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Our basement rec room that serves as a bedroom. There is a double bed and a couch and TV. Not totally finished downstairs, but it is comfortable. Also downstairs access to a bathroom with sink and toilet (shower upstairs). A nice private oceanfront yard with a firepit. We do have cats and a german shepperd dog so has to be guests that like animals. Also security cameras and security system. Bring your own food, and you can coordinate with us the use of our kitchen if you clean up after yourselves. Only 1.25 hours drive from Halifax. Accomodations available when we are home as we do travel sometimes. Fifteen minutes to historic Lunenburg and also scenic Mahone Bay.
Will be home in May 2005, after that, I am off travelling...maybe staying at one of your houses! Can offer a spare room in my parents' home, big backyard for tent if you'd rather...we have that, too. You are welcome to use the house like family. Walking distance to everything in town. We can pick you up and show you around. Close to lakes and beaches. Les francophones sont les bienvenus! Come share laughs, stories and a few beer with us!
we have just moved to a campground setting in a country area, which is still close to all amenities. there is shopping centres as well as unesco areas as well as our famous ocean playgrounds .....a case of keiths will take you a long way.i am sure we can work out the rest of the details.....
Weekdays I have a couch in the living room. Weekends I have 2 spare beds in my kid's room as they are gone weekends as well I have a double fold out couch in my living room which can be used any time.
i have a back yard any one is welcome to use. i also have a dog you can pet or walk, amd an apple tree.

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