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Rather than spend money on Budapest hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Budapest from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Budapest and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Budapest with them in minutes!
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I don't live in Budapest!!!! I live in Buda÷rs (that's why I put 'Budapest' this wesite doesn't know 'Buda÷rs'.) Buda÷rs one nice and calm city with nice landscape. I live with my family so if you come at me, you could get know one native Hungarian family's life. My family's house is detached house on the mountain very close to forest. We have any animals: dog, cat, parrot and chicken (it doesn't roasted chicken!) lol But we aren't farmers!! Just my mom loves them. Our house 7 minutes far on foot from the house to the bus stop, thence about 30 minutes and you are at one field where from you can go anywhere. Actually I could drive around you gladly, if you come then when I have enough time! I would be happier then! :) In fact it's not one 'Spare bed' because this is in my room. I mean if I invite somebody who are likeable and appropriate, she/he will live in my room (I will move into my sister's room). In this room are one bed, writing desk, a little couch, a little table, clothes racks, a big mirror, one window, this room on the attic. Anyways, I can show you, (for example on skype!) I don't know what shall I tell even?! :D
We only have 1 room. There is some space in the kitchen,but it's cold... You can choose the bean bag,carpet or the floor as a sleeping surface :-P We're sleeping in the same room,also we store there all our stuff. But it's a roof over your head:) We've recently moved in a really small flat (but with a huge garden:)) at the main bus station of Esztergom. We're pretty new in the city ourselves,so there is a plenty to explore:) Me and my boyfriend share the building and right now we only have a bed for ourselves,but there is a huge bean bag and an extra sleeping bag. No pets anymore:( We're not smokers,but you can smoke wherever you want:) The city itself is pretty dead,we have some nice buildings and views,but to be honest it is not a very interesting place. You have to be prepared to sleep in a very small room,the same we sleep in,but at least we don't snore :) You can come any time, more than 2 people are welcome in case you want to bring all of your friends:) but 2 is ideal. WARNING! We're not cool! Maybe we have some funny stories,but do not expect to be entertained day and night only by our existence :-P
Our apartment is located in the heart of the city. We are a young couple without kids (yet) and we are willing to provide 1 night (max 2) acommodation in our beautiful 47sqm small apartment. It is a 1 bedroomn apartment + living room + kitchen + separate bathroom/toilet. We offer a single mattress in the living room for whoever is in transit in Budapest for 1 night. Being clean is mandatory as we hate dirty. Usage of kitchen is not allowed as its a private area for my wife but well if need anything feel free to ask. We usually cook almost everyday so if by chance you are around at the lunch or dinner time then its more than a pleasure to join us on the table. Bars and shops are just in a small working distance as well as public transportations. We are both African and we have travelled a lot and learned a lot about others cultures and people. We both speak French and English and a bit Spanish. As we are both working, We usually sleep around 10:30 pm so make sure you are back from outside not later than 11 pm PLEASE. In one word, YOU ARE WELCOME TO OUR PLACE.
1st of all: I answer emails only starting this way: Hi Adam! (that is my name) I do not accomodate students from rich countries making their tour around the world. If u have enough money to do this, you dont need free accomodation! U can half the time of your travelling and spend some more money in a poor country contributing to the development of it. Also please note that the average hungarian salary is 400 euros a month but the prices are the same as in western europe, so dont ask me to send u sms. I prefer to accomodate people who are interested in me, and are not to far from me, so i can visit them later. I cannot afford a trip oversea, sorry guys. Now I live in one of the main walking street of Budapest. The main attractions are in walking distance from my place. I share a 60 square metres flat with a female mate. I have my own bedroom I can share it. I am gay so gays are welcome, and I like travelling very much so I prefer have guests from Europe or near Europe because now it seems I cannot afford travelling further.
I live with my family in a quite big house, so the sleeping possibilities always changing... sometimes i can offer a separate room or even a complete flat (part of our house), but sometimes just a place on the floor in my room... it depends on that who is at home from my family at that time... I live in the suburb, in a town called G├Âd, 30 min. from Budapest Citycenter by train. Trains runs twice in an hour at weekdays, and every hour at weekends. (the price is 375 HUF for one way, if you do it in a completly legal way, but i can make it 150 HUF :)) I don't smoke, you can smoke outside. I have water pipes, we can smoke it inside! ;) Alkohol is no problem... ;) but please not comletely drunk people... I'd like to show you around... but it depends on my time... I usually get to bed around midnight.. so you can arrive late... I can host you anytime. give me an sms, or call me if it's emergency : +36-70/378-83-90 I have balankets, but it would be better if you bring sleeping bags. max. four days, 2-3 guests...
Hello, We live with my boyfriend in a 2 rooms appartment for now. We are easygoing, and like to have people around for a couple of days but we are both working and/or studying, so we probably wont really have time to show you around in town. We speak english, german, french and some spanish. If you just need some room to stay at than we are happy to share it with you, if possible! We live sort of an unorganized life, so please contact me about 2 weeks before your arrival- because before that i probably won't be able to tell you, if we can host you or not! The appartment is at the end of the red merto line in Budapest. That means, that the city center is approximately 30 minutes away. You can use all facilities in the appratment of course, but you will have to buy your own food. One more important thing:We are ready to host none smokers only (sorry).. I hope that you'll enjoy your stay in Budapest- it's a beautyful city with beautiful buildings and great parties:)!
We live close to public transposrtation. You can reach the city center within 10 minutes. The couch is opens to a large king size bed. If you are alone we can offer you a separate room, but if you are coming with a friend you need to share the same room with him/her. We never accept two separate guest in the same time. So if you are coming alone you will never share a room with anyone else and we won't disturbe you with passing throught your room as it is a separate one. Please bring sleeping bag with you, but matress You don't need (if you are two). It is not because that we don't want to give you a blanket and bedding but about considering the environment.Imagine if we need to wash an only once-used bedding (and we would't want to give the same to our guests).
We have a big plot near to the lake Balaton on a vinehill with spectacular wiev.Balaton is the biggest lake of Central-Europe.We provide you tent places and water in the garden.(there is a shower in the garden) There is a shop in the village where you can buy food.The lake is for 2 kilometers from the plot.(but there is also bus, and the best is if you bring or rent a bike) The capital, Budapest is for 130 kilometers from the Balaton, it takes 1 1/2-2 hours by train. We live in Budapest in a flat, but it's not too big..But if you want to stay in the capital city we can help you find an cheap accomodation, and we help you in everything that you need. (where to go, what to do..)
My working room in my 3 room flat. Not the newest bed but ok. A weekend any time or more on summer, but contact me previously. Allergy info: only pure city dust;) Good public transfer connections. City central is about 30min. Distance from the airport 5minutes. Car transfer possible but we should discuss in advance. Taxi under 10 EUR. Ask for Taxi company City Taxi. Paying with Cards are possible in those cabs. You can have hungarian mobile phone from me upon request free of charge, but you have to fill up the pre-paid card (apprx 10 EUR) Food shops and everything within 5-15 mins range. CreditCard are widely axcepted. No smoke in flat, no drugs at all.
My flat is next to the blue metro line Klinikák station. City center is ~10 minutes by metro, ~20 on foot. There is a bedroom with two single beds and a living room with a couch. Usually I sleep in the bedroom and you can have the couch in the living room, but we can compromise. My friend has a flat not far from my place. It has a free bedroom with a single bed. On weekends the couch is available for 2 persons and I can share the bedroom with 1 person (beds are separated). Weekdays only the couch in the livingroom is available or the bedroom in my friend's appartement. There's only 1 single bed in my friend's place, but there's wall to wall carpet on the floor.

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