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Rather than spend money on Berlin hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Berlin from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Berlin and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Berlin with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Berlin!
🏠 HOUSE RULES : We would like you to read the following before you ask us to accommodate you. 1. We host a maximum of 3 days per stay: We like to have you, but it's also adapting on schedules, that's why we find 3 days okay for us. 2. No third parties permitted: We don't like the thought of having a stranger in our flat, without being informed. 3. No Pets: We love pets, but our flats are not accommodated for :( 4. No Smoking: Rasmus has Asthma :/ 5. No drugs or illegal substances: Just in case :p 6. No loud music after 22:00: We don't want trouble with the neighbours We wish you a nice stay. We are not complicated as it might sound. You are under staying on our cost, so that's why it is better to be on the safe side :) We have two flats at our availability: But this depends when you are coming! Flat Option #1 🏠 : Rasmus' brother flat (he commutes bet. Berlin and Hanover), max. 4 persons, including kids. It's a bit bigger than ours, hence more sleeping opportunities. you will be sleeping in the living room/ sleeping room. You will have your own bed and it's a closed room with a door, meaning you will have your privacy. Flat Option #2 🏠: we have a small flat where we live, max. 2 persons without kids. You will be sleeping in our room, on a sofa or on an air mattress. This also means, no privacy! Public Transportation Access: For Flat Option #1 🏠: The flat is in Berlin- Tiergarten, mostly know as Moabit. It is between the U- Bahn line 9, U9 Birkenstraße and S- Bahnhof Westhafen, S41/42, 7 minutes and 11 minutes on foot respectively (depending on your speed ;) ) There is also a bus stop, bus with 123, going to Hauptbahnhof, and M27 (Pankow/ Jungfernheide) with 5-6 minutes walking. For Flat Option #2 🏠: The second flat is in Berlin- Wilmersdorf, it is on the U-Bahn lines 7 &9 (U7, U9) Berliner Straße and maybe 10 minutes walking from our home. You can use the app Öffi or BVG app, it wil help you a lot for the transportation or we could give you a city map :) Additional Info: For Flat Option #1 🏠: there is no washing machine but we have the famous Freddy Leck sein laudrette; 17 minutes with the bus, 24 minutes walking and 9 minutes cycling. Your choice :) We live on the ground floor and the flat is in the courtyard. We are immune from the street noises but not from the neighbours living on the first floor. It can sometimes be very loud because the noise echoes in our flat :( Discount supermarkets like Lidl and Penny are 5-10 minutes away from walking. Normal supermarkets like Edeka is also like 7 minutes from us. For bio supermarkets, you should then go to the famous Turmstraße, one station away with the subway. From Flat Option #2 🏠: We have a washing machine, it's free to use! ;) We live on the fifth floor with no elevator --' The room is really bright and sound free! We have bio supermarkets and normal ones next to door.
*I have a FLAT in Berlin that is only big enough for one person, so I am only interested in a SWAP with another traveller who has a similar flat in LONDON/HOME COUNTIES or in IBIZA/SPAIN (Sorry for all the caps! Quite a few people seem to skim these profiles without catching the important details...) *I plan to be away for 2-3 months starting in September 2015. Ibiza in September and London in October - November. *I am flexible about the duration :-) About the flat: *35 square metres with a huge balcony *2nd floor of modern building with a lift *Full bath, kitchen and double bed. *East Berlin *15 min. train journey from the Mitte. (Friedrichshain is 10 min., Kreuzberg is 15 min. and Neukolln is 20 min.) *7 min. walk to the S-Bahn and U-Bahn station. *Best suited to quiet singles, or a quiet couple. The neighbours are tolerant of noise during the daytime up to midnight, but loud, late-night partying will get me in trouble with them and then we'll all be out of a place to stay! BUT... *The flat is very near to dozens of affordable, late-night party spots (e.g. Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Neukolln). They are open all hours which means: plenty of places to party and make noise outside of the flat. Ask me for tips, I used to work as a nightlife guide here :-) The place is ideal for first timers, or those who want to go out for loud music and then be able to sleep somewhere quiet and safe. If that's you please get in touch :-)
Couch Available: Yes Preferred Gender: Any Max Surfers Per Night: 1 Welcome to my life... and give me a little of yours in return... I live in Berlin, in an area called Friedrichshain. It's in the eastern part of Berlin where a lot of students and young peolpe live. We have got a lot of nice Cafes, Bars, Clubs, etc. here. its really cool area, i live with my flat mates, Bea and Conrad, in a 3-room-appartment. Unfortunately we have no extra living room or sofa, i have floorspace and a mattress and sleeping bag to spare, so there will be a lot of place for you on the floor, the couch isn't the best for sleeping, but you're more than welcome to sleep on it at your spine's expense. i dont have pets, i dont smoke and i dont like people smoking at home. near my place are bars, clubs, stores... the ussual. its near all public transportation. i go to school from 9 to 1 but anytime in the afternoon or the evening i can show people around or do something. i have blankets, sleeping bags, whatever. and i think 3 or 4 days its too many, but if u know the person well u can talk about that, no? YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW AT LEAST ONE DAY BEFORE COMING AND NOT MORE THAN A WEEK BEFORE, COZ WHEN THEY ASK ME A MONTH BEFORE I ALWAYS FORGET IT xD Contact Method:
i life in a flat at prenzlauer berg, 10 minutes to the citytrain and 3 stations to alexanderplatz, with 5 people. that means that there s lots of space available. but maybe u have to share the room with me. not the couch, but the room! or u stay on one of the lots couches in our living room! but only if my flatmates are busy and there is no space in our living room! so if u dont care about please feel free to contact me. i work five days a week so that i cant be a full time host. but there is always time to hang out with u guys for a while or show u around if i have still enough power. during the weekends i often are leaving berlin to leipzig or to hamburg for watching the fc st. pauli(the greatest football team of the world!) or visiting friend or to enjoy nature outside berlin. or i stay in the best city of the world and hang out with my friends!!! but its always possible to join me!!!! at least, we have COMMUNITY FOOD. that means u could pay 2,50 euro per day for food and our kitchen is ur kitchen. let me know how u decide. but its ur own choice and no pressure to do that. u could also easily by ur own food. its only important to know for u guys, because we are to many of persons for not having any important rules for living together...
