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Rather than spend money on Athens hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Athens from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Athens and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Athens with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Athens!
OK... I got 2 beds(bank bed) in one separate room........and 1 in the hallway.......... I installed all those beds for when my family is coming over for a visit....Mom..Dad..and 2 brothers...... It turned out pretty handy for accommodation. INFO & HOUSE RULES: 1.I live in area near the center of Athens....... 2.I don't have any flat mates. 3.I got an extra room available....air conditioned, with a T.V.....and a small balcony. 4.I don't smoke......but it's OK if you smoke....... 5.No pets are allowed in the building...sorry...: ( 6.Don't worry about having fun......Many shops,bars,restaurants in my neighborhood........ 7.My flat is 5-10 minutes away from the Metro Station...... 8.I admit I'm a busy man,working for the Air force Marching Band and all.But I will do my best to show you around or at least make your staying at my place pleasant. 9.I usually stay up late............ 10.Anytime is good for hosting...weekends...weekdays...whatever. 11.I got everything in my apartment,don't worry about blankets or towels.You can bring yours if you want though.... 12.How many days can you stay...???....hmm...... It depends on how much fun you are........ 13.I would prefer it if you don't use the kitchen while at my place....but if you really have to,because of a low budget travel plan, please let me know. 14.Try not to use many electrical devices at the same time while at my place....or at least ask me before you do in order to avoid short circuits. 15.You need to warm up the water before getting a shower. You turn on the boiler....wait for 30 min and then you take a shower.... Don't leave the boiler working all day long....It's expensive..... 16.Due to the lack of a good sewage waste papers should be thrown inside the toilet...Use the waste bin inside the bathroom.... 17.In order to press the button upwards.... 18.If you break something....I'm sorry but you have to pay it........ 19.Wireless Internet access is also available at my place...You can bring your laptop or use my computer...There are also many Internet cafe places around my neighborhood. 20.For any other questions please...don't hesitate to ask.........
\O/''''' I host a lot and I like hosting and showing around. I try to reply to all requests, I am more likely to say yes to everyone and your message tells me why you want to stay with me. ****** PLEASE AND PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW CAREFULLY BEFORE REQUESTING MY COUCH! #0 ) L E A V E N O T R A C E , LEAVE THE FLAT BETTER THAN YOU FOUND IT , THERE IS NO SERVICE PEOPLE, BE THE FIRST ONE. #1 ) I live in Thessaloniki in shared student flat. #2) I have a room i will share it with you. i have some extra blankets and mattress. #3) If you arrive during the day you can leave your backpack or bag in my room i will inform you about place of the keys. I often at class from 8 am to 13 pm. . If i found free time i can show you around İstanbul and spend with you! #4) Ιf you use a blankets and mattress , please fold it up in the morning once you are done sleeping on it! The living room is the main passageway for anyone in the flatmate to enter/exit our home, so we need to be able to walk through! We also want to be able to sit in and enjoy the living room as well! #5) keep your luggage or backpacks tidied up and out of the way, so that we can all still enjoy using the our flat. Keep the living room and kitchen clean, if you use something in the kitchen, clean it right after eating, so others don't go hungry too! #6) If you couchsurf here for more than a few days, it would be a nice gesture to do wash of the sheets and blankets that you've used! there is a 24 hour washing machine at home. #7) Please hand-wash your dishes and cups after use and return them to their place. #8) USE ALL LIGHTS SPARINGLY --- USE THE WATER SPARINGLY ---- USE THE GAS SPARINGLY If all the above hasn't put you off, I look forward to meet you.
Flat on 6th floor, 5 minutes walk to the first urban beach of Athens. Walking distance from all kinds of transport. Residential area with parks, beaches, cafes, restaurants within walking distance. Easy to reach from port and airport. 20 minutes to Athens city centre by tram or bus. Apartmens has 2 bedrooms, one spacious living room, separate kitchen, bathroom, an office, balcony. 2 cats are within the house, so who ever comes will have to keep them fed. We could also provide you with a car to drive around Athens or Greece. We could also provide you with a recommendation list for where to go for walks, food, swimming, sights and the city's hidden gems.
* I live with my brother, my guests and my friends that come anytime they feel like at my place :P * My place is in the 1rst floor with 2 bedrooms, a couch, kitchen , WC and internet :) *Its located at Zografou city next to the university campus of Athens (near foititiki estia).The center is about 25mins by bus.Lines 220 and 221 *Usually i have time and im glad to show you around. *I dont have a car, just a motorbike. * You can use the beds or the couch :) Me i like sleeping on the floor :) We have sheets and blankets available. *Our house isnt big but our heart is :) really its a small flat but it can fit everyone ;)
I'm on Erasmus in Riga, so I will live here for the next 5 months. I live in the Old City of Riga in a big apartment with 3 other people, one girl from Belgium and two boys from Spain. We have a couch in our living room that can be opened and become a double bed. It is big enough even for three people. As I said the apartment is in the Old City so everything you need, supermarket, pubs, restaurants, Mc Donalds, is pretty close. This is the most beautiful and Historical place in Riga and if you want to go to the city center you have to walk 10 minutes. We will be happy to host you!
CENTRE of Athens. Regular room with ikea couch-bed Beddinge. We're 3 of us - mother (42yo) and 2 sons ( 23 & 20 yo). We live in 90m2 flat on 6th floor with 65m2 huge balcony with a view on Lycabettus in the centre of Athens, near the metro station. Our adress is close to Victoria Square ( check on map ). Nice bath with bath tube with shower curtain, toilet and wash machine. All rooms and kitchen have exit straight to the balcony ( this is 1 huge balcony!).Feel free to use the kitchen, but please buy your own food. FREE WiFi of course! Notice: WE HAVE a 15kg friendly DOG girl.
During The Winter months I live, In The Nothern Suberbs of Athens in an area called Kifissia. I have two couches in my living room that I can share. During The Summer months I live, On KARPATHOS ISLAND , An Island Between Crete and Rhodes in the Dodecanese. Near by the main town of the Island. One spare bedroom, with two single beds and a common bathroom down the hall. Walking down to the town only takes 10 minutes, but the walk up is a good 20 minute uphill.
A large couch (size of a narrow bed) in a living room. Flat in the first floor of a 4 floor building. In the area of Glyka Nera of larger Athens metropolis, not too far from the airport and further away from the center of Athens. Quiet place with some nature, buildings quite far apart, residential area. 10 min walking distance from the bus stop. Using a taxi is more convenient though. You will have to buy your own food, but you can use the kitchen.
needed, a spare room or even a caravan as I have been illegally evicted with violence from my previous home. I am awaiting the legal process for compensation and justice. As a result of my injuries and previously existing heart condition sleeping on the street is not an option; however the social services have not been able to find a place for me within any of the shelters due to the crisis resulting in thousands of families being homeless.
e.g. Two Extra sofabeds in the livingroom of my 2 bedroom apt in the suburb of Agia Paraskevi. We are 25min from the center of Athens by bus and train, 15min from the airport, 30min from the port of Rafina (for islad-hopping) close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport . Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. Our place would be a great base to explore both Athens.

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