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Rather than spend money on Cairo hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Cairo from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Cairo and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Cairo with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Cairo!
PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE REQUESTING TO SURF MY COUCH... I live in North Cairo,Hada'iq al Qubbah-17 minutes from down town by Metro-, My home is 5 minutes walking to the Metro -theSubway-(takes you anywhere in cairo&Giza) and 30 minutes by car from airport (with no traffic jams):)...a lot of buses around but I think you can't use them in rush hours. I live with my family -their opinion about whom we are going to host is essentially - (4)maybe sometimes we're(10)according to the occasions in my family. We just ask you be a good guest. :-) Please do not be offended if we are not able to go out to dinner or lunch with you. But we would love learn something about the place you are from, especially if it is a foreign country. Part of the reason why I love CS, especially for my family, is because they get to see the world through you. Share a story or custom/tradition or maybe cook something from your country. :-) Just a way to learn more about you and where you come from. No pets! No Smoking! No Alcohol! No Guest! you can stay in the hosting room or living room I've blankets,clean towels and a hot shower. I might invite you to have dinner and/or breakfast with us depending on our schedule-me,my family-. the hosting room have two beds the COUCH IS THE QUEEN SIZE BED with pc connecting to the INTERNET sure I'll make an extra connection for you Things to do near by: pyramids in Giza,Egyptian museum."you can do it in day time" Citadel,Museum of Islamic Art."you can do it in day time" Islamic Cairo,Sufi dance"Tanoura"."you can do it in night time" Coptic Cairo,Coptic museum."you can do it in day time" Faluca party,opera house."you can do it in night time" Elsawy cultural wheel,local places"cafes,restaurants,&streets" Tahrir square,kournish elnile."you can do it anytime" I'll be glad to show you around, and help you if needed, mostly it will be in the evening, but sometimes am available in the morning. depends on the schedule. P.S. according to my training condition now- Nov/1st/2011 - I can Host Two people also I'll leave my home for you,my Family around 9.35 p.m:9 a.m so i'll be able to show you around most of the day time,I prefer to host people for long period but it's .o.k for me to host you as you wish. IMPORTANT: Despite the revolution, Egypt is a pretty safe country to travel in, but just as in any developing country you should be street smart. If you are afraid of traveling to Egypt for fears of safety, it's important to remember a few things: (1) Foreigners generally are not the targets of the violence. The isolated exception was during a brief period at the height of the revolution where Mubarak thugs attacked journalists. On a whole, Egyptians love foreigners and we recognize that tourism is an important source of our economy. (2) Egyptians are not violent people. It's safer to walk around the streets of Cairo at night than most American cities. Just be smart to avoid the occasional petty crime and you'll be fine. (3) Sexual harassment can be an issue for girls, so please respect the culture here by making sure not to wear revealing clothing that shows bare shoulders, cleavage or legs above your knee. VERY IMPORTANT: Please include the word "Ecnoshianegra" in your message to me so I know that you have read my profile before requesting a couch :-) VERY IMPORTANT I WILL ASK YOU TO SHOW ME A VALID PASSPORT, AND I WILL WRITE DOWN YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS OR MAKE A PHOTO COPY OF IT AS A SECURITY MEASURE.
I have two spare double bedrooms in my (v spacious) apartment in Maadi. They will be available most of the year, except when I have my own visitors or am away travelling. Around 3-7 day stays preferable, though the super-nice are welcome for longer. Maadi is a residential suburb south of central Cairo. Guidebooks will tell you it is not the 'real' Cairo, and they are absolutely right. It's a green oasis of quiet streets with much (probably too much) catering to expats. It is, however, on the Metro line, which will take you to the Pyramids, Downtown and beyond. My place is about 8 minutes walk from the station. I have spare keys, lovely clean sheets, internet, fluffy towels, a beer fridge, lots of toilet roll and a part-time maid who irons my knickers. Indoor camping it ain't. I work full time (Sunday to Thursday) and am not an Egyptian (in case you haven't noticed) so - sorry - cannot be an expert guide and you will need to be relatively independent at least during the week. I will do my best for you, though. I am a dirty smoker (sorry, Mum), and I plan to acquire a cat. The spare bedrooms are smoke-free though (and I would like to keep them that way). No real preferences re surfers, bar a good command of English. Like any true Brit, I am a diehard monolinguist. Female solo travellers are especially welcome to get in touch.
