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Rather than spend money on Bonn hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Bonn from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Bonn and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Bonn with them in minutes!
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I live in a Students' Hall of Residence in Bonn, a nice town of 300.000 inhabitants. My room is very small (10m²) and I have a little couch (a sofa bed) I live in the center of Bonn, the main station ist reachable in 5 minutes by tram. In Bonn you can do a lot of nice things, especiallsy in the summer, because it's a beautiful and interesting city (the Rhine, nice places to sit down and have a barbecue, do some culture, watch a match of soccer (Bonner SC), do a trip to Cologne which is only half an hour away, meet friendly people... If you come to meet me, I would love to show you around. Actually, I can't really promise because sometimes I'm busy - sometimes I have much free time - well a typical students' life! I love goingout and have fun and sleeping have a good night's rest ;-) Best days to host you is weekdays. At these days I have to go to university so normally I should be at home. At the weekend I like travelling and watching football matches of my favourite club (Borussia Dortmund) whrerever they play... So if you are looking for a place, contact me, I'd like to host you! Contact Method: The best way to contact me is to send me an email, I read them every day. Don't contact me by icq (it doens't really function, don't know why ;-)) Or just give me a call!
What we can offer is a bed which fits two people a night in a seperate room. The space isn't too big, so 2 ppl are great, with regard to the kitchen space and the washroom. No Smoking inside, but there is a terrace where its possible. Oh and please no pets(dogs, cats, rats, goldfish, hamster and so on). Fridge space is available, also a basement room for safty bike storage. No camping in the back (its not ours..). Location is about 5 min by bus from downtown Bonn and the central station. Bonn isn't that big, so you might be able to reach almost every spot in the city in about 30 min. If time is suitable for us, we can show you around a bit, but only if. For nightlife there are some pubs and clubs, but I would suggest southern Cologne, where you can get by train within a 30 min ride. Boat trips along the famous Rhine Valley starts at Bonn.
Hey guys, I live in Bonn ia a small room (about 18m2)in inner city Bonn. Although it´s small, I can accomodate maybe 2-3 people (I have got a matress a slepping-couch and my bed:) Threre is also a small kitchen with everythin gyou could need (not more, not less). Naturally its available for use, if you want to cook and bring your own food. The bathroom is small, but adequate. The apartment is situated in the heart of the Bonn, and you can walk to almost everything by foot. Others the street has a lot of public transportations as well. Bonn is also good to went to Köln (30min/train)and the hole Rheinland...
Bonn is very calm, nice and absolutely worth a visit. Of course we can cook together and I will show you around. I have a second bike, which I can lend you - or just my inline-skates. The couch is a small blue matress, which I will place in my room, so there is not too much privacy for you. I live with two other students in a small flat-share in the Südstadt under the roof. The shower is down in the basement, we have a small kitchen and a small garden. My home is special, but until now, everybody liked it... :-)
It's a comfotable couch for 2 people in the living room. The flat is a 68 qm "Maisonette-Flat", that means, that there are no doors except from the bathroom and the kitchen, but there are two floors in the flat. I live there with my boyfriend and my dog (very nice, not biting :D) Feel free to use kitchen, bathroom etc. while you are here, but you will have to buy your own foot. Its just 15 min with the bus to Bonn - City. The bus drives every 10 minutes, and there's also a night bus.
Small room with a single bed or another room with the possibility for 3 people to sleep in. 2 on an comfy air matress and one on the couch. Only for travelers, who travel together. Living in a house with big yard. 2 Minutes to tram, shops, etc. 15 Minutes to the city centre. Near the river and good connection to the motorway. Bedding and towels provided. Bonn is quite the middle of Europe, so it's a great base to explore Germany and also the other European countries.
Ilive in a flat with 3 roommates. My room is middle sized with a single bed and a mattress i have to offer. Our apartment is in the historical part of Bonn, which is right at the centre of Bonn. Feel free to use our bathroom and the kitchen, but you will have to buy your own food. Our apartment is also close to the main trainstation, from where4 you can easily take the train to Cologne, which takes about 25 minutes and goes every half an hour.
At the moment I'm living with my aunt and cousin, therefore, I cannot provide accommodation. But I can help you find cheap accommodation during your stay. I can also show you around a little bit. I can join you on your nights out or adventures if you want, as I am also quite new in this place. I love to party, dance, stay up all night, watch movies, cook, take it easy, talk and relax.. I can do just about anything from relaxing to going wild.
I live alone in a 1-room apartement. You might either be able to stay with me in my apartement where I have a spare couch or, which might be more comfortable, in my parents' house, where there is a spare room with a large couch and/or a bed available to host people. Anyway, my city is very close to Cologne (1/2 hour by train) and Dusseldorf (1 hour by train) which are great cities to see while you're here!
I live in a one room student accommodation in a suburb of Bonn, near to the suburb centre and a less-than-ten-minutes train ride to the city centre. Since I have neither a second bed nor a couch I can actually provide only some free space on the floor where you can place your sleeping pad.

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