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Accommodation information in and around Boston, Suffolk.

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Rather than spend money on Boston, Suffolk hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Boston, Suffolk from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Boston, Suffolk and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Boston, Suffolk with them in minutes!
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I live in a condominium with a cousin and her better half in Lynn, MA, which is a suburb of the Boston urbanality. It's a pretty charming set-up: a sloped driveway leads up to the muted yellow building. A mysterious stairway leads up to adventure alongside it, a spectacular view awaits you at the top. The offering: Two cozy couches (and one generally friendly dachshund named Poncho). Neither is for keeps, and your staying would depend almost entirely upon aforementioned cousin's approval. Provided she does, you can stay for a few days, in which time you're welcome to whatever is in the fridge (just not ALL of it). If my cousin or I am around and aren't busy, we'd be more than happy to show you around. Or you could just chill, and we'd set you loose with a map and a prayer...;-J (New York: ignore)I have a sleeping-bag ready space on the floor of a basement studio in College Point, Queens, an NYC suburb. A bit out of reach from the City (the City being Manhattan), but it's a quiet, safe neighborhood, and a 20-minute bus ride away from the hub of the Queens Asian culture, Main St. (a.k.a. NYC Chinatown, Part II).
Mid-sized room good for 2 people with potentially up to 2 children. Not in Boston, MA directly -- actually 1 hour North in Manchester, NH. The site wouldn't let me enter any city in NH or anything closer. I'm close to skiing in the winter with 5-6 good ski mountains within a 90 munite drive -- and within a couple hours of some of the best skiing east of the Rocky Mountains. Not far from Boston for a day trip. Good hiking year-round. Great Fall colors as the trees change. This room is only available on WEEKDAYS. It is not available at all on weekends. You can arrive Monday afternoon and leave Friday morning. Full kitchen and bathroom available. I have a cat and probably wouldn't mind any well-behaved dog or cat -- but be ready to be tossed out if you bring a dog who is loud or mean or barks a lot or who has poor bathroom habits. Best to bring your own towels and bathroom gear. Sheets/blankets provided. No payment required, but wouldn't turn away a few beers or some pizza.
Nice guest room with a comfortable, double-sized brass bed in my Victorian home in Boston, MA. The room also has a roomy closet (with built in clothes drawers). I live in the Jones Hill section of Dorchester, which is a part of the city of Boston. I'm located 10 minutes by train to downtown Boston. You don't need a car to explore Boston and vicinity, but if you choose to rent one, on-street parking is readily available. Our location is great for exploring Boston and Cambridge, and we are a 10-minute walk from the ocean. It's also an easy drive to Cape Cod or the rest of New England. Boston holds a very significant position in U.S. history, and as home to many of the finest U.S. colleges & universities, there are plenty of cultural and recreational activities for all budgets! We don't provide food for guests, but guests are welcome to use our fridge (and other kitchen facilities, if they're careful and neat). We have a cat. Non-smokers only.
Stay in my lovely, spacious loft on a queen size futon in a hillside neighborhood outside of Boston with this experienced traveller and hostess of internationals. My quiet, comfortably modern space is a short 3 minute walk to public transportation (buses and subway) and borders the funky, alternative, multicultural neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. You can use the kitchen and most bulk, staple food items but I would appreciate the addition of extra perishables. Washers and dryers are available in the basement as well as a sauna and functional exercise room. Explore Cape Cod and the islands for a day trip or visit NYC by taking a cheap bus ($20 round trip) from Boston's Chinatown and use this pad as a home base. My neighbors are cool, conscientious and respectful of one another and the property. Come and join me in that collective mode of being while starting your own adventouring revolution in the "Birthplace of American Independence".
It's a small room in a university dorm, shared with myself and my roomate. Small fridge, no kitchen, not a great place to offer, but it's all I've got. There's room to set up an air-mattress or a sleeping bag on the floor. We're pretty welcoming people, and if I don't have class or work at a particular time, I'd be glad to show you what Boston has to offer. My place is about a 2-minute walk from the subway, and even downtown Boston is a 15-20 minute walk away if you don't want to take the subway. It's a great location. I speak a little bit of Spanish, and I was born and raised in South Texas. Given that we'll be taking classes, we really wouldn't be able to have any loud partyers around, except on the weekends. I'm politically left, and my roomate's politically right, so you're likely to agree with one of us on something. There's no smoking, and we likely wouldn't be able to host anyone for more than a few days.
A really comfortable blow-up, full-sized aerobed for 1 person or 2 people to sleep on, with firmness control, whoa! I live alone in a small studio apartment so your bed will pretty much be right by mine. That said, my apartment is nice and cozy and has a nicely maintained bathroom (I am a girl afterall!) and kitchenette. The location is also prime, just 3 minutes from the T-station (Boston's train system). There are bakeries, supermarkets, tonnes of cheap eating places to go to, an indie movie theater, and also 2 really awesome thrift stores around the corner. You can also get to downtown Boston in about 30 minutes by the T. Feel free to use the kitchen, but you will have to buy your own food and cleanup thereafter. Also if you are clean, tidy and respectful, I'll love to have you over.
The living room couch folds out into a full bed. The bed comfortably fits two, there is a love seat that can fit a contortionist or a short person, and there is space for one more on the floor (bring your own sleeping bag). So I can acommidate 4 people, but it will be cozy. Parties of 3-4 I can probably only take for a few days, 1-2 people probably up to a week. You are welcome to use the kitchen. We live in Allston, a neighborhood of Boston. There is a TON of fun stuff within walking distance--Allston, Brookline, and Brighton all have places to go. We're a 10 minute bus ride from Cambridge and a 15 minute trolley ride from downtown Boston. Boston is a pretty managable city, and it's all accessible from our place. We have guide books you can use.
In a town just south of Boston (not in the city itself). Sunny room on garden level with its own bathroom (has a shower, no tub). The bed is a sofa that opens out to a queen size bed. There's also a narrow cot that could be brought into the room for your child. The room is adjacent to the basement but has large windows on three sides, very bright. Also, in the adjacent basement is a sofa that a child could sleep on. The nearby bus doesn't run often, so it's recommended that you have a car. It's a 15 minute drive into downtown Boston (longer during rush hour). Or you can drive to a subway station and take the "T" into town. Occasionally we could drive you to the subway stop, but no guarantees.
I have a bedroom in Lynn, MA. I am fewer than ten miles from Logan airport and the city of Boston. There is public transport, but it is sometimes complicated --happy to help. I am 1/2 half mile from the beach. The cost of transport from Lynn is nothing compared to the cost of accommodation in Boston or Cambridge! I have a dog. I am an untidy but clean person. My condo is on the third floor, you have to walk up. Total kitchen available to you, but buy your own food. I lead a busy life, and I try to stay open to all eventualities. However, I really like to be able to plan ahead, so the more advance notice you can give me, the more likely I am able to accommodate you.
I live in an apartment with all accommodations (wireless internet, cable tv, private laundry, full kitchen, dishwasher, full private bathroom). There's no phone in the apartment because we only use our cell phones. My room is medium sized, but I only have one bed. You can sleep on the floor in my room (I have some foam mattress toppers to lay out that would make it a bit more comfy) or you can sleep on our spare couch in the den. I live about 7 minutes walk from the subway which can take you anywhere in the city. My block has a strong Spanish culture & lots of young people and families hang out on the street. If you speak Spanish, you might have fun talking to the neighbors!

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