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Accommodation information in and around Bern.

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Rather than spend money on Bern hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Bern from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Bern and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Bern with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Bern!
I live in a shared flat together with 3 friends 5min by bus or 15min walking from Bern main station. I have quite a big room and an inflatable 140x200cm air matress to sleep on. As we do not have a living-room, you would have to sleep in my room. And as it is a share-flat and all the rooms are open all the time, it is generally not possible to stay in the flat if I am not around. But I am mostly around :o) No smoking inside the flat, but there is a balcony. Generally I would be happy if you could bring your own sleepingbag, exceptions are no problem. You have to share the room with me. I have my own little bathroom with sink and shower. The toilet is in the other bathroom and has to be shared with all my flatmates, too.
Spare big comfortable bed in the living room in an aprox. 85 sqm flat, located in the country side 24 km. from Bern reachable by train in 25 minutes. The public transportation network in Switzerland is utmost reliable. The town is called Lohnstorf and it is part of a lovely area called Gürbetal ( Apart from this bed there is a separate room which I use as workroom in which I could accommodate people. The flat is well equipped, you can use the kitchen during the staying but I expect you to leave it as you find it and of course food goes at your own expenses.
Hi there i actually life in a town called st.gallen, but the database couldnt find it. my home is about 15 minutes away from the trainstation. it has access to all public transportations. there is a guestroom for 1-2 people and so much space for tents in garden. sometimes i put up a tipi in the are welcome to stay there too. you can feel free to use bathroom, shower, bathtub, kitchen, instruments..and much more. i am open for short visiters but also for people that want to stay longer...we`llwork it out! I would be happy to show you other parts of the country too.
Small room with some space for a spare mattress on the floor. Besides me, three other people live in the apartment, and all of them are students in the university of Bern. The apartment is located in Ostring, a district in Bern arround 15 minutes by tram to the central station. To get here you can catch a tram (tram number 5), which brings you really close to my place. There are two supermarkets right near the appartment, and one petrol station. It's really a nice place to explore the city, as it's not far away from the city center or from the old city.
Comfortalbe room with a double bed in our three-room appartement situated in the center of Bern City. We are close to everything (it's a 5 minute tram or bus ride to the central staiton). Feel free to use our kitchen, bath room and living room while you join us! Bern is a great place from where to explore Switzerland.
only for a single person ,sorry. spare mattress to put in the livingroom. i live with another girl in an apartment in the city of bern. close 2 everything, reachable by tram, bus. 15min by feet to the railway station and city center. bring yor own food. usually only at home for the weekdays.
small rooms and a seperate mattress in a cosy room. berne is a small town. with a nice river called the aare where you can swim in summertime. we are close to everything. trams, pubs, and shops. also near the trainstation.
Nice comfortable flat, single bed only for one person. My girlfriend and I live in the heart of Bern close to the beatiful river Aare. Close to shops and public transport. Good to explore the mountain world from that spot.
small room with two mattress, and very calm. 15 minute to city-centre by bus. you can use the kitchen to cook, but you must pay your own food. shopping facility are in the near (3 minute).
I'm moving to Bern for 3 months from NYC and will probably be sharing a flat with students in Bern. I'll be there from august6 - nov6. accomodation would probably be a couch.

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