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Rather than spend money on Brisbane hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Brisbane from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Brisbane and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Brisbane with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Brisbane!
Room with double bed in a 4 bedroom house at Moggill, 20km and 45 minutes by bus from Brisbane City. Quiet suburban area, but a good base to explore the city.Close to supermarket, local shops, council swimming pool and bus stop, not to mention the famous Bellbowrie Sports and Rec Club! Large shopping complex and train station 20 minutes away by bus. The house has air conditioning, which is a must in Brisbane's summer. I live here with one of my three sons, Cameron age 35, who is a university student.The other inhabitant is a small, very spoilt house-dog called Miffy (half poodle, half mini fox terrier, so no shedding hair thank goodness)I have two other sons, Andrew and Robert who like to come over for dinner to meet other travellers. I spent 15 months from September 2006 living and working in the UK and travelling in Europe, with short visits to New Zealand,USA, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore,and have returned to England for several short visits since then, so I am always keen to hear about other's travels. Depending on my other committments, I might be able to help with transport some days. I am keen on bushwalking and live theatre, and belong to groups who organise associated activities, so we could fit you in too. I work in the Education sector. I speak a very small amount of French, and Cameron speaks some (rusty) German. Prefer mature travellers,mid 20's and up, but happy to have younger ones so long as they do their partying away from here.My sons smoke, unfortunately, but never in the house.We are social drinkers. I might be able to accomodate a small family for a short stay (we have a largish back yard)as there is sometimes another double bedroom free.
One single bedroom that caters for two people. It is a comfortable size in our very large low set four bedroom home in the suburb of Murrumba Downs, Queensland. I am a female Australian Aboriginal artist and into all arts and craft (but predominately painting, pottery, basket weaving) and hubby came to Australia when he was 3 yrs and has connections with the UK) and he is into music (plays cello, violin, viola, trombone, euphonium). We have travelled the globe many times over! We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport. In fact the local bus runs straight past our door step with a bus stop 100 meters away. Also, it is a very short journey for the local bus to meet the train ride into the city-center. We love our garden and we have chickens and fresh eggs for breakfast and we can supply sheets and towels and at times we may be able to provide tours and transport. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food AND tidy guests who clean up after themselves are appreciated. NO drugs, NO alcoholics! We are happy for guests to smoke outside of our home and we do not mind the drinking of alcohol if done sensibly. Our home would be a great base from which to explore both Brisbane, the Gold Coast and all of the major theme parks; "Movie World", "Wet and Wild", "Dreamworld" and other beach and surfing attractions, the Sunshine Coast; "Underwater World", "Australia Zoo" (Steve Irwin and 'Crikey' fame) and also other beach and surfing attractions. Additionally, we are close to many small islands for local dolphin feeding and whale watching and further inland for other hinterland areas.
Spare room in a low set home, with plent of trees in the yard. Shady & private. There are two different living areas, & has a living/ dining combined area. It is a comfortable house,bathroom,2 bedrooms,living area as above,& has a separate reading/music room.The back yard has a gate to a local park- dog park,children's park,basketball courts,bicycle pathways.Its a fantastic green area so close to the city. There are 2 beagles on the property, they are friendly dogs & live outside. You can use the kitchen whilst visiting but I would expect you to but your own food. I dont eat red meat, so would prefer that meat isnt cooked in the home. There's a quiet music/reading room- with access to a porch for your enjoyment. This is not a party house, and there is no smoking or drug use inside the property. I am happy to tell you about places to see in the Brisbane area. Both the Gold Coast & the Sunshine Coasts are an hours drive away.(the gateway is a 10 min drive away) The house is totally fenced & is 4 kms from the city. A city train station is a 10 minute walk,bus stop to the city is 200mtrs- the bus ride takes 10 mins to reach South bank.The city is over the Victoria Bridge- 10 mins from the South bank area- beach/cafes/funky shops/aert gallery/GOMA/museum,library/music,art performance space/craft & food markets.
We live in the West of Brisbane City a suburb called Oxley. By train it is about 20minutes from the city centre and about 40 minutes to the airport. The train station is about a five minute walk up the road and it is easy to travel into the city. I live with my husband Adam, my baby girl Charli and my little cornish rex Milo. We have a spare room, which is very comfortable, and is available during the week and the odd weekends. It is fully set up to recieve guests and for them to be as comfortable as possible, so you wouldnt need your own linen etc.Adam and I do smoke but outside. At the moment I am at home most of the time so maybe able to help with transport, advise depending on how Charli is and what Charli needs.Adam spends most of his time at work but is home in the evenings. The best time for us to host would be during the week and on the odd weekend, just email me and I will let you know if we are available. I am really looking forward to sharing my life with fellow couch surfers, having a laugh, intelligent or not so intelligent conversations (I am multitalented and can do both :) and making new and wonderful friendships.
