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Accommodation information in and around Brno.

Want to stay in Brno for free?


Rather than spend money on Brno hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Brno from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Brno and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Brno with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Brno!
I have housemates (I live with 5 girls - they're only here during the school year except this year where 1 of the girls is staying here during the summer). However, there are 3 rooms altogether - so my guests will normally sleep in their own room unless there is some kind of a special situation such as other free-loaders and the separate bedroom is taken up on the dates you want to come.
I have many blankets and pillows, so you should be warm! We have plenty of clean towels as well and do encourage you to shower every day! We also have a laundry machine in the apartment if you need to catch up on your washing.

Remember to provide me with your mobile phone number after I agree to host you (it helps with the communication a lot)!


I live in Brno, Czech Republic - about 10 minutes by trolley from the center of town.
Buy a ticket for 22 Czech crowns (less than 1 EURO) and take tram #1 from the main train station to Mendlovo namesti. Then - trolley #37 for 9 min and get off at the Glinkova stop. The apartment building is directly in front of you. I will most likely come and meet you at the train station.


Brno is a beautiful city and you can easily explore the whole city from here. Prague is two and half hours away on the (nice and comfortable) Pendolino train. Take a look at some pictures I took of Brno. I am still exploring the city as well, so if I am free I will join you!


The apartment is 100% NON SMOKING! Not even possible to smoke on the balcony (I don't have one)! If you smoke I'm gonna ask you to do so outside of the building, though I actually prefer to host non-smokers (any sort of cigarette smell annoys me)


You do not need to bring bedding, towels or toiletries or toothpaste if you are staying with us. Just an easy-going, drama-free, appreciative and helpful attitude :)


*The website I like to use to look for events in the area is the official city website:
It is available in Czech, English, German and Russian languages.
*Train and bus schedules (available in Czech, English and German):
*Student Agency "yellow buses" - (available in Czech, Slovak, English, German and Hungarian)
*Eurolines buses - (Czech and English)
Hi, unfortunately I dont have much space in the place where I am living nowadays,but I can offer u place on the floor with inflable mattress. Or if u have your sleeping bag and sleeping mat would be great. I am living on subburbs of Brno in students dormitories,but its not so far to the center -its about half hour with tram. These dormitories are kind of big small university town - so u can meet a lot of students here and especially where I am living lot of foreign students. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. We are non-smokers here,but there is balcony outside,which u can use if u need to lite your cigarette;)
I can provide quite a comfortable bed in my flat's living room. You can also use the rest of the room for yourself, as well as the balcony, if you are a smoker or like the view. I live in a part of Brno called Bystrc in the highest building on the highest hill around, so the obvious upside is the view. The downside is that it takes about 20 minutes to get to the city center, but should you need it, there are shops with everything important nearby. There are no landmarks here, but my building is just a few hundred meters from a forest and it takes about 15 minutes of walking to get to a popular lake. It's pretty much the end of Brno here.
We can propose small room with double bad in our big flat in BRNO. Itīs cultural centre of south MORAVIA.You can use moderne bathroom kitchen internet big Tv. In first etage we have small french restaurant where the prices are very lovely. In flat live me my wife, two cats and small dog. We are no smokers. Public transport its 3min from house, for the centrum of the city 10 min. When you want we can show you the south of moravia with all monuments and historic places f.ex (battle of Napoleon Bonaparte) We are the people with opened mind. So u are welcome.
Couch or matrasse in private room, good access to bathroom, opportunity to use a kitchen. It's student flat located in the centre of city. Public transport and big park right infront of house. Approx. 5 min. walk to old centre of Brno and approx. 7 min to main train staition by tram. Feel free to use a kitchen but you have to buy your own food (grocery store is right next to the main door). Our place is perfect base to explore beautiful Moravian region full of UNESCO sightseeing.
I live in 1+1 flat neer the center of the city, very easily accesible for trams. Its a perfect location with everything you need in 5 minutes walking destinations. I can share everything there is in my flat, feel free to act like home. I like to cook with my guests and share meals, but since I am vegetarian, you can bring and cook whatever you want. Its easy to explore Brno from my place, its a bit far from the nature, but there is nice park nearby.
You'll sleep at couch in kitchen/living room, that is for 2 people. Please take your sleeping bags. I live 10 minutes from centre in flat with my students college Jana (girl). Tram station is 50 m from our doors, but the place is very quiet with windows to court. We have no pets and don't smoke. I'm mostly weekends with my boyfriend, so I can offer you accommodation during the week.
Mattress in my room. It is available for everyone. I can provide you with bedsheets and a towel. It is in student's flat 10 minutes from the city centre by public transportation. There are shared bathroom and kitchen with other flatmates. The flat is in second floor and there is no lift. The place is mainly intended for one person but if you'll need, we can manage it for two guests.
I offer you free couch in a students flat in BRNO CENTRE - right on the Square of Freedom! Pubs, shops, restaurants all around. It's not so large flat, but we are very friendly,20aged girls and boys, love music, art, drawing, dancing, meeting cool people :) I speak English and also learn Chinese. We can teach you some Czech. Don't be shy and stay with us! Smokers allowed :)
Hello all, I live in the centre of Brno and I have one spare bed in my room. I work but am free in the evenings to take you out in a fun and friendly city. Can also give you tips. the week end also we can do fun stuff with my friends. Just contact me by email or phone, if u are ever i trouble in Brno. +420721191643. I am a foreigner myself and I know how it is.

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