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All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Cologne and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Cologne with them in minutes!
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Actually, I live in Mönchengladbach. It is located around 70 km North-East of Cologne, and around 40 km East of Düsseldorf (which was not known to this site!) Mönchengladbach is an endearing place and one worth living in. With its population of almost 270,000, it is the largest city to the left of the Lower Rhine. Check out (you can switch over to english on that site) We have beautiful parks and you can use my spare bike. I live a 60 qm- Appartement with a balcony, bathroom, living room and one bedroom. A Guest would be welcome to sleep in the livingroom on the couch, a second guest would need to bring his/her own inflatable matress and sleep on the floor. I live very close to town, you can walk to the shops within 15 minutes, its 10 Minutes walk to the museum. I would like to have nice people around from all over the world for a weekend.
a big house apartment kind of thing (old completely redecorated bakery joined to an apartment building - is cool). I live with 8 other people, 4 guys 4 girls, but it is good, it doesn't feel like too many. half are students and half are working, ages between 22 and 32. All pretty relaxed, like to party and do everything everyone does....u know music,cinema, swim etc etc...., we are all a bit different. im from austrlia, and there are 2 guys from south america and the rest are german. oh yeah and we have a music room downstairs so if u play drums, guitar, conga or bass we can jam! we are close to the metro, and not far from the center, 25 minutes to the very center, here is a nice area, close to the river, where u can walk and stuff. you can use kitchen and showers, wash machine etc.. no problem, but you will have to buy some food.
Small room with a comfortable single bed Big house in the county near cologne, one and half an hour away with the train and bus, with the car its half an hour. There is a supermarket in the next town, called Much (5 minutes with the bus/car away), as well as restaurants pubs and a few Shops. Another town, which has much more to offer than Much is called Siegburg. Here you find Clubs and a cinema as well as shops. Its still a 45 Minute ride with the bus. Maybe its worth mentioning that I live in a big family, we are nine people, therefore we are more a busy chaotic household, but don't worry.;) Theres always something to eat and if you want to earn some money, maybe we have work for you, cause here is always something to do :)
Hi, we are Christine & Daniel. We are both 26 years old and very easy-going people. Our flat is in Düsseldorf (much nicer than cologne ;-) ). Düsseldorf is approx. 50km next to Cologne. Public transport to Cologne is 9€ (one way). Distances: city center - 15min. by train/tram Feel free to use the kitchen, bathroom etc. while you are here. We can offer you a guest room in our 3 room flat. 2 persons is fine with us. This is a picture of the room-> I do a 9-5pm job, and if you like I can show you around... best pizza in town etc