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Accommodation information in and around Calcutta.

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Rather than spend money on Calcutta hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Calcutta from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Calcutta and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Calcutta with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Calcutta!
Living in a 3 BHK Apartment on the 2nd floor, we have a small room, with mosaic floor tiling. We can host for 2-3 nights maximum (not anymore than that) We can only provide a pillow set and you are definitely welcome to share our Wi-Fi even though it can be sometimes very slow. There's a Bank of Baroda ATM and an Axis Bank ATM very nearby (Just a 5 min casual walk from the house) Bus Stand is also a 5 min walk from the apartment. There's also a bakery nearby. There's an STD call booth right downstairs, beside our apartment which is also an Internet Cafe (Cyber Cafe) which provide additional services such as printing docs, scanning, xerox/faxes etc. (Though they require Passport or some sort of ID Proof) Our place would be a great place just for a short and a quiet stay since the area can feel a bit unwelcoming. We are a family of two. Me and my son. I'm 54 years old and my son is 18 years old. DEFINITELY NO DRUGS, NO ALCOHOL, NO SMOKING, NO LOUD MUSIC and NO PETS. We prefer quiet, mature people who live in silence and we talk really less (Can seem a bit cold on the outside but we're warm hearted to be honest.) Would request not to converse with people nearby especially since a lot of the locals gossip and spread bad rumors which we don't prefer (Since we hate drama) We can speak English, Bengali and Hindi. We're willing to host anyone for 2-3 days as long as you are willing to respect our property and living terms but you will have to find your way around the locality if you do tour. You are most welcome to come shopping with us when we go out and you are most welcome to share the food we eat, that is, plain staple food - Dal and Rice for lunch and dinner, and the occasional Fruit Bread Toast (or plain toast) and Raw Tea for the breakfast. We cannot provide a tour for personal reasons since people get the wrong idea and just gossip like there's no tomorrow. Lastly, we would kindly request you refer to us to the other freeloaders if you enjoyed your stay :)
Small room with a comfortable double bed on the roof of the house. My house is very near to the airport. This is my Home Sweet Home, about 1.5 Km. from the Airport. My wife, son and daughter stays with me. Local bus stop near my house is about 500m away. You can also get a CAB (Taxi) at the same place. I am working but can show you around on weekends if I am free, so please do not take it personally if I cannot do it. WHAT I CAN OFFER YOU: a) 2-3 nights stay and must notify 7 days in advance. b) I Can Offer you 1 private room with a double bed with fan, pillow, b/sheet and blanket. c) My house is wireless internet enabled, so you can use internet, if you have your own notebook / laptop. d) I can give you free information about the city and the place of interest where one should visit. e) I can teach you Yoga provided you get up early in the morning as I practice it everyday. WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO WHILE STAYING IN:- a)Please keep the room clean while you are staying with us. b) Please open your shoes while entering the house. c) Please buy your own need, I don't supply them. d) You can cook if you want. e) Please No pork and Beef. f) I'm not smoking, but if you are a smoker, then you have to go outside or on the roof for smoking. ****LASTLY : I will really appreciate it, if the people show sufficient respect to write a reference after surfing or hosting each other.
Small room with a comfortable sofa cum bed in my 6 room house in Garia which is a 30 minutes journey by local train from Sealdah station. Accessing public transport is easy (train - 10 minutes walking from my home, cab - ola/uber easily available, bus - 15 minutes walking from my home). From my home you can easily go to the beautiful beaches of Frazer Island, Bakkhali, see the famous temple of he sage Kapil at Gangasagar island, etc. and if you wish I would love to help you as a guide in exploring the many tourist attractions of Bengal (you'll have to bear my lodging & travelling expense only if you want me to act as your guide - but don't get deterred by this as being a local i will in turn provide you with the most cost effective options, so you'll save money if you take me a guide). If you want to explore the tourist attractions of Calcutta, I would love to show you around. We will love to provide you food (simple home meals).
Currently it's a 1 bedroom 1 hall 1 kitchen 1 bathroom flat. Me and my girlfriend would be occupying either the bedroom or the hall based on the guest's preferences. The hall is bigger, airy, with a balcony view. The bathroom is attached to the hall. Guest may use the kitchen as well provided they are accustomed with induction cooking... It's a high security complex and the guests would be required to provide their identity and get their names entered at the complex entrance... The floor is of mosaic. We ourselves use no bed but traditional mattress right on the floor for sleeping. Guests would be provided similar "down to earth" (literally) spare mattress, bed sheet, mosquito net, etc... People with high expectations are requested to excuse us. People in need of a secure home to sleep, take a shower, cook food in kitchen or accept our cooked food, and gossip with us duo are welcome...
Spare room with two single beds with extra mattress. Ideal for a couple or a family of 3. Attached washroom with all the amenities. Wardrobe with fitted mirror, study table with chair. Internet connection with a laptop. Feel free to use the kitchen, laundry machine, common Hall area and dining space.We own an apartment in a complex which has a beautiful swimming pool in the premises and an aviary nearby. The surroundings are very green. Taxi service available on request. 30 min drive away from the central part of the city. Very near to sundarbans which is a great tourist attraction in Calcutta now known as Kolkata.
small guest room,in a village 65 km. south of Calcutta.Ideal for two persons.More persons/small family can be accommodated if it suits you & cleanliness is maintained.Public transport is nearby.You can arrange your own food or arrangement can be helped with pleasure.No drugs, no beef or pig dishes as the local people donīt eat.The guest room is on the top floor of a private free kindergarten school totally maintained & financed by us.Myself & my husband are the sole founders of this school. Accommodation is free to explore rural India. However, donation is expected for unfinished social welfare project.
Can offer a bed for the night or two sometime in the coming year. Top floor. Some snack like noodles etc can be cooked, utensils are available but not much else, since we stay there only 3 months or so of the year. Need to buy your own food. Or order online. I can show you how if you have a visa card. Beautiful back roof space, Sitting space in front. You can drench yourself in sun or be cool inside. Walking distance from metro. Or one can take a riksha for pennies. Bathroom is western style but downstairs. I may or may not be there. Can sleep three. Longer stay can be negotiated.
i stay here with my family in my family consists of my wife,child,my father and my mother.this place is around 10kms from kolkata and is originally a suburb of kolkata. regarding food i have only one kitchen and you can share it if you want to prepare your own food.otherwise you are very much welcome to share with us the food we eat. well any type of drugs,beef or pork is a strict no can have mutton ,chicken or fish. regarding room i have a spare room and you are free to stay there. we speak english,hindi,bengali. so you are most ....welcome.......
I live by myself in a small but very neat and cozy flat, in the sothern end of calcutta. Would be glad to host any friend from accross the corners of the world. But all changes this July (2009) when I travel half-way accross the world to Hobart, Australia to study at the University for two goodly years. And a search would begin for a kind southern heart willing to host this alien for a few days and help him settle him.. in return can convey all the warmth of the terrible Indian summer that blazes all July while the Antipodes shivers its winter away
Small room with a comfortable single bed in my medium sized house in Calcutta (kolkata), West Bengal, India. We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, you may have to buy your own food unless the stay is too short, 2-3 days (also we invite you to all meals a day on short stays if you are willing to experience our regular food). Our place would be a great base to explore the eastern region of India, and especially Kolkata, the cultural capital of this country.

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