hey hi i live in a funky part of brisbane ..the ,valley>....i'm in the valley bitch!!!!night clubs bars and cafe's are directly below me ,the station is a two minute walk from my apartment,i have a single bed in the living area behimd a partial screen my prefred option for people to camp on ,also i have a single bed mattress i can place on the floor anywere ,and a single bed beside my dopble bed in my room for over flow giests ,and for those that are comfortable with that,great kitchen ,balcony and roof top area for tanning,south bank beach?lagoon is very close by for a swim,i head to the beach surfing a couple of times a week surfing,so if your about you are welcome to join,although most of my beaches are clothing optional as i am a naturalist, my place is a great base to take in all brisbane has to offer ,i have been hosting on since march this year and have referances on there if you want tho check them out ,the valley is about a twenty minutew train ride from the airport,and a 5min train ride from the main bus terminal,a free thinking open minded house hold,so maybe see ya soon :}
I will be traveling from 1st Nov - 23rd Nov, so I cannot offer accommodation during that period of time. We have two couches in our living room - one is a long, beige L-shape, and the other is short and dark brown. The long couch is very comfortable. I have slept on it myself, accidentally ;) We also have a spare bedroom with a double bed. (I suppose I could've put that first, but it says "couch"). We have pillows and blankets for both the bed and the couch. We live in a 2-bedroom townhouse about 6km from Brisbane CBD. It takes about 7-10 minutes by bus, off-peak, and about 15 minutes during peak times to get into the city. There is a bus stop at the end of our street, about a minute's walk away. There are a couple of restaurants and a convenience store a few minutes walk away. We don't smoke, and smoking is not allowed inside, but if you need to, you can smoke outside in the courtyard. We share our house with Po, our cat. He's pretty intelligent, and is not overly rambunctious. He doesn't mind strangers.
We live in a four bedroom home about half way between Brisbane and Ipswich; about 30 minute drive or 25 minute train ride either way. We offer guests a spare room with a queen size bed - maybe also an inflatable matress on the lounge floor for a night or two. Our household consists of Mum & Dad in their forties, one teenage daughter, a teenage son, two indoor cats and an outside dog. To take advantage of our glorious Queensland climate (most of the time anyway) guests are welcome to use our inground pool, outdoor spa and barbecue on the deck. The only drawback is that the closest train station is 5 km away and the bus service is not very useful. We don't expect gusets to hang around all day - and we won't be offended if youre just looking for a place to have a shower and rest up overnight between days of sightseeing. I f you have a hire car, we're just under a hour away from the Gold Coast and about 2 hours drive from the Sunshine Coast.
Quite a large and bright room that is cool in summer and warm in winter. It has a double bed and a single mattress as well. You will have your own bath room. I have a two bedroom unit 8 klms from the heart of the city that is on the northern side of town. We are a 15 minute bus ride to the heart of Brisbane city and there is a large bus depot just over the road at the shopping centre so the transport is good. We have one of the largest shopping centres in Brisbane just over the road so if you like to shop this is the place. I am happy for you to help yourself in the kitchen but I would expect you to replace the food you use. I am not a cleaning nazi just basically to pick up after yourself is fine. This would be a good place to see Brisbane night life and the north sunshine coast. (eg Australia Zoo and the sunshine coast is about 1 hours drive one way and the Gold coast is about the same in the other direction)
Spare room with single bed (or 2 single beds) in my medium sized 3/4 bedroom house in the suburb of Ipswich. I am within walking distance to local shops, the CBD of Ipswich, train and bus. It is approx. 35km to Brisbane city. Feel free to use the kitchen and bathroom whilst you are here. You will need to provide your own food. I will be happy to show you some of Brisbanes sights (if I am able). I work at night, so if you go out during the day, (after I have worked the night before) would be great so I can sleep in the mornings. I am a very young 40 year old female and enjoy a night out on the town occasionally - but I do not smoke or drink. I prefer a non-smoker female or couple. (Will consider a male). I will consider hosting anyone up to a week or two. No doubt as you do, I expect that you will treat my place with respect. I am happy to help you in whatever way I can.
We have a spare room with a double bed in a clean house in the south west suburb of Heathwood (near Forest Lake) about 30mins from the city centre, 10 mins to local shops and about 45mins from the Gold Coast. Walking distance to bus taking you to city or local shops or train station. Gateway motorway only a few minutes away with easy access to Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Details of the accommodation: Ceiling fan with bathroom down hallway. We have a backyard with patio, fish pond and pergola with BBQ. You are welcome to use the kitchen and do some washing. We ask that you buy your own food although there will be times when we will have dinner at home when we aren't working and all eat together etc. You are welcome to use the internet to check your emails or/and update your travel website. If you would like to see where we live we can email you photos of the house.

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