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Rather than spend money on Auckland hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Auckland from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Auckland and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Auckland with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Auckland!
Shared Sleeping Surface: No Shared Room: Depends It is a couch, cushions, hammock or floor you will be sharing everything else bathroom, toilet and kitchen AND know we keep our shit clean as far as possible. Smoking is permitted on the neighbors roof or car park. Vegans more than welcome but there is the occasional dead animal in the fridge SORRY. Best chance of acceptance if arriving between Mon & Thur working late Fri to Sat so arriving then can be difficult to coordinate. ATTENTION: If your totally new to CS with no references and only 1 photo, the answer is NO unless you read between the lines of my profile and put together a decent genuine request. If you need references and to be vouched for I suggest you go meet some CS peoples at a local event & get a vouch, surf, meet reference. !!!! (& no I rarely ever go to couch surfing events, sorry) Currently living in Orakei, 40 mins walk to town, 15 mins on bicycle & 20 mins walk to nearest beach Okahu Bay and swimming in the lake just across the road is permitted also, not to mention the Park that has splendid panoramic views of the lake, estuary and city skyline. Bienvenido a Dizzyland !!! I got LOTS of creative eccentric flatmates, 1/2 smoke but out doors only. (approx 7 or 8 1/2 & 1/2 male to female), they are not CS but are friendly none the less, but some couch requests need to be run by them, but hey if your feeling lucky, then know we have a great, creative, open, wild, productive vibe going on here. Just name a creative expression from painting to dancing & someone here is into it. Your only requirement is contribute to food, maybe cook us a lovely national dish from your motherland. I speak Spanish "muy bien" and other flat mates speak French & some German. So language need not be a barrier and we have a few extra bikes so cycling around can be fun and a great way to explore Aucklands water front & parks. Prefer natural females, but a sweet easy going couple may be cool. Choice of Mex style king size Hammock, a bed or 1 of the many couches in the lounge room. I have minimal amount of bed linen so a sleeping bag may help towards winter. We are very close to Orakei train station & bus stops. I may be able to show you around a bit, if not, sure one of my flat mates can explore with you. Sleep times are insane so sometimes it's noise and artistic activity till wee hours other times it's very empty and quite. NOTE We have only 1 indoor bathroom & laundry and soon to be setting up 2 outdoor sunshowers (probably ready for the middle of winter LOL). Prefer longer stays at least 3 days up to a week maybe more for now, we have good Wi Fi but no TV (that shit will make you DUMB) We have a small kitchen with the basics and we love to eat so expect to cook something when you stay here. We do drink and party a lil but we is more chilled out beer guzzling party hard backpackers not so welcome getting ya green groove on is fine but ya gotta be creative with ya high or it's bye bye. Bienvenido a Aoteroa
In summer time I am only able to offer tent space "I can provide you a tent" out side of our 3 bedroom house in our very private backyard. you'll have nice view of bushes and greens. In winter you can stay in the living room near the fire place which is on at all the times during the winter "I will provide you a comfortable mattress" Or if the timing is right I may be able to provide you a space in my share bedroom on the floor with a comfortable mattress. our home is very quite and in a safe area at the suburb of Bayview, North Shore, Auckland. we are not very close to the things, but a shopping mall is about 5min by bus and 20min by walk, and we are about 45min by bus to the central city and 10-15min by car, I am happy to take you around where you wanna go if my work time match your time! and can give you a tour of our city and take you to places to see or even give you advise and directions! You are more than welcome to use our kitchen and other facilities, you can cook your own food or share our food! we don't mind it! The number of days that you can stay depends on how you respect our home and our family culture... :)
Several options may possible, A) small room with a comfortable king single bed, in our spare room - in Greenlane,at Otahuri Crescent handy to public transport/cbd/24hr opened grocery shopping . Ideal base to explore Auckland, day trip to Rangitoto Island, Wahike Island, and or easy walk to One Tree Hill/Cornwall Park/Mt Eden. Walk to Newmarket, few minutes on bike to cbd. or B) a furnished room with double/queen bed, in our downstairs, 3 x bedroom guest sharing accommodation unit - note, you share the bathroom/lounge etc with 2 x other guests in other 2 x rooms and need to be considerate. This is only possible when a room/rooms are vacant only. Location is Greenlane, same as 'A'. C) a self contained proper house either 2 or 3 bedrooms in Auckland too may be possible, depending the availability as we own and manage several rental properties in Auckland, may be able to offer you 'basic' accommodation, with bar fridge/basic cooking utensils /couple mattresses/bedding etc for up to few days, when the become available, between tenancies. Location: various locations in Auckland . Supermarkets are near by,
Couch (or possibly single bed, spare room, depending on time of the year) available in a two bed room duplex in the suburb of Remuera. Ten minute walk to local shops (which include Cafes, Restaraunts, bars (there is at least one of each in the nearest block of shops) pharmcy, doctors, and supermarket) The suburb is quite upper class (don't get dellusions about the house though, it's quaint but niether big nor fancy) so local shops can be a touch on the expensive side. There are busses available from the local shops to Parnell (shopping, cafes, museum, restaraunts,nightlife, Auckland Domain), New Market (cafes, shopping, restaraunts, nightlife) and Downtown Auckland (cafes, shopping, restaraunts, nightlife, theatre,public transport). 5 minute walk to the Orakei train station which services the Eastern line which is probably the cheapest way to get into the central city using public transport ($1.40), it also stops at Sylvia Park one of the countries biggest shopping centres, and services South Auckland. Guests are free to use the kitchen but must supply there own food.
