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About to go cycling for a few months - so cannot offer any accommodation until July 1006.... but in the meantime, please enjoy the description of my cottage........ l live in a rustic but very charming and cosy single bedroom cottage. Enclosed sunroom has a day bed and there is a fold out couch in the lounge room, plus plenty of tent space in yard. This cottage is on a property which is Heritage listed. Castlemaine is located in Central Victoria, historically a gold rush township, located approx 2 hours drive from Melbourne. My outlook of Castlemaine, which is a small town, but has a cross section of each suburb of Melbourne, has cultural diversity, significant art and eco population and flair, located in midst of semi bushland, easily accessed by train or car. Cottage is walking distance to shops, train station, public facilities, picture theatre, restaurants and cafes, galleries, etc. Mountain bicycle available for use. Feel free to use the kitchen, but u will have to buy your own food, help yourself to whatever is available in the vegie garden.
I have a spare room with a double bed and another with a fold out small double bed. The house is 10km from Castlemaine in the bush. Lots of historic sites around, great birdlife and beautiful bush. You can use the kitchen but keep everything clean and bring your own food to contribute. We are on tank water in a very dry place in a drought so be mindful of this and really don't have a wash unless absolutely necessary. Small solar so entertainment is acoustic and conversation or reading books! Although there is a good music and art scene around.
Spare room with mattress on floor in two bedroom small house in the town of Castlemaine, located in Central Victoria.Castlemaine is a small historic town, the site of early gold finds in Australia.Castlemaine has a great cultural and arts community with a diverse range of artists, writers and musicians.Lots of live music and friendly community.A forty minute drive to the City of Bendigo or can use train Kitchen available for use but need to supply own food
Small flat with a comfy couch!! Sharing with dog and a cat (very friendly!!) so must like animals!! 10 minutes from castlemaine and 20 minutes from Bendigo...pretty views. Have kitchen/washing facilities...happy to eat together and share the cost of ingredients. All I ask is to keep it reasonably neat!!
A rustic cottage in lovely country setting, vegie garden and cat for an authentic feel of home. l have a spare bed for in an enclosed sunroom. Prefer NS female, use of all facilities; bring your own food etc. Walking distance to all facilities and transport.
Double bed in spare/storeroom. Very old house (over 100yrs) & showing its age. Outside toilet. There's a dog (friendly & large). Quiet street close to all local amenities. Bring/buy your own food. Explore the historical goldmining district by car.
presently in Castlemaine, small Victorian country town, one and a half hours from Melbourne by road.Thriving artistic community combined with quiet country town and bathroom facilities available but will need to buy own food.
room with a double bed in period home in a small country town 130klm from melbourne with train transport to melb close to shops libary etc, good base for exploring victoria. lots of history about ...
cottage located central castlemaine close to town centre and transport can supply help and imformation on this erea, would prefer single or couple,s over thirty five, normal facilitys etc
oom townhouse in the suburb of Richmond. We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport (it's a 7 minute tram or train ride into the city-centre). Feel

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