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Want to stay in Beijing for free?


Rather than spend money on Beijing hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Beijing from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Beijing and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Beijing with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Beijing!
Introduction house: 131 square meters, 3-2 Office Room 2, 6th floor, all appliances (four Gree air-conditioned , Siemens green two-door refrigerator, washing machine drum thin Siemens, flat-screen televisions, home appliances have all invoices, brochures), 5 wardrobe, four wardrobe, desk, TV cabinets, sofas, two double beds, wooden floor bedroom, living room floor tiles, 3.2 meters high terrace , Terrace can go out the door, is not by the other floors. Community Profile: More than 700 people of all households, the children of 120 people, parking spaces, the neighborhood committee has been set up The surrounding environment Introduction: suburban railway station at Huilongguan Zhengbei 500 m. I proceed to walk from home Huilongguan station uniform can to eight minutes. (And later increase the entrance of the white fence on the difficult). Area and to have post offices, restaurants, clothing of rock, photo studio, Liangdian, within the Huilongguan Hualian, the United States and cinema stars, the United States and the United States cheaper, Wumart, KFC, McDonald's and taste more than the United States, Kim Ching Cheung. Price: 3,000 RMB / month, the TAC charge of six (years can be paid for), 8 / 11 after the lease can be Tenant requirements: love the house, returned to the house to ensure that the time and I rented the same time, do not leave garbage, long-term lease or people with children priority Photo please visit!82F7E8DF1CC6D563!205/ Contact:, or join the msn: Tel: 13522461924
household with tidy host,but not valid until the end of July,2009. I am going to be a graduate student in Beijing after July,2009.But my house is just beside the 4th ring road in Beijing, which is dealing with the construction of 7th ring road now.So you know the traffic from my house to the center of Beijing is conveinent.Since the city is huge,which is the biggest or the second to Shanghai(a new metropolition city)in China,it will cost you 30 minute to get to the very center heart area in Beijing(Tian Anmen Square).(In Beijing,although you own a car,it will spend at least 30 minute when you go out for shopping or something,cause the population). I was student majoring in history,and will be a licensed Beijing tour-guide for a tourism as a part-time job in the future because I like talk to people with there own cultures and stories.So if I am not struggling on my comp or final stuff,I am willing to show you around the city. I am typicalonal Chinese ,who do not like go out at night and no smoking and pet.
Our house is located just outside the north 5th ringroad in HuiLongGuan residential area, Changping District. Only 15 minutes to subway line 8 station by foot. 10 minutes to subway line 13 station by bus. About 20 minutes to WuDaoKou BLCU by the subway line 13. About 25 minutes to DongZhiMen by the subway line 13. About 15 minutes to Olympic center "The Nest" and the Olympic Forest park by the subway line 8. Our guest room is about 30 square meters, with internet access cable, air condition, furniture, mattress, bed clothes and private bathroom. Our family has provided homestay for foreigners for several years. We've hosted many foreigners already, and we got along with each other very well. Most of them studied the Chinese in BLCU just like you. The total time from my house to the BLCU is about 40 minutes (10 by bus from my apartmen to subway+20 by subway+10 by foot from subway to BLCU)
The couch is in living room. My apartment has two bedrooms, one living room, one washroom, one kitchen, totally 86 square meters. The couch I offer is a double folding sofa bed in living room. My apartment is located at Shuangjing, Shuanghuayuan Nanli Erqu, at east 3rd ring road, subway line 10 Shuangjing station (about 15 mins by walk to Shuangjing Subway station), one subway stop to central CBD area - Guomao. Walking distance to restaurants, bars, Viva shopping centre, supermarket, convenient store, laundry, markets etc. Very convenient, nice and quiet neighbourhood. I work from Monday to Friday from 9:00am - 6:00pm, i work at Guomao, I usually get home at about 6:30pm, i can show you around after office hour and during the weekend. I have blanket and quilt you can use, and feel free to use kitchen. No kid and pet is allowed, as i share apartment with another girls.
