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Rather than spend money on Chicago, Cook hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Chicago, Cook from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Chicago, Cook and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Chicago, Cook with them in minutes!
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I live with my girlfriend and we have a nice new Ikea futon in a seperate bedroom for you to crash on. We typically can only accomodate on weekends, because I have to be at work very early in the morning during the week. But ask and we'll see what we can do. We live in Rogers Park which is on the northside of Chicago. We live only a 5 minutes walk from the train station that will take you directly to the city center. We do have a large dog, but he's sweet. This is a non-smoking condo (we mean cigarettes ;-). There are lots to do where we live, there is downtown Evanston which is just a 5 minute train ride away and the beach which is 10 minutes walk. We don't mind showing our guests around if we have the time, but we are very active in our lives. We will at least be able to give you advice or where to go and how to get there. We do have blankets and guest towels for your use. My girlfriend is pretty possessive over her kitchen area, but if you are obsessed over making us dinner, we can be accommodating because we love international foods. LOL. But feel free to use the microwave if needed and I typically cook often, so you may be welcome to our home made meals. We also have WiFi if you need it.
I'm located in a very artsy, eclectic, cultural, lakeside neighborhood, perfect for jogging, biking on the beach. It's just 2 blocks from the train, near Northwestern U & Loyola U, and there's an express bus to downtown. It's near a Frank Lloyd Wright home (for all you architecture buffs!) and a few steps from grocery stores, art gallery, live theaters, a movie theatre, farmers' market, and great restaurants. The famous Greenmill Jazz Lounge, Aragon Ballroom, and New Chinatown is right off the Redline. You'd have a bedroom w/bathroom (tub/jacuzzi/shower) and access to the living room/dining room/fully stocked kitchen. I'm happy to provide breakfast, drinks, snacks, and oodles of recs for great eats and entertainment. My friend's say I'm "TIme Out Chicago" personified b/c I have my hand on the pulse of the city, esp. free/low-budget outings. If you love BBQ, we have a huge zen garden and BBQ pit you're welcome to! Love meeting fellow-travelers and showing them my vibrant city. It's fun to be a tourist in my own city! Lived in Chicago for years, so I'm a big help with public transit, shortcuts for getting places, safety precautions, "must see" places, etc.
We have a large two bedroom apartment. We can offer the couch located in the front room that is very cozy. We are on the near west side of Chicago only steps from the El train that will take about 20 minutes to get to the sites of downtown. We are off the beaten path, but if you are interested in experience the rich diversity of Chicago's neighborhoods then this is the couch for you. We are located in the historic community of Lawndale where Dr Martin Luther King moved during his time in Chicago. Enjoy historic architecture and lovely tree-lined streets. We are steps from two large latino neighborhoods -Pilsen and La Villita offering a rich cultural experience of mercados, dulcineas, panadarias, restaurantes. A 15 minute bus ride will take you to Chinatown. A few minutes more on the same bus will take you to the IIT campus with various architectural sites. A 10 minute bus ride will take you to Little Italy on Taylor street as well at the University of Illinois Chicago Campus. You are more than welcome to use the kitchen but be prepared to contribute food towards meals
i live in the north part of the city of chicago in a beautiful neiborhood called edgewater. now, my place is really small. its a studio apartment. but, i have a view of one of the largest fresh water lakes in america. my place is always bug-free. i have an air mattress . one big room with a seperate bathroom. thats it. the building that its in is really cool, though. its an artist and residence building. most people living there are artists and musicians. if you are the jamming type, i'll reserve a room were we can play some music. ive got drums, guitars, and bass and stuff. i live just seconds away from the chicago "L" train. infact the line that goes by my place runs 24 hours a day. there are a couple cool restraunts. there is a cafe very close that has free wireless internet. in fact, they also roast thier own beans. its probably the best cup of coffee in the whole midwest. im drinking some right now. im also just a minute walk away from the lake. a very beautiful view when the moon is out and reflecting off of it.
I have an extra bedroom with a mattress. You are welcome to use the kitchen while here, but please buy your own food and clean up after yourself. Chicago has many things to see from world-class museums to ethnic neighborhoods to professional sports to a wide variety of ethnic restaurants from Ethiopia to Vietnam. There is good public transportation and currently one-day passes are $5.50 for unlimited travel for bus and train. Longer passes are less expensive. I am about 40 minutes from the center of the city by public transportation in a very quiet neighborhood that borders on the area that looks like you were India or Pakistan--half the store front on this street are South Asian. Go up the street a block and you find Russian stores, then Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, then the Croation Cultural Center. There are two China town--the main one in the south and a smaller one that is more Vietnamese and Cambodian in the north. Large areas are Spanish speaking and there are Greek and Korea towns also.
