhus and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Aarhus with them in minutes!
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I have been living out of my backpack for the past year and a half. Great gypsy life. I can offer half of the floor space in my 2 person tent. I can at times offer ocean views from the terrace, sometimes forest or hills. It depends on the location. I don't have a kitchen so you will need to provide your own, but I do have a spoon and knife you're more than welcome to borrow. I sometimes have food I love to share, but don't relay on it. It's a good opportunity to experience life on the road and test your boundaries living in a small space with another person. I'm currently working on upgrading to a flat or share house in Wellington, New Zealand. Hopefully I will be able to offer more comfort by then. I have an amazing mom in Denmark who love to met travelers. She's currently moving out of her house into a farmhouse an hour or so from Aarhus. Feel free to contact me if you get stuck anywhere in Denmark. I'll do my best to help out.
The sofas are in the living room of our house! I'm living in a Student Residence in Lystrup, 10 km from the center of Aarhus. My flatmates are 7 students and we have 2 sofas where you can sleep (maybe is better with some blankets ;) ) We don't have pets, some of us smoke but not in the house (it's forbidden!! xD). In lystrup there isn't very beatiful places to get fun but we are connected with the center by one bus. In half hour you're in the middle of the partys! I'm an erasmus student so i never go to bed early and for me the quantity of the sentence "too many days" depends on the kind of guest! P.s. we don't have blankets :(
2 small beds and one double bed in small room in a cozy allotment with a big garden - 30 min. walk to the center and close to several supermarkets, a library (free internet) etc. No food provided but there are good food skipping spots, if you're interested All commodities (running/hot water, gas stove and kitchen equipment (compost toilet Also, lots of tasty stuff grows in the garden - have a taste but in moderation!
Guest basement bedroom with 2 single beds (can be pushed together to make a doublebed) and large easychair. Access to shower and toilet, next to guestroom and shared with the 2 adults that live in the rest of the 2-story brick house. 3 km. to city centre, in a quiet residential area, though only 250 metres to supermarket, restaurants, post office. Free parking on the street. There's wireless internet in the house.
I have an small apartment in the center of Aarhus - the 2. biggest town in Denmark. The apartement is about 55 m x m. Staying here i can offer a couch or a madras for 2-3 people. The apartment is very close to heart of this great city, 500 m from beach and central train station. Feel free 2 use the kitchen, please fill in what u eat & drink - being a teacher dosen't make people rich in this country...
Not sure how my place will look like yet, still traveling, and when i come back home i'll need to go find a place. I'm going to live in the center of the city, and Aarhus is lovely in the summer time! I'm hoping to live with a few other people, and for food, you can pay some money, and together we can make dinner, or whatever you prefer. I'm open to show you around, and get you drunk the cool places ;-)
I have a living room with a sofa... and options for more than one person if needed. It is very close to the see and green areas of the city, but still in the city. Very quite neighbourhood and supermarkets etc. not far away and possible to make food in my appartment. It is a 5 min. ride in the bus from the centre and the same on a bike which is possible to pick up at many location in the city.
Small room with a bunk bed in my medium sized 3 bedroom appartment in the suburg of Aarhus (15 min by bus to the center). There is a possibility to arrange an extra bed (mattress). We are very close to a big shopping center and the bus is holding right in front of the door. You can use the kitchen and bathroom free, but the food is your own. There are washing machine and tumbler drier.
Share room with me, lots of floor space and *potential* free couch. Bus stop right in front, with direct access to city center (20 minutes) as well as food shops/market and shopping mall. Kitchen is available for use, small but pretty well equipped. From center, easy train access to Copenhagen, Aarhus and Billund airports, Germany/Sweden.
extra mattress in a room where we donīt have to come. 3 room appartment in the center of the city 3 min walk from bus and trainstation. Bath and kitchen to be shared with owners. Supplie yor own food. Itīs Denmarks 2. biggest city and we have it all, nice beaches, forest, contryside amusmentparks. Everythin within 45 min.

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