i am living in a vegan/vegetarian flatshare with 5 persons. we have a huge 60squaremeter living room where you can sleep an a guestmatress if it is avilebel, but you should bring a sleepingbag. we often have lots of guests, which is really cool, but for that reason it is important for us that you treat us and ouer place with respect, means dont mess around claen your own stuff and in the best case help a bit with the household or prapare a meal for us ;-) ouer area is called friedrichshain, its a very hip part of the city with many bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs and so on. also alexanderplatz is just 10 minutes by undergriound. but ouer street is a bit different both of oer neighbour hoeses are squats and there are many houseprojects in ouer steet. so you can find peoples kitchens, left wing concerts and free cinemas and other alternative stuff just around the corner. what about me, i am often quit busy and bored by showing the same stuff to my guests all the time. but i can give you good tips where to go and what to do and to see in berlin and i would also love to take you with me where i go like party or peoples kitchens or to a cafe or whatever. sometimes i cant answer all mails , i am sorry for that !
Spare bed for up to two people in my nice little apartment (I will sacrifice and sleep on the matress if you are two, otherwise we might change from time to time, because the matress is terrible and the bed is quite nice :) ). The bathroom is pretty small (only shower, no tub :( ) but the kitchen is nice and the room would be larger if i didn't fill it with a lot of stuff... Mentioning the kitchen, feel free to use everything you need in there, including the food that is already there (unless you exaggerate ;) ). If you need anything additional, you just have to cross the street to find a supermarket. As I am allergic to milk protein, you would need to buy cheese, milk etc. yourself. 7 minutes by foot to the subway, 1 minute to the bus station. Taking public transport, you can reach most of the interesting places within 30 minutes. Oh and I have a rat as my pet, so only come if you don't have the instinct to kill it.
Actually I do not only have one big room to offer but two. Both of them contain a medium sized bed, some chairs and closets as well. My house is located in almost the heart of Berlin. It will take you only 15 - 20min to get almost to everywhere. Even though I live quiet in the city,, is it a very nice area with friendly people. Besides it is not loud at all in evening. Near my home you will find plenty of shops, for exemple a grocery shop, a flower shop, a post office, some boutiques and a lot of different restaurants. When you are staying at my place you are not just my guest but also my friend. I can take you around Berlin and show you my favorites places. In the end I would like to ensure you that you can feel free to use anything at my place. Does not matter if its the kitchen, the laptop, living room or the beautiful garden with a little pont. Oh and we have two cats, just in case you are allergic .
I have a two room appartement in the Citycenter. The bedroom is reserved for myself, but Im happy to give you living room. There is a big couch, which can be used as a bed(very comfortable!!).It is also possible to put a spare bed in the room or sleep there with a sleepingbag. You can use kitchen and bathroom as well. Fridge,stove, oven, microwave, wachindmashine, shower ect. There is a TV(with Cable) and a DVD player in the livingroom which can be used. As well telephone and Internet (will be charged).Ihe flat is calm in a backjard. Right infront of the house there is a busstop. Busses are running frequently(day and night). Very good public transport.Nightlife,restaurants and famous sightseeing places are just minutes away. Would be happy to give you ideas and information... see you! NINA P.S. Smoking on the balcony please!;-)
I live on my own in a central 1.5-room (1 bedroom/living-room, 1/2 room for wardrobe) apartment in Berlin-Wedding, just a few minutes on foot from subway station (U-Bahn) Rehberge. From the 2nd floor I live in one has a beautiful view onto Schillerpark which is ideal for jogging or lying on a blanket in the summertime. While I'm your host you could have my flat completely. I'd stay some place else or we exchange apartments for the holidays anyway, so that I would be at your place then. You may use the kitchen, but please buy your own food. A number of super-markets are within walking distance. You can do your laundry, borrow my bike, check your e-mails from my internet pc, listen to your or my music, watch your or my movies, read one (some) of my books. If you come by car, there are always enough parking lots outside.
I'm very often on work journey, therefore you must contact me by email in due time. Small room with a spare single bed in my big sized 4 room apartment in the suburb of Berlin. We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport (it's a 60 minute train ride into the berlin city-centre). Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food or we do this together, coffee is free, and when you deal with us kindly, free breakfast. Our place would be a great base to explore german eastcoast (Ostsee, the nothern german ocean). Sane people only... or if insane, only slightly. For how many days we will host that can be negotiated if we get along by email. We'll consider hosting anyone as long as you respect our property and space.

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