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Rather than spend money on Ballina hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Ballina from a local's perspective!

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Hi, We have a spare room for ppl to use..Max stay 1 week. We are located on farm 8km from Wardell village and 30km from Ballina. You would need your own vcar to get here. Public transport is very limited, but can be done if needed. We are on a 600 Acre sugar cane farm. Unfortunately my grandparents and my father still live at the farm and are a little funny about random ppl just turning up to stay, so a condition would be that I would have to be at home for you to stay. Unfortunately im out of the country doing some travelling myself..wont be back until june 09 Sorry..
We have a 3/4 bedroom house on Norh Creek (which is actually a tidal estuary. Spacious and with a large verandah there is excellent surfing and fishing, Ballina itself is a pleasant town with good restaurants and cafes etc. It is also about 25 minutes drive from Byron Bay and has an airport with daily flights to Sydney and other capitals. Steep block, you would need to be physically fit to climb about 35 stairs.
Sofa bed in the lounge room, in the hills of Lennox Head 5 minutes drive from Ballina and 15 minutes drive from Byron Bay. Kitchen free to use, there are shops and on the w/e markets close by where you can buy you food. About 1km walk through reserve and farm land to beach, or some house mates drive sometimes.
A caravan in town. At the moment it needs work, but if there is interest I will get it going. If you want to I can have it fixed up. If you want to stay for a while you can help fix and stay all summer.
Small room in modern townhouse. Have camp bed available as room is spare to my needs. 5 minutes to town, 30 minutes to Byron Bay and 1 hour to the Gold Coast.
I am currently travelling so cannot host at the moment
Not offering a place just looking for
double bedroom separate bathroom. 20 min out of town. transport needed. 30 mins to byron bay
spare bedroom in a medium size house - 5 minutes walk to centre of town, hotels and clubs
Spare bed available in back room. 10 minutes to beach. 25 minutes to Byron Bay.

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