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I live in a beautiful part of Melbourne about 40 km East of the City. I have lived here two years now and still can't believe my luck!!! Us locals refer to The Dandenong Ranges as "The Hills." To find out more about the region check out Think forests, creeks, bushwalking, gardens, historic steam engines and quaint townships. The main town of Belgrave (about 2.5 km from my house) has a major supermarket, post office, banks, too many fast food outlets, speciality shops (such as a fairtrade shop), a couple of restaurants and cafes (including a organic cafe and organic pizza shop) and a very well established live music venue. Check out Sadly my favourite bar closed this year and the remaining licensed venues (excluding Ruby's) are nothing special. Not the place for partying but don't be surprised if a quiet drink in my lounge room ends up including a neighbour or six! It is quite easy to get to Belgrave by public transport (one train directly from the city takes between 1 - 1.25 hours). It is about 2.5 - 3 km from the train station to my house. (The walk takes me about half an hour). I usually don't have a car but can lend you a bicycle and the number of our excellent local taxi company. Getting from Melbourne to Belgrave on public transport is easy. Exploring the rest of the Dandenong Ranges is not easy (and many parts impossible) by public transport. Sometimes I am able to borrow a car from a friend but not too often. About my house and your bed... Until recently I thought all inflatable beds were created equal... They are not (and I just spent a week sleeping on mine so Nanna could have my bed). I have a spectacular inflatable bed that self inflates when it is plugged into the wall. It is double size and includes an ensemble base. It is just like a real bed. It even has a remote control so you can adjust the firmness while you are in bed. I have lots of bed linen and warm blankets which depending on the time of year you visit you will definitely need. Belgrave tends to be several degrees cooler than Melbourne. That is the good part... Now for the rest of it. I live in a very small one bedroom place. Call it a cottage or shack depending on your levels of optimism / pessimism. The spare bed will be set up in the lounge room. Privacy will be limited. Though the bed is a double and would fit two people my little house probably wouldn't stretch to three of us being here. If there is two of you and you are really keen to stay in the Dandenong Ranges it is still worth asking me as depending on my workload I might be able to be flexible to hosting two people but please don't be offended if I say, "no." One person should usually be able to be accommodated. I have a largeish block (3/4 acre) with a creek down the bottom. My property comprises bushland, trees and too many weeds that I haven't tended yet. i'm told there is a platypus in the creek but my neighbours tell me I haven't seen it yet because I'm too loud! I often see Kookaburras, parrots and the occassional owl in my property. My house renovations are a constant but I recently put in a new bathroom and kitchen so you can just squint and pretend that you can't see what still needs to be done (please). I don't smoke but don't mind if you do outside. I have a cat that sleeps where he likes so if you are allergic you'll have no hope of keeping him away from you. I am vegan and would prefer vegetarians or vegans or open-minded, sensitive omnivores as house guests.
We are one hour out of melbourne by train in the dandenong ranges. We have many local tourist attractions, but not much night life. Use of kitchen okay, but you will need to buy your own food. A great place to visit, peaceful, local bush walks etc. Close enough to Melbourne for a day out. No smoking inside. Outside okay.
Great house with 3 brms in quiet, sunny location with trees. Short walk to local bus. 5 minute drive to local shops and train. One hour on train to Melbourne city. Area known for forests, galleries and community of great people.

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