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first of all i need to say that i dont stay in berlin yet(SORRY!) but u can start contacting me in july/august´06. then ill be able to provide a comfy couch in my rather small 2 room flat in the district prenzlauer berg(which is part of pankow)of berlin, one of the hippest,funkiest and coolest places in berlin.but because of NOT knowing the exact adress yet i cant say anything bout shops,pubs,restaurants and stuff like even more sorry bout that ;)... BUT i can tell u that the prenzlauer berg isnt far from the city centre. u can feel free to use my kitchen then but u will have to buy your own food. ill give detailed information when i know exactly where ill stay. (im still having my finals right now and therefore im still living at home,the most boring village on earth..) thanks =)
I'm offering you a nice room (26 qm) with single bed, small table, very comfy chair and of course some furniture to put in your stuff. You are welcome to share my living room as well with many DVDs in English and video beamer. The flat is in a very popular area of Berlin, called Prenzlauer Berg and it's very close to everything - shops, pubs and restaurants of different cultures. Tram, metro train and train are as well close by, you need only 6 minutes by metro train to Alexanderplatz and 10 minutes by feet to the next park. I have to admit, it's a main street, so it's not very silent when you open the windows. But apart of that, it's a great place to stay and I will do everything to give you a stay you will enjoy.
we are a 31/38-year old couple (w/m)have a three rooms nice flat in Prenzlauer Berg where we life with two children who are out of the house half the time. In case they are in the house you should be happy with our couch, if they are not, you can life in the childrens room, use their monopoly and our bathroom and kitchen. We speak Spanish, Geman, English, French and some Portuguese and Farsi. Guests are welcome to share a wine with us or to do their independent thing. We are not demanding..:-)
the room is our living room also there is enough space for stay there comfotale for few days the flat is located in the near by traffic point "schoenhauser allle" also in heart of city district prenzlauerberg; from that point you can drive everywhere in the city avoid of problems the house is old and so you can use roof, celler, backyard for what you want; you will disturb nobody when you come singing and drunking from sight seeing at home
i live in the dorms and share a room with another girl, i can accomodate 1 person who has a sleepig bag for 2-3 days. there's litchen in the dorm that u can use but u'll have to buy ur own food. pankow is pretty far from the down town of Berlin, but there are no problems with public transportation at day and night time, so you can explore berlin whenver u want
Medium size room with 1 or 2 comfortable mattress(es) in our 2 room flat in the district of Pankow/Prenzlauer Berg. We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport (it's a 15 minute tram or train ride into the city-centre)and a 10 minute walk to the Hippie / queer / just different part of Berlin.
I have a 56 m2 flat , with atelier, studio included. Its a suunny flat. Small room with a comfortable single bed in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. We are close to the scene of Berlin with pubs, etc. In the flat is no seperate bathroom. The shower is in the kitchen. You can use the kitchen but you will have to buy your own food
We offer a very comfortable couch in our living room and/or space for a sleeping bag on the floor. We have a 3 room appartment in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Public Transport (3 tram lines) is about 5 minutes away from our home. You can use the kitchen and the washing machine while you are here but you should buy your own food.
A large sofa which can be pulled out into a double bed. The bathroom doesn´t have a bathtub, only a shower. The 2 room apartment is located on the forth floor (without elevator) in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, close to subway and S-Bahn; surrounded by loads of nice shops and cafés.
12qm, double-bed, furnished not pankow, but prenzlauer berg! s schönhauser allee close to everything: 7min to alexanderplatz 1min to cinema 1min to s-bahn and u-bahn 2min to great shopping-mall 1min to 20 restaurants, cafés and cocktail bars parking is difficult

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