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Rather than spend money on Bucharest hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Bucharest from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Bucharest and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Bucharest with them in minutes!
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Couch Available: Maybe Preferred Gender: Any Smoking allowed Has children: No Can host children: No Has pets: Yes Can host pets: No Max Surfers Per Night: 2 Shared Sleeping Surface: No Shared Room: Yes The same room with me and my boyfriend. The person can use either our bed or the air mattress we have. Expectations i have from my guests: - Please treat me, my friends and my house with respect; - Leave the house with me / before me in the morning and come back with me / after me in the afternoon / evening; - We can obviously cook and share meals sometimes but we would REALLY prefer that you buy your own food - not for all of us, just for yourself; - Please keep your things together in one place if possible; - Please wash any plate or glass you use, clean up after yourself (bed, toilet, shower, etc); We take our shoes off inside the house. I will accept only the persons which are trustworthy and after a longer talk. It would be perfect if they have already references and verified profiles. Expectations my guests might have from me: let me know in writing or verbally. I live with my boyfriend in an one-room apartment with kitchen and balcony on the ground floor of a massive block. This place is really close to the Metro Station - 2 minutes. I can offer an air mattress for one female person. My boyfriend is a smoker and people are smoking only on the balcony. I don't have pets. I work Mo-Fri from 8 to 16 and I can show people around after this time or in weekends. I have blankets and I would like to host in weekends. I can host up to 3 nights. I go to bed around 11 p.m.
I live in a 2 rooms apartment situated close to a subway station (5-6 minutes of walk). By subway you are 15 minutes away from Bucharest's city center and 40-45 minutes away from train station. The building is between an open market where you can buy fresh fruits/vegetables/milk and even fish and a supermarket. Also there is a park near by: 20-25 minutes of walk to it or a single subway station. I live alone but I have a pet - a cat. I don't smoke so my guests will need to be non-smokers too. I will offer for my guest/guests one of the available rooms - it has a bed for two persons so if I will accommodate 2 persons they will need to sleep in the same bed. If there will be only one guest he/she will have plenty of space to stretch and have a good night rest. The room is near the kitchen and the bathroom and offers 100% privacy. I will sleep in the second room. I work from home so I will be around to offer assistance and am also available for "outside help" after working hours or during weekends. My guest will have a key so he/she will be able to come as late as he/she chooses. If you wish to spend more than 7-8 days at my place make sure that you ask first.
I have a small room with a bed and a balcony with an awesome view. There's access to a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. There's also wireless internet access. The room is in a 2 room apartment in an ok neighbourhood 15-20 min away from the city center. It's also 10-15 min away from the biggest train station. Public transport is great - there are buses and trams (2 min walk), and a subway station (5 min walk). You'll have to provide your own food, but I might sometimes cook for you. The great thing about the apartment is it's a 5 min walk from the biggest market in Bucharest and if you prefer hypermarkets it's 10 min away from two of them, so you have a lot of options for buying your food. There's also a park with a big lake nearby, as well as several swimming pools with a small artificial beach.
The room is in the University campus (University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest ) and has 3 beds. I have just a single bed for free, at the disposal. The room can be used for luggage storage at all time of the year, has internet and cable facility, fridge, sink. The bathroom and the showers are not in the same room, like the kitchen, and there are used by all students of that floor, 2 automatic washing machines. According to the date of the visit the number can rise to maxim 3 because my roommates can go home, especially in weekends. If there are problems with my room I can find another room in the campus or, in other location, at my friends.
It's a very small room that I rent at the highest store in a building in Bucharest. It's not much, but I call it home. It's nice and cozy, you can sleep with me in bed or I can sleep on the floor while you are my guest, I really don't mind. It's very close to all public transport and Romania can be pretty cheap if you're a foreigner coming from the West. You can buy food on your own or we can share mine, no problem there either. You can use anything in the room as you please, although it's not that much. I have a lot of books in Romanian because I used to read a lot in my native language, so if you are or know any Romanian, feel free to dive in.
Spare bed separated only by a wall (but not a door, so the private space is limited, unfortunately) in a large studio-apartment in the old-town area in Bucharest. Kitchen, bathroom and washing machine at your disposal. I enjoy cooking breakfast and sharing it, but, besides it, you'll have to buy your own food. The great location allows you to go everywhere in the city center, 2 min by walk to the main square where the nightlife of Bucharest is concentrated (but is still quiet in the apartment), 1 min away from subway and bus-station if you want to go to other further places in the city.
Small room with a mattress and no wardrobe in a two bedroom apartment near the center of Bucharest. We actually have very little furniture in the house - so little storage space. We have one bathroom and one kitchen - both can be used. Our bathroom is small and we like to keep it clean at all times. It can get crowded in the early morning unless we keep it short. You will also need to provide your own food and drink and bring your own bed sheets and towels. The subway to all directions in the city is at 5 min walk; 10 min walk to the city center. The area is quiet and safe.
A big room with a comfortable double sized bed in a house situated in Bucharest. We are close to Herastrau park, Otopeni airport. The house is part of a housing complex with beautiful pools, quietness and fresh air. We are 20 minutes far from the tram station. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you have to buy your own food.There is a 3 minutes supermarket and pharmacy close to the house. Our place would be a great place to explore and visit Bucharest and Otopeni.
A spare room available with a comfortable sofa,in a house in a small town, called Jilava, just outside Bucharest. The house is in a very quiet area, it has a garden and a big yard. There is a bus station at about 200-300 meters from the house, which goes to the ciy, from where you can either take another bus or a tram to go to the city center. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here and if you are lucky you can even taste some of my mother's cooked meals.
I live in Bucharest in a Red Light District (not a dangerous place though) in a small studio.I live alone and i am away most of the day so you can rest anytime u want. Public transportation is cheap and u can go directly uptown from where i live. I can show you the city during the weekends ( romanian people are very friendly and u can visit the city by yourself ) I have another dwelling so u have total privacy during your stay in the studio

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