I live in an awesome flat in the middle of the city of chicago. For guests, I offer a very squishy nice air mattress (as nice as my bed, I swear!) that I set up with fresh nice linens in the middle of my dining room. I cordon off the room to try and give people privacy. There is one bathroom to share with me, full kitchen (the 'fridge is full of ketchup bottles and champagne so you would have to bring your own food), nice living room. The apartment has actually been published in a magazine. I am located in the Lakeview area of Chicago...about five blocks away from lake michigan, three blocks away from the wrigley field baseball stadium where the cubs play. The area is about a block from the major strip of gay and lesbian bars and night clubs (boystown) and about a block away from all of the sports oriented bars and clubs (wrigleyville). There is a red line train station stop about a block away....nice safe area. Parking is awful tot ry and find around here, so if you drive plan on paying to park.
Medium Sized Studio apartment in the heart of the city. I live in the Lincoln Park neighborhood specifically, which is one of the trendiest neighborhoods Chicago has to offer. It is conveniently located next to a plethora of bars, restaurants, and shopping. Downtown Chicago is a 10 minute hop on the train, or a 15 min bus ride. My place is located about 1 minute from the lakefront, so you have easy access to the beach and parks. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but I would appreciate if you bought your own groceries. There is wi-fi in my studio. I can host approximately 1-2 guests on the sleeper sofa. My building also has access to Laundry Facilities, a sauna, and a small fitness room which my guests would have free access to. I have 3 very sweet and friendly cats, so if you have an allergy or just plain don't like them, this place is probably not for you. Otherwise, my studio would be a great base for your travels in Chicago and I look forward to hosting you!
My couch: Very old, surprisingly comfortable whenever I take a nice long nap on it. I live in a two-room studio, so that means there are no doors between the rooms (of course, my bathroom has a door). I don't have spare pillows, but I can give you a quilt to use. You will be sleeping next to a radiator- which bangs and clangs in the winter, sweetly silent all other times of the year. My apartment: Contains me and a dog- that means you need no problems with the dog or any associated allergies. You are welcome to use the fridge, foreman grill, cupboard and stove- I do not own a microwave. My location: I'm about 3 blocks from Wrigley Field on the north side. The is the Red line el that runs almost 24 hours, and there are two buses that do the same. I suggest you have no inhibitions about homosexuality- I live in a neighborhood known as Boystown, so if it makes you squirm to potentially have another man/woman admire your posterior, you probably should keep browsing.
Small room with a comfortable futon-sized bed (sleeps 2) in a cozy townhouse in Arlington Heights. AH is a suburb of one of the most fabulous cities in the world: Chicago. Downtown Chicago is a 20-25 minute drive during non-peak hours, and a decent 35-minute train ride via the Metra. We're close to everything in AH - a forest preserve, great shopping malls, restaurants and nightlife, but you'd obviously want to explore the city, which is more vibrant and hustly-bustly than the 'burbs. As far as accommodations ago, the rest of the house is yours to use including the kitchen, pool room, TV, internet access blah blah blah. Please be friendly, clean, and drug-free while you're here, and you will have made a great friend for life. more sweet big black doggie has to like you (you will love her...that's a given), so please bring along your dogs-don't-know-it's-not-bacon perfume.
I have room available in my 1800's farm house about 60 miles outside of Chicago. Or if you prefer camping, I have room for every globalfreeloader and their brother! There are a couple of Metra train stations within 10 minutes of my place that will take you right downtown. As for the accomodations, I live on a farm so everything is not 100% neat and tidy, but traveling rarely is anyway. For livestock I have cattle and for crops I raise hay, wheat, corn and soybeans. I also have a couple hundred acres with great camping and fishing. This area is also big on canoeing, biking, hiking, golf...etc. Rentals are available very close by or I may have some old equipment you can use. This is a great jumping off point for a few days in the city. You can be there in just over an hour, yet you also get a taste of the Northern Illinois country lifestyle. And the price is right!

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