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Accommodation information in and around Bologna.

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Rather than spend money on Bologna hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Bologna from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Bologna and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Bologna with them in minutes!
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Description of beds: • 2 on a huge queen-size bed (2x2 metres) in a private room with 1 window; • + 1 on a retractable bed which disappear inside a vertical piece of forniture; • + 1 on the couch, which has reclinable arms. The apartment has: - a single room (mine); - a double room, with the queen-size bed; - an L-shaped attic room (highest point: 4,5 or 5 metres) with a living room area (here is the couch) and a kitchen area; - a bathroom, with a bathtub; - an entrance/corridor, with the retractable single bed. The environment is bright and quiet (views on backyards, not on the street). I live just "inside the walls" of Bologna, which means that I am so close to anything that i don't even need to use public transportation (bike and feet are sufficient). Anyway there are several bus stops withing a few minutes (the nearest is 1min away, on foot). Buses can take you from all of them to the train station in something like 10 minutes. CAT I have a cat, a chartreux. He is something like 9-11 years old, calm, unoffensive and quite silent. However he doesn't like doors being kept closed, and he will rasp/scratch on them until someone opens them. That's not a problem for the door, but it is for the noise caused, which interferes with human's necessity of sleep. I've never had closed doors in my home, so I've faced this problem only when hosting people who are used to sleep keeping their room door closed. In conclusion, sleeping with your door closed is feasible, but it could require the building of a barricade made of footstools and pillows to prevent the cat from reaching the door (and rasping on it) :D STAIRS My apartment is on the 3rd and last floor of the building, and there is no lift, only stairs, which are rather steep, to be honest. For Room with private bathroom, located in my own bed and breakfast, in the heart of the city! FREE OF CHARGE OF COURSE! Safe and secure area, very bright and luminous! I live in the southeast corner of historical CENTER, and within 1km of all Bologna’s main attractions: Piazza Maggiore, Due Torri (Two towers), Museums, University, Conservatory, Theatres, Piazza Sette Chiese, Sala Borsa, Margherita gardens (public gardens), the sorrounding hills, health centres. AND NEAR TO: ice cream shops, pizzerie, wine bars, osterie, trattorie, food shops, pubs, supermarket, bank machines, five bus stops (for all parts of city), seemingly unlimited walks under porticos in a genuine Italian atmosphere.No car traffic. I will tell you all the best places to go and more importantely where and when not to go! More: -scooter tour, the best way to see more places, over the usuals
I live in 2 towns close by.. one is Bologna where i have the flat of my parents and the one of my sister ,and the other is in Imola,famous towna,allthought if very small ,for the huge autodrome that has been receiving the formula one racing for many many years in the past and also present... the flats are both in the town and are easy to be reached...nothing special about them i opposit have got a summer holiday house 30 km from Imola on the very mountains of it and that is really nice place to stay there... you can look at it at usually i give it in rent for 250 euro per week but if its a global free loader and if its for few days i can give it for free... so post me in case you are going to pass by Marco
i got 2 places ,one is a flat in bologna,around area south east,san lazzaro,its a nice area with lot of green and parks around in order to get there from central station you need bus 25 stopping in fossolo bus stop.. the flat is 120 mq and there are three rooms and a living room and a bath room and a kitchen if you want to read about me please look at user name mestesso2002 and there you will find more info about me meantime wish you best for your travelling and if you pass to bologna give a try on contacting me... MArco
We can host one or two people thanks to our couch which can be transformed into a bed. The couch is in the room where me and my girlfriend use to sleep. Concerning the time it depends on the number of people staying in our flat. But this can also be discussed if you contact us. Our flat is in the south of Bologna within the walls and also pretty close to a very nice park called giardino magheritta. Walking to the city center takes you about 15 minutes. But also in our neighbourhood are bars, clubs, shops and a very good gelateria.
The couch in the kitchen can be open and become a bed, but it is very confortable also the way it is.The appart. is not far from the hospital with bus stop to 5 minutes walking to go to in downtown. Very clean place, thus require to be clean as well-please do not walk with shoes in the might be able to use something in the kitchen.
pull-out couch that offers space for two. its in our sitting room, so there is prvacy enough. the house is in the city centre, 15 min walkin distance from the main square and 5 from the park. there is a bus stop right next to the house and an ice cream shop in the same building!
Hi, I live in the suburbs of Bologna with two friends and since we have one room available with a single bed we can host only one person. We are located 20 minutes by bus from the city-center and train station. You can use the kitchen but you hav eto buy your ow food.
I have a two places couch/bed in my living room. My flat isn't big but very nice and confortable. It's located not far from the centre of the city, well linked with public transport. I have a couple of bikes to offer my hosts I have a lovely and warm cat in my house
In some periods I have a spare separate bed in a room shared with mine. The apartment is made up of 2 rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen/dining room. The apartment is 5/10 minutes of bus from the city centre, 15 minutes walk to the university area.

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