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Accommodation information in and around Bielefeld.

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Rather than spend money on Bielefeld hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Bielefeld from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Bielefeld and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Bielefeld with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Bielefeld!
At the moment I live with my parents and we don`t have an extra guest room. But I would give you a comfortable mattress in our living room (with chimney and beatiful view) or even a place in my own room when I am not at home. We live in a house that is situated 7,5 kilometres from Bielefeld city (you can reach Bielefeld easily by bus). But you will have to walk a little bit if you come back late at night. If you like nature I can offer you the perfect place to stay: big garden for outdoor activities, a lake on which you can have your own skating rink in winter, a forest for long walks, beautiful sunsets, barbecue in summer. We will be happy to offer you some meals if it happens to be that our time-tables are compatible and you feel comfortable with us. We have been hosting guests since my early childhood. My family is originally from East Germany and has a nomadic and moving past. We are a fun loving, caring and friendly family with Russian and Slovakian roots. You might not always find typical German food or customs in our family, but a lot of different elemements.
Never hosted anyone before so we have to see how it works out. I don't mind staying in my sister's room for a few days though, so you could have your own room (my bed & a mattress if there's more than 1 surfer). From now to mid September you are welcome :) after that I'm going to move back to Ireland. have to say that i'm living with my family at home tho - two sisters (15 & 19) and my parents (they're working and really easygoing). The location is pretty good, we live right beside a lake (Obersee) and 3 bus stops are nearby... It's a 15 minute walk to the train station (or 5 min bus ride) and it takes about 15-20 min to the city centre. The night bus stops at the regular busstop around the corner. We don't smoke but have a garden where u will be able to smoke. We have two mice. We got a cat a few days ago (let's see how long the mice will last).
Ill be moving from Hamburg back to my parents before my RTW travel. My parents have a nice house in the suburbs of Bielefeld. It is between Bielefeld and Herford. We have a separate room for guests. Its on the first floor together with my room and two rooms of my brother. There is a separate kitchen and bath room (all separate from my parents). We have a beautiful garden as well. The house not in the city centre (but Enger, this small town, appr. 11 km from Bielfeld is very nice as well) but there are buses going to Bielefeld and from there all trains to explore the rest of Germany. Bielefeld is a nice middle size town (ca. 350.000 citizens) with lots of things to explore.
I currently occupy a room in a shared flat. If you're comfortable with sleeping beside me - that's fine; you can also bring an airbed or the like. I live quite central. With public transportations it's 2 minutes into the city centre, so it's easily in walking distance. 10 minutes tops. I have two flat-mates. Nice people, really easy-going. I can show you the city, the forests, the people, and hidden alleys. Or rather I would, if there'd be hidden alleys. Bielefeld is beautiful, but also beautifully boring at times. I can offere night-long talks, tea in the morning and a nice breakfast, if I'm up yet that is. I'm a night person, really.
The room has a bed sized 1,40x2,00 m,only I have to walk through to get to the bathroom.Don't worry I don't get up to early.I live in Osnabrueck,which is about 25km away from Bielefeld but it was not on the townlist though it is much more intersting than Bielefeld.We have a university,it is a historical town where they made the peace of westphalia at the end of the thirty years'war in 1648.My home is in the city but a calm street.You have everything nearby,shops,pubs,restaurants,a nice park and public transports.You can use everything in my home (kitchen,washing maschine,internet...)as long as you behave carefully.
nice guest room with comfortable bed (1,40m) and cupboard for clothes. Sunny and friendly. We are close to the "Hermannsweg" (Hiking trail) and belong to Oerlinghausen, which is situated in the hills of the "Teutoburger Wald" (pretty and a lot of sights. We would love to cook and talk with you but you can also use our kitchen alone. Public transport: 300 m to the bus stop, from there connection to Bielefeld (station).
bedroom for your use, feel free to use the kitchen while you stay here. Facilities tobuy your food and things of need are located within 200 meters. railway station is about 10 minutes walking. I live between bielefeld and guetersloh, just a ten minutes ride by train, the next bigger cities are Muenster (55 km), Dortmund (100 km)and Hannover (100 km), easily reachable by train or car.
Can only offer a matress in my small room (15qm) in my shared 2-room cityflat. I live together with a student who is in university in the daytime. Nearby you can find any important shops and transport lines. Close to city center. Kitchen and bathroom can be used, you should by your own food and drinks. Unfortunately the wohole place is bad for any parties or louder things...
i have only one little room, since Im a student and dont have much money. cannot guarantee to be able to provide a bed. Depends on the situation. Just ask, Ill tell you what is possible. my place is not far from the center of bielefeld. everything is in maximum 15-25 minutes distance. subway is 6 minutes walk.
I live with my girlfriend and two other nice people in a flatting situation so there will be always one of our rooms available for you to crash. We live close by the center (15min Walk) where all the shops are. We can take you to some sights or a bar or make some fun stuff with our friends.

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