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Under one mile north of university with close bus stops. Ther is a bowling alley one block close, and a few resturaunts and bookstores and thrift stores only a few blocks distance. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. Please be mindfull of my pet sugargliders and do not smoke inside. 5516 roosevelt ave austin tx 78756 is my location and you can see map on just copy paste that address into the page. you can see its a good location. Here its students and government seat of TX. Called the "live music capital of the world," with music scene revolving around many nightclubs on 6th Street and a yearly film/music/multimedia festival known as "South by Southwest." The Congress Avenue Bridge houses the world's largest urban bat population. In the summer, the colony has up to 1.5 million Mexican Free-tailed Bats which you can see come out nightly to feed. We have a small but growing film community here also. But the best thing is everybody in austin are so nice. Somthing must be in the water to produce a very hippy laid back 1960 style hapiness with the people who live here. I have seperate bedroom just for visitors. no smoking or drugs please.
I am currently in the process of moving back to my hometown of Austin, so shortly I will either be staying in a small loft apartment on the second story of a house (living by myself) or in a small two bedroom house, sharing with a roommate. Either place will be in a fairly nice residential neighborhood in North Austin, about 10 to 15 minutes away from the lively campus area and "drag" (strip of famous shops in Austin by the University of Texas) and about 15 minutes from downtown. It's a pretty short bus ride away to get to either, and regardless of where I move I will always have a spare couch or air mattress available. You can use the kitchen at any time, although you will have to buy your own food, and you are free to use the bathroom and shower whenever you need while you stay. I can offer advice on places to go and how to get there whenever I am available. I will be out of the country from mid May to late June, but when I return I will update information and will be settled and ready for guests.
Small room with a single bed in small two-bedroom "boxcar" house in an east Austin neighborhood. At the end of the street is a wonderful dog park with a pond, native Texas cactus and shrubs and public sculpture installations. We are also two blocks from a neighborhood bar called Contigo, which serves great food and cocktails until midnight every night, with an authentic Cajun brunch on Sunday mornings. There are bus stops close by which connect you to downtown Austin and the U.T. campus. I am less than three miles from downtown Austin, would make a great place for those interested in music festivals such as SXSW and ACL, the Hill Country region of Texas, or our abundance of tacos and Mexican food. I also live right off of Airport Rd., which is named quite literally, as it connects to the Austin-Bergstrom pseudo-International Airport. Make use of whatever you need here, but you'll have to buy your own food.
Although I tend to travel far more than I'm home (except one week a month and most Sundays) due to work-related travel, I try to accommodate someone who is an established guest with references if I'm given a few weeks notice. I have a twin bed in a spare bedroom and basic amenities. The drawback is that I'm 11 miles east of downtown Austin, but if you have a rental, its not an issue. A bonus is that I'm about 7 miles from the Austin airport (15-minute drive). I require being home when a guest stays with me unless we've established some sort of acquaintance over six or more months and you didn't disrespect my home or its contents and didn't steal from me. I prosecute those who would consider it and I leave references accordingly (good ones if you play your cards right and realize success on this site depends on past references).
Luxury Apartment in the Southwest Austin Hill Country. Very comfortable, cable tv with premium channels, Fast 1 gb WiFi, upscale furnishings. Resort Style Pool. Very nice & large dog park. Close to everything- less than 10 mins to downtown, 5 mins to Hill Country Galeria, 10-20 mins from beautiful State Parks and spring fed rivers. Full use of the common spaces- Living Room, Kitchen, resort style pool, gym, theater, dog park, grills. Beautiful views, close to everything. Lot's of great bike and hike trails. If I'm home, I'll be happy to drive you places Share Master Bedroom with very comfortable bed or sofa in living room. No roommate, but I do have my son about 70% of the time, however, I most likely will never host when he is home. I am happy to socialize, cook a meal for you, be your tour guide- it's really up to you.
Actually it is a sofa bed I built last Summer. Very comfy. It is in the living room of my small little house just south of downtown Austin (7mins)or 3 miles. I am just 5 blocks from Barton Springs (local natural spring swimming hole, great to meet people and people watch), Zilker Park (outdoor activities/events/concerts), and TownLake (where locals walk/jog/bike/stroll with great views of downtown accross the lake) There are 2 bus routes in my neighborhood that can be useful if you have no car, $7 taxi fare to/from Downtown. Near Alamo Drafthouse cinema (dine/drink in theater showing blockbusters and independent films...great special events) Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, there is a convenient store just around the corner for food etc... I love to show folks around so come on over!!!
I live in a two bedroom apartment and have a Guest bedroom The location is close to two bus stops that go directly to downtown in about 15 minutes. I also have an extra bicycle you can use if you will please padlock it very well in an area where it can be seen. There are bookstores, fast food shops, a coffee shop within three blocks, also we are less than one block away from a bowling alley. It is a working class neighborhood but it is safe and filled with nice persons. I have sugar gliders which are night time awake pets, so I ask for quiet during daytime because they sleep. Please no indoor smoking I have a patio table and chairs outside the front door if you need to smoke. Also you can use the kitchen but please buy your own food. I like French speakers more because I am trying to learn my French.
We have a tiny room in a tiny house. For 1 person or 2. Outdoor shower, but drinking water, toilet in the main house. Room is up small flight of stairs. Full size bed. Low ceiling (no standing) Dogs and cat in yard and main house-you must be dog and cat friendly with no allergies! Loaner bicycle available on request, and bus stops nearby (including Airport bus). 2 miles to Austin city center. Walking distance to food, shopping, parks/. Bike to live music and nightlife. You must be gay and lesbian friendly, respect our space, keep it clean, and enjoy being around musicians and artists. Quiet time after 10 pm, no smoking, no drugs, no guests. We can share our kitchen but you must have your own food and clean up after yourself.
I have two couches in my living room. I live with four other roommates. Three guys and one girl who is never home. The #2 bus passed directly in front of my house and will take you down town. I actually take it every day to and from work. So I can show you how it works. I live in a pretty safe neighborhood on the east side of Austin. I would not be worried. :) I enjoy all types of people. If your quite I will try to make conversation with you, if you party…I do as well but go to bed early for work. So when you come home just remember my bed is right on the other side if the wall. I live downstairs and my bathroom I share with the living room. We would have to share. We smoke but ciggys outside please.
Good sized room with a comfortable large bed in my large 4 bedroom home on the northern outskirts of Austin, TX (actually Round Rock, TX). Every amenity imaginable is nearby and Austin is a short trip (10 miles) down the road where very diverse entertainment is available. Austin is known as the "Live Music" capital and home of the famous Austin City Limits (ACL)music festival and South by Southwest (SXSW) indie film festival. If you are looking for entertainment or just a peaceful place to explore the central Texas area from you would not be disappointed. You are welcome to use all the comforts our home (kitchen, bath, pool, etc.) but should plan to buy at least some of your own food.

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