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Rather than spend money on Amsterdam hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Amsterdam from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Amsterdam and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Amsterdam with them in minutes!
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I live in the oldest, or one of the oldest parts of Amsterdam, very close to the centre. I share a flat with one female roomate and a cat. I have my own living room and dining room, but share a kitchen/bathroom. My flat is DIRECTLY, and I mean DIRECTLY off a tram stop that leaves from both Dam Square and Centraal Station. There are three tram lines and one bus route that stops by my flat. I go to bed reasonably late, but am not a devout party-guy, so I prefer quieter, respectful people crashing with me. I live within walking distance of the Anee Frank Huis and Vondelpark, as well as Museumplein, so it's easy. One thing you have to remember is that I am a PhD student, so my workload is strenous and cannot host all the time, but weekends are usually better than weekdays. I have blankets, but I'd prefer if you brought your own because it makes life easier. Also, if possible, I'd like to restrict couch-surfers to two days of crashing at the most, because of my hectic and crazy work and school schedule. Feel free to use the kitchen or have a shower when you're here.
#####SORRY NO COUCH NOW#### I will be travelling soon, and until then I'll be gone a lot, staying over at friends and for the remainder of time my tiny appartment is fully booked hosting friends from UK/Czech Republic/USA. Expecting to be back home somewhere towards august. What part of town do you live in? Citycenter, Jordaan How many people live with you? Just me What is your couch/floor/bed like? comfy as hell Do you have pets? yep, two cats, so no dogs please Do you smoke? like a chimney! am not too fond of grass, it makes me cough and ill when people smoke it around me. Hash is no problem. What fun things to do are there around where you live? Dude, it's Amsterdam!!! Local landmarks? The Korsakoff (bar/nightclub), Lijnbaansgracht 161 Public transportation? plenty! Can you show people around? Or, are you busy working? depends Do you prefer to go to bed early or late? late, nightcreature Best times that you can host? Weekdays? Weekends? depends Do you have blankets? more than enough How many days is too many? 4-7, also depends
My room is on the third floor accessible by stairs. I live with nine other room mates in a student house. You will share the toilet only with me. The kitchen is shared with me and four other people. If you bring suitcases it can be stored in the basement. If you would like to smoke you can use the garden.You can use the washing machine, dryer, kitchen utensils and fridge. Cafes - outside the house. Restaurants - 700 m away Supermarket - 700 m away City centre - 3 km away (10 min by bike or bus) Main train station - 1 km away Park - 2 km away You can use my public transportation card which is cheaper than buying tickets in the bus.I have a spare bicycle that you can use. I need to see your ID when you arrive. (No driving license) (No copies) If you are from EU/EEA: (Passport or National ID). If you are non-EU/EEA: (Passport with valid visa/residence sticker or valid residence card). Note: If your passport, ID, visa, or residence card expires during your stay with me or if you refuse to show me identification I will not host you.
Well, travellers from all over the world! Be welcome in my great city. If I have the opportunity I will host you, if you're a nice person of course ;-) I must warn you that I get a lot of requests, since Amsterdam is a VERY popular place. I can't reply all of you, I'm sorry! No answer in 3 days means a 'no' in most cases. So, send me a nice and personal request and we'll see. I usually work at home. That means that I'm very flexible but I don't want to mix work and private things too much. So I won't always have time, or at least not all day. My couch is probably the best in Amsterdam, and I also have a mattress available in a separate room. I could host 2 people, but I prefer one at a time. I'd rather not host couples. Also, explain what the reason for your visit is. I live in a quiet neighbourhood, in the southern part of Amsterdam. Windmill, parks and Amstel river in walking distance! I don't have any pets. For more comments/ references see also my profile on Hospitalityclub , nickname hvangils or Couchsurfing , nickname GILS
Couch Available: Yes Preferred Gender: Any Max Surfers Per Night: 3 My house has got one sleepingroom a livingroom with a couch one bathroom with a shower,a toilet, a big kitchen and a balconny..My couch is for one person and i have a extra air filled sleepingmath for two persons to put one the floor. Maximum stay is 15 days,longer staying is possible if we feel like soulmates ore something like that! Last minut requests are no problem! Smoking is totally allowed,cigarettes or hash and weed,i only smoke sigarettes. You're welcome to leave your things all over the flat, get home completely drunk at 3 a.m., sing in the shower, dance on the table but please,please donīt kill me ore my cat ore burn mine house down hahahahahaha! I would appreciate if you bring a souvenir from your country ore some other nice gift,I prefer food ore a local alcoholic beverage,like Wodka from Russia etc. Looking forward meeting you!
Actually I live in Zaandam but this is just 10 km from Amsterdam. I have a large house, plenty of space. Also have a terrace and garden. The house has three floors. It is a traditional one, dating from early 1900. Public transport is widely available (buses, trains). There are direct trains from the airport to zaandam twice an hour (on regular hours), which take 18 minutes. Also indirect ones with a stopover at Amsterdam Sloterdijk (21 minutes). From Zaandam station it would be about 2o min walking to my place, depending on your speed. A taxi should cost no more than say 13 euro.If you are lucky, I might have a spare bicycle to use when you are here. Trains to Amsterdam run say very 10 minutes and take 13 minutes. Zaandam itself is a traditional town that used to serve as a large milling centre. It also has bars and restaurants and beautiful surroundings.
GF is a great initiative, but unfortunately it looks & works like crap. I am an excellent and very experienced host, but -however unfortunate for you- the limitations to its features mean I am NOT considering requests via GF. Please contact me thru my profiles at
CouchSurfing. or

Please carefully read my CS-profile before contacting me; there's no need in explaining things that are already in writing. Proving to not have gone thru my writings + subsequently failing to write me a personal note upon your 1st msg means not engaging in any arrangements. And believe me: I can tell by now.

I live on a boat in a beautiful location in North Amsterdam 5 mins bicycle ride from Centraal Station. These days I am very busy so I cannot host you around the city as such but I can offer you my home during your stay. I have to admit my boat does not have the luxuries of a house ie.shower, central heating blah blah blah so please bare in mind it is not for the faint hearted. But if you dont care and you just want a cosy, warm place to lay your head with good vibes and smiles then my place is the place to be. You will have your own bed but its literally a couch in the living room is right by the stove for those chilly nights. Duvet or sleeping bag can be provided on request. I will be travelling during the 25th October until 15th April so I am afraid I cannot host during this period.
I'm queer/transgendered Korean adopted girl. I speak good English and Dutch, an little bit of French. Learning Korean and Esperanto. Have couch to offer, or a matrass on the floor. I have spare one person bedding. I have a small one room studio, eating sleeping lounging in the same room, even for me. (it's very small, so not for people who need a lot of privacy and space... since there is, well none...) Can host only one person at any given time, for up to a week or so. You can use all facilities (Kitchen, Shower, etc.) But have to brind own things (food, towels, soap, etc.) It's a bit squat like (no real floor, lot of improvising on things) I live 15 minutes walk (5 minutes by bus) from central-station in Amsterdam, it's a quite neighbourhood, though close to the center of the City.
I have a small room with a single bed (futon but can fit 2 close) in a medium sized 3 bedroom duplex/house in the Presidio of San Francisco, CA.(Near Golden Gate Bridge/ 15th Avenue gate) We are located in the old military housing in the middle of a Park. The nearest public transportation is about a 10-15 min walk..But can catch the Geary bus fairly easy once outside the Presidio which goes downtown and to the Ocean and connects with other major bus lines and the Bart. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but will have to buy your own food. Our place would be a nice break...if you wanted to explore San Francisco, Marin, and the Bay area...yet return to the woods or a quiet setting.

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