my guest be not sharing the same sleeping but this will be after few month that because i change my flat now hi iam sayed aly iam chemist engineer in egypt and like to travel and knew on new friends so i dont have mind to host any one must be good and kind person and like smile as meI am available for coffee and drinks,however I can host someone in my house cuz I have a place,. I love my country very much and the people are amazing, so I would love to show all who are interested in knowing my country, all the beautiful places and will introduce them to my culture. I Work so will take people in tours in my weekends and that is Fridays and Saturdays. I have a car so transportation will be easy. Lots of things are to be done in Egypt, we can also go travel outside Cairo to so many different and beautiful places like sharm el sheikh, Alexandria, Nwiba, Hurghada and in winter we can go to Luxor and Aswan. .
Hi, Friend want to know about me?....... okay, here I'm but take care I'll surprise you. I'm Mr.Smile from space and I live since the creation of the earth. yes, I'm an alien, work as a researcher in chemistry but I don't believe them. any way, Actually, I'm in love with languages so I'd really like to meet friends from all countries. I am an easy going fun, very sociable person and adore smile and happiness, at this point I'm persuaded that I've been created to smile so my lovely name is Mr. Smile. I love traveling, dancing, celebrations, reading novels and discover each new in this modern world. I would love to get the opportunity to meet new friends to share cultures, happiness and learn about each other. let's get a lot of fun.
Small apartment downtown with one extra bed for one person in a room with a balcony, as long as you in the house feel free to eat with me mom and dad, we usually have vegan and gluten free stuff and normal food as well lol, we don't mind if you get your own food but no alcohol in the house please. Feel free to go out exploring just give us a hint on when u gonne be back home, and whenever I'm available I'll show you around of course, no guests please. You can smoke in the balcony but not inside. Of course we have wifi. One thing that might irritate you, my dressing is in this room so I might have to come in to get some clothes and shoes if I have an appointment in the morning.
I live with my family . I have a seperate room In the house with a small lcd screen and dvd . I have a space in the room to add a mattress .. I sometimes may sleep outside or in anyother room Leaving the whole room for my guest . The flat is 5 minutes to the metro station and just 1 minutes walking to reach the nile river and its near cairo museum and city centre (3 metro stations) or 15 min by taxi or less depends on traffic jam . Everything is just around . The bathroom is just infront of the room .
Place is about 20 to 30mins far from airport, Big comfortable coach in an open living area in my apartment.. Kitchen is there and a small private bathroom.. The big one for shower can be shared sure .. Apartment in 3 floors bldg.. Nice decent families live there.. transportation means is available only via uber and other similar,i can offer some few rides (paid) 😊 - to get in and out of our district.. Small mall with big shopping grocery store lies 10mins far by car, golds gym is 4 mins far by car..
Right a moment, i have a bed room with 2 beds and one mattress. Don't know yet when my parents gonna come back to home. i can host in these days until i can say "not Available now". Well my house is about 30 minutes by train to Downtown, but in my place you can buy anything you need. all are available. Feel free of course to use everything in my home. but i think you have to bring your own food cuz me and brother always order delivery because we used to eat from mom's !! So i think this is it till now.
Small room with a comfortable single bed in my medium sized 2 bedroom townhouse in the suburb of Richmond. We are'nt very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport (it's a 30 minute tram or train ride into the city-centre), but the appartment in a quite district above Al-Moquattam Hights. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. Our place would be a great base to explore the ancient Cairo and Recent cairo also.
Ahoy dossers. There is a spare mattress on the floor in an unused lounge room...ready to go. I live in Zamalek which is an island in the middle of the Nile. 20 minute walk to the museum (or 5EGP less than $1 in a cab....but I understand this is a site for tight arses). Loads of cool restaurants and a few bars about. I've got a kitchen but don't really use it myself. Food is cheap here and EVERYONE delivers (although much more fun to get out there for a laugh.)

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