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With room for three (perhaps four) guests, our flat is in the village of Carmarma which is less than ten minutes west of Alcala de Henares. Madrid is a 30 minute drive by car south on the A2, or you can take the metro/train but it is nearly an hour to get to the city center of Madrid. There is not much to do in Carmarma. There is a school for evangelical missionary kids in town and they are always looking for volunteers. One private room has a single bed, desk, chair, and wireless ADSL Internet. Antother person, or two kids, could share the foam couch that folds out to a place to sleep in the nonprivate livingroom. We aslo have a single cot that is tolerable. If you are lightwieght and adventerous, you could sleep in the hammock! Although we have two bathrooms, we have three young teens, so access may not be immediate. Hablamos espanol tambien.
It's the guest's room in the /chalet villa where I am living with my parents and my brother.There's room for you people 'cause there are two twin bed. It's thirty minutes time from madrid, in a beautiful city with a 200.000 population, called Alcalá de Henares. We are 10 ' time from the city centre and the train station to get to madrid in 45' by train.
Medium room with a comfortable double bed, near of Alcalá's University, train, bus and a lot of places to drink a beer. Fell free to use the kitchen while u are here. Bathroom is privately but it is out the bedroom.

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