Our apartment:3 family members,3 bedroom, 2 bath rooms,1 kitchen.Location is in downtown of Beijing,1 mile to Tian Anmen Square and Forbiden City.Nice and quiet residentionl area with restaurants and local shops nearby.Easy access to bus/subway by walking for 5-10minutes. Accommodation we can provide: Separated well furnished room with everthing necessary.Bed and TV,Internet,Desk,and a balcony.If for 2 guests,we'll put another smaller bed into this room. Kitchen and bath room are shared with host. Our guests are expected to be: 1. Non-smoker,healthy and no bad habbit. 2. Sleep before 11:00pm,otherwise TV noise can disturb host and neighbers. 3. Keep the couch room clean and tity as he/she sees everyday. 4. English speaker Perferred guest: 1. Age from 25 to 55,well-educated 2. Insterested in culture,nature and language,chatty 3.Sense of humor
Nice to meet you! My home is a four-bed room(three bed room,one study room,two washroom and a kitchen),200square meters.And I can provide 12 square meters comfortable room with air-conditioner,fashion furniture,include a double bed,a wardrobe and a bedside.You also can use kitchen and ADSL for free while you are here.I want to say my home's position is really good,if you want to go to the supermarket,you only need 15 minutes,it's only takes you 30 minutes to go to the biggest shopping mall in Beijing.Except that nearly 20 bus lines pass through my house it's very convenient,the subway is also not far. There are also hospital and restaurants.If I have time I can take you to visit some interesting places and I'll try my best to make you feel like you are at home in Beijing.Email is
I live in a Beijing Hutong in Dongsisitiao. Its a very simple small room without toilette and kitchen but has shower. Public toilets are outside the house. You can stay here during the Olympics if you can't find an accommodation. I don't have an extra room or bed, but I can arrange something like a comfortable area on the floor. Room is clean plus is really quite. I am thinking on moving soon to the South but haven't figured out yet when because of the Visa issue right in china is quite complicated. So, what I can offer to freeloader members right now is a very simple place to sleep but in a incredible place unique in the world. Beijing Hutong! UPDATE: Due to VISA renewal I have to leave Beijing the 31 of July 2008. Will write back as soon as I know my return date.
my apartment isjust 2bedrooms living with my sister,mid 20s but we can share other bedroom if someone is staying for a week or 2.We're in the city of Beijing and its convinient to most things like shopping places,pubs,restaurants, sites,etc.... u can also get around coz its convinient with public transport.Wecome from Africa but speak good english and abitof chinese. Feel Free to use things in the house and also your own food,no problem,sharing is good. I don't mind about age but i prefer christians.its not abig deal though but incase they smoke,u have to do outside. We can take u around incase we are free on weekends or after work.more info will be given later. its agreat base to explore Beijing.
I live by myself. You can live in the spare room in the same apartment. My place is in HaiDian district, quite close to everything- shops, pubs, restaurants and public transportation. You can find almost all famous universities in BeiJing in a walk distance, such as TsingHua and Peking university/BeiJing Normal University.etc.. Meanwhile, my place is 20 min to the Olympic Garden/Bird Nest/Water Cube by bus/bicycle. BTW, I have two cats. They are very friendly. Feel free to use the kitchen and the bathroom while you are here. I have my own car, so I can probably drive you around during weekend or evening time in working days. My house will be a wonderful place to explore Beijing, welcome here:)
Friends can be from anywhere, but my place is not very big to share.The rooms is less than 70 square meter. Located in Chaoyang area Beijing. Closed to the city center. Believe me,my place is better than 3 stars Hotel,because no matter what you need,it will be my great honor and pleasure to help you during your travelling time in China. Not too much I want you feedback, maybe only sing some songs with me that I can record for memory. Or maybe just kiss me twice if you are a lady,one for come and one for say goodbye. Don't worry about the language,can't you guess the gesture meaning for express people's favor? So just call me or e-mail me! Suprise is waiting for you.

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