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Accommodation information in and around Ann Arbor, Washtenaw.

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Rather than spend money on Ann Arbor, Washtenaw hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Ann Arbor, Washtenaw from a local's perspective!

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We're offering a twin sized bed in our library/study. Our apartment is moderately sized but has a great view of the Huron river, and feels more spacious. In the evening, after you're done exploring Ann Arbor, you can go for a lovely walk in the University Arboretum right across the river. There is a bus line across the street that will take you down town (about a five minute ride at $1 a can also get a connection for use within 90 minutes for free). The kitchen is yours to use, but we ask that you clean up after yourself. Since you won't know your way around, we can take you grocery shopping at the beginning of your stay if you like. If you're just passing through the area via Detroit airport, there is a cheap and easy shuttle from the University of Michigan that can take you there for about $20 last time I checked. Ann Arbor is a great town filled with cafe's, night spots, and has a fabulous art and music scene. If you're into folk, blues, jazz, or even reggae, you'll find something on any given day to entertain yourself at several establishments across town. There are also some wonderful restaurants ranging from Thai to French to Ethiopian.
We are actually about 20 minutes North of Ann Arbor in Hamburg. It is a 3 Bedroom Home on the Lake. We live in a nice, safe area close to shopping, restaurants and fun. About an hour to Detroit and the Great Lakes, 2 1/2 hours from Traverse city. Our home is open to you, just pay for your own food and respect our privacy as we will respect yours. We also have a computer room and laundry room open to you. We do have a large dog and several reptiles as well. I am happy to either leave you alone and enjoy your space or take you to dinner and give you a tour, working with your preferences on your own vacation expectations are important to me! The room is actually our office, it has a pull out bed, we also have a couch and an air mattress...
This is a 100 year old house on campus at University of Michigan, with walking to all events, restaurants, music, The Arboretum(a big park to walk down to the river.) A bus route stops by the house. I share the house with one or more housemates who rent rooms here, plus a dog and cat We are teachers. I dance with seversal bands and have a custom dye business. All ages are welcome who are mellow, on a path of spirit, flexible and humorous. This is not a party house. Sometimes there is a room and other times a spare bed. There is use of a community kitchen.
Hi, I am a grad student doing research at several universities in Ann Arbor AREA. I am also booked for several events as a motivational speaker. Im working on an lp right now, as well as writing my business plan to help mentor students in finance. I am respectful, like yoga and organic cooking, love shopping at whole foods, as well as reading tons of books! I just need wifi access since I use my laptop all the time. I am easygoing and like to live drama free. I just need a place until I figure out where I will be living(settling)in the area.
I am a 22 year old University of Michigan graduate living in Ann Arbor. I can offer a spare bed to sleep on and a chance to hang out with a local ann arborite who knows the town, the cool hang outs and the university well. my house is centrally located. anything in ann arbor is pretty accessible. i would gladly welcome one or two people, but i sadly do not have the capacity for more than that. i don;t speak much besides english, but can introduce you to friends who speak french, turkish, or hebrew
Futon in living room of apartment, in small town six miles south of Ann Arbor, with post office, shops, etc in easy walking distance. Unfortunately there's limited public transportation to Ann Arbor. I'm about 25 minutes from Detroit Metro airport (DTW). The small town (Saline) is quite charming itself, and Ann Arbor has everything a major university community has to offer. While here, feel free to use the kitchen; if staying longer than one day, helping to pay for food is expected.
I live in Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN - home to the University of Michigan (UM). UM is arguably the quintessential college town in America. I am prepared to provide a bed, desk, free Internet, couch, living room, kitchen, and bicycle. Also, I live close to everything (campus, pubs, cafes, etc). Ann Arbor is about 3 hour drive from Toronto. I absolutely recommend it in the summer and fall - especially for football games where you can party with about 400,000 of your closest friends!
I live in a one-bedroom apartment close the University of Michigan campus. I have a queen-sized bed, a comfortable couch, and plenty of floor-space, so hopefully I'll be able to accomodate you in whatever way you'd be most comfortable. We can eat out, cook together, or, if you prefer, you can feel free to use the kitchen yourself, but please do the dishes! :) The place is quiet (I don't even have a TV), but I have WiFi, so feel free to bring/use your laptops.
I have an extra room that I can provide. It is a queen sized mattress in a room connected to the a bathroom. It is about 10 minutes from Ann Arbor and about 20 minutes from Detroit. The area is nice and quiet. The kitchen is for use as well as the living, basement and dinning room. (The basement too once I get it finished.) You can eat whatever I am cooking if I have enough, other than that provide your own food.
I am a college student, so the space is fairly limited, but you're more than welcome to the pull-out futon (very comfortable, it has served as my bed many times when I was too drunk/tired to get into my real one). Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a cool little city with a great local music scene and excellent food. It is half an hour from Detroit, so if you want to see the brighter lights you're only a short car ride away.

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