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Rather than spend money on Calgary hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Calgary from a local's perspective!

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Camp/Parking space needed near or within Calgary. Prefferably with access to electricity, but I will take anything. I am a 35 year old Journeyman auto mechanic born and raised in Calgary. Due to a very severe break-up with my sons mother, I have been involved in a 5 year long court battle with her concerning child-support, spousal-support, and custody/access. I have been financially devastated, and am forced to work "under the table". I lost my career because Maintenance Enforcement has suspended my drivers license and garnishes every job. The matter is before the courts, but is literally taking years to finalize. In the meantime, I'm in danger. I cannot stay at the homeless shelters because I have a car. Its not possible to park. Once you end up in a shelter, its extremely dangerous, and difficult to escape from. I refuse to go there quite honestly. I am not the normal "street person". I'm just a Dad getting his ass kicked in a courtroom... I also have no family or friends left to ask for help. I do have a 35 year old girlfriend who's a social worker here in Calgary. She would NOT be joining me. She is unable to help me with housing because shes currently in a court battle too with her ex-husband, and I cannot be at her home without major consequences to her. She will help, and provide me with anything I need... but shes a broke single parent too, and unable to help with accommodations until her marital home is sold, as it is also owned by her ex-husband. I need a place to safely park my car/camp at nights while I work days. I do smoke, but no drugs, not even Marijuana. I do like my beers, but I am not an alcoholic. I drink maybe twice a month. I have no criminal record. I also was a Boy Scout, and Air Cadet... so outdoors survival is not new to me. Sleeping in my car in Calgary will result in me being arrested sooner or later. I am absolutely terrified to be honest, as I'm just a normal guy, and not accustomed to this. I am convinced that I need to leave the city limits and camp within commuting distance to the city. I anticipate I would only need to camp out for a month or so until I earn $3000 to rent a suite. Please help. I can even offer some free automotive repairs if you're interested. :) Contact Taylor at, 587-707-8080 (my cell, its damaged at the moment and may not be working), 403-605-8854 (a friends number to relay messages,), 403-512-0041 (my girlfriends number to relay messages). I do own a laptop PC, so I am able to check emails every few days provided I am near a free public wi-fi spot in Calgary.
My name is Cooper age 22 and i have a wife Kim 20. weve been together for 6 years. We recently moved out from Ontario to Calgary to find better jobs and start a new life for ourselves. So my Father said he would let us stay with him. But we didnt know that he had a roommate that signed the lease agreement on the rent and my dad lied to me about having the place to himself (in terms of rent). We got to calgary on Dec 9, and on the 23 we got kicked out by his room mate. At first thoe things were still ok. I had a full time job at Future Shop and my Wife worked at Dennys. It was at this point that things started to take a turn for the worse. I lost my job at Future shop on Mcleod Trail a month later due to a store closure. And we were living in the shelters at the time too. In between all this we have been trying to get support from Alberta Works. We had our first apartment ready for Feb 1st and our landlord agreed to give us a chance and was very kind and patient with us... What happend next started a HUGE snowball down a steep hill. Alberta Works had lost our paperwork, rent info, and contact info. We had no money for the new apartment, No support of anykind was givin. So now because of their fault our account is closed and we have nothing left to go on. Now we dont ask for much and would rather do it ourselves. But Calgary is starting to eat us alive. The drop in centers are no place for a lady and a man with luggage and a great resume. We have what it takes but no place to sleep the night in safety. All we want is to be safe. We can take care of the rest ourselves. I hope this message gets out. I also hope that someone will consider this post. I love every one here who has made a good impact on someone elses life. We are open minded and take good care of ourselves. We dont Drink or take any Drugs. I am a light smoker trying to quit but the stress is somthing im still having a battle with. Please txt us at 1-705-305-9315. Its 705 because we got this phone in Ontario. But txt is free. Or email me directly at Thank you so much for your Time and Consideration
A double futon in my office/spare room. Must share the room with me during daytime as the computer is in there. Lovely and bright, central heating, access to the house's 2 cats and 1 dog. Share bathroom, living room and kitchen with me. We can work out the food thing, tit for tat or something. Nice sunny backyard with a firepit and picnic table for use in summer. You're welcome to come and go, wash your clothes, and prepare your own meals. Inglewood is a trendy up-and-coming area of downtown Calgary with cafes and cool shops. 5 minute bus ride to city centre, walk to Historic Fort Calgary and Calgary Zoo. I may even be able to pick you up from the airport or coach station so you can always ask. I have backpacked in Europe and Australia. I've seen most of Canada and a lot of the States. I speak basic Italian from spending a lot of time there. Most travellers welcome though groups of 'men only' likely not. Respect the space like it's your own and you might be able to stay longer :) Am willing to show you around and take you pubbing, clubbing, hiking, etc. Only 1 other person can fit in my vehicle. And if you smoke, you are welcome to use the outside.