I've got a tidy 1-bedroom 1st level inner-city apartment that is 1min walk from Queen St, 5min walk to K'Rd & less than 10min walk to Britomart. You're more than welcome to stay for up to 1 week maximum on a single mattress in the living room. You can use the kitchen but will need to buy your own food (however, I'm happy to provide the coffee, milk, bread & butter). You will need to clean up after yourself and you're welcome to have friends visit during your stay but because of the size of the apartment, I couldn't accommadate more than 1 or 2 guests. I would appreciate you keep up your personal hygiene & do your own laundry etc. Because I live so central in the city, everything is basically within walking distance including the Auckland Museum, City Library, Sky city casino, Imax cinema, restaurants, nightclubs, bars etc. There is no parking available in the apartment building so you'll need to park your vehicle on the street (parking meters applicable during specific times).
----------------------------- Come and enjoy WAIHEKE ISLAND ----------------------------- Come an enjoy Waiheke Island "the jewel of the Gulf" located only 35min ferry ride from downtown Auckland, New Zealand. We have a sunny spare room with queen sized bed in our recently extended and refurbished home. The house sits on a hill over looking Little Oneroa beach to the north and the Tamakai Straight to the south. It's a 2 min walk to the bus stop which takes you to the ferry, about 5 min walk to the beauitful white sands of Little Oneroa beach, and 15 min walk to the Village. There's beaches, forests, arts, vineyards and the occasional party as well!! The place is so relaxed that most of friends just make themselves at home even if we're not here. Oh! and we have a 30ft racing yacht so we might even be able to take you our sailing... For more info on Waiheke Island checkout -------------------------------
Depending on family members varying stays at home the accomodation can upgrade from a couch to a spare room =D I live in an affluent suburb called Remuera which is quite close to the city. The bus stops just by the next door neighbours house, though other amenities such as groceries and restaurants are not so close - a bus ride away. As New Zealanders depend on personal cars - public transport frustration might take a while to get used to but it is not bad at all =) The house has people of varying ages - ranging from teens to 60's. But everybody is usually busy with their own thing - with only weekends being a probable exception when I could possibly show you around. Smokers are welcome - as long as you smoke outside. As mostly I only have the couch available - can only host singles but do enquire as it is quite possiible the room is available for couples.
GFL newbies have spare bed available in two-story three bedroom house. Access to train and bus lines literally right outside the front door (so you'll need to be a heavy sleeper if you're not used to freight trains in the dead of night...) Located in the suburb of Manurewa, miles away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city (that is 40 minutes on the train..) but if you're used to taking a bullet train three hours to work in Toyko every day then that will probably seem like peanuts.. On the bright side, we're closer to the airport than if you hostelled in the tourist-laden central city. As we say, we're absolute beginners with GFL so in terms of what we're offering, we're more than likely to understate and over-deliver on our hospitality. We are humble working class so you will need to pay your own way, if that's okay. :-)
Hey Folks These are my parents homes who have agree to let intenationals stay for a while if I am hosted in their country free for a while: We have a couple large houses in New Zealand in ideal gorgious areas walking distance to magnifciant beached. Bus ride 20 minutes to centre of q beautiful city called Auckland city. One house is large 2 Bedroom home; spare room available _ minute walk to swimming beach Other house is rdiculously big 6 Bedroom Beautfuillu design cedar home in q green rural area of the North Shore 20 minutes walk to the habour and boats: Close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport (it's a 25 minute into the city-centre). Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. Our place would be a great base to explore both Auckland and Beaches...
My boyfriend and I have moved into his parent's house in the suburbs, we're saving for our trip in July! There is a spare room there (with a single bed/blankets/pillows/towels etc.), and there is a tiny chance I'd be able to have someone stay briefly! We have one loud and overly affectionate old Burmese cat. We usually go to bed around 11 pm and leave for work at 7.45. I am out of the house five days a week and studying on the weekends, so you'd have to be pretty independent! Hillsborough is quite a long way from the city and is very suburban, but there is a bus stop about a ten minute walk away. My boyfriend and I drive into Newmarket every weekday morning for work - you could definitely hitch a ride. Hillsborough is close to the Manukau Harbour, but it is not the prettiest part by any means! It's also fairly close to One Tree Hill.

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