Recently moved! I've got a spare double mattress as well as one of two couches in this place that I'm willing to let open-minded, friendly folks crash on in the livingroom. Our place is super close to the c-trains, the University, ACAD, downtown and as many cafes and pubs as your heart could desire (located right above a localy owned and operate fair trade cafe!). Perfect for the traveling artist or activst. There's still some room on the balcony to chain your bike if you want. Feel free to use the kitchen, but be prepared to be making your own trecks down to the grocer, because you'll be buying your own food. In addition to this, any mess you make is yours, and upon penalty of death by kitten you WILL clean up after yourself. Available for up to a two-week stay. Be prepared to get ahold of either me or my roomies when you need to get in for the day though because, due to a bit of paranoia over accumulated private property, if we're not around the place, you aren't either. Nothing personal. Not my rule.
Hi: I am a 27 year old guy, and may be stuck between a rock and a hard place come October 1st. Or more to the point, stuck on cold concrete. LOL. I moved to Calgary in August, and have a place until the end of September. I found a cheaper place, so I gave notice at my current place. Then, five days later, as people SO often do, the owner of the new place sent me an e-mail with some reason about how his plans have changed, and he cannot offer me the place after all. WHY do people do that? They say definitively,"Yes, you can have the place", so us renters base our future plans around that, and then they send us a cavalier e-mail back saying that we can't have the place. It really ought to be illegal. Anyway, I may need some places to crash through october. Not being much of a freeloader, I could even pay some rent. I just do not want to be another statistic of someone who moves to Calgary and ends up with no place to live. I have FOUR jobs...there's no reason whatsoever for me to be without a home!
Hide-a-bed/laylow Kitchen available, but you must clean up after yourself. If you're interested in being outside, we have a tent and sleeping bags. We're in the city but in a safe area and have a very private back yard. We're on two bus routes that both go down town or anywhere in the city and we're close to transit out of the city (ie if you're going to Edmonton or Vancouver). There are all sorts of restaurants around here and we're close to two great shopping areas. We're also within walking distance of two great live music venues and on the bus routes to many others. There are three indoor skating arenas, including the Olympic Oval, in close busing distance; there is an excellent outdoor running track, and indoor tennis facility and three pools, one two being olympic facilites, also in walking/bus distance. We are one hour from Banff by car and 1.5 from Vancouver by air (or 10 if you drive).
I've got a spare double mattress that can be set up in the living room and a couch that can both be quite comfortable to crash on in my one-bedroom apartment near 17th Ave SW. This place is a hub of activity for a bunch of differnt activist and queer groups, but don't be intimidated, we're all really friendly people. I'm really close to anything that you might be intrested in getting into - pubs, clubs, various summer festivals and rallies, restraunts, cafes, bookstores, art supplies... you name it. And I'm a two-block walk away from public transit. I have two small cats, so if you're allergic, sorry, but this isn't the place for you. Feel free to use the kitchen while you're here, but be prepared to buy your own food. I'm fairly well acquainted to the city and it's culture. And on my off days, if you're up for it, I'm fairly willing to tour the sights.
Spare bedroom with a queen bed and dresser, etc. in my 2-bdrm loft condo. You would also have your own washroom (might have to share if anyone else is over). Located near 14th Ave and 1st SW. Just a few short blocks to 17th Ave or downtown. Quick walk to train (LRT) at only a couple blocks away. Pubs, restaurants, shops, nearby. You are free to use the kitchen, laundry, BBQ, etc. Please contribute to filling the fridge. I have linens, towels, etc. and there is housekeeping service Fridays. This does not mean you can act like a slob and treat my place like crap! Available for a few days at a time... up to a week - or perhaps even two - is not a problem. Longer stays may be arranged but would have to be discussed further. I am quite clean and organized and expect the same from my guests. Parking may be available. Smoking outside please.
The bedroom where the guest will be staying is not shared as it is a guest bedroom. It is a decently sized fully furnished bedroom, with a view of the Rocky mountains, but the guest will be sharing the bathroom as it is my daughter's own bathroom. I have plenty of blankets, bedsheets, and pillows. I live in the North West area of Calgary. My house is located in a super quiet location, easy access by car to Deerfoot Trail, Universiity of Calgary and Mount Royal University. The house is a relatively short walk to bus-stops, and C-train to down town. A few blocks from many amenities such as a movie theatre, grocery stores (Superstore, co-op and Safeways), other stores (Home Depot and Canadian tire, Costco and several other stores ), recreation facilities (YMCA, World Health), and Crowfoot Library/schools all within walking distance.
Small, comfortable 3 bedroom house with a spare room with a larger than twin, but not double, bed. I alos have a fold-up cot that I could put in another room. My house is a block from the University of Calgary. The train is a block away and downtown is about 15 minutes. Smoking inside in common areas but not in the bedroom. The only codicil is that it is very quiet here from September to April. A very studious student lives in the downstairs suite during that time. I speak English and understand some French. If we're stuck, there's always Google translator. So far, I have had guests from Poland, New Zealand, Australia, Hungary and Italy. I get along with just about any age, gender, background. All I ask is that you respect my home and neighbours and leave each pretty much the way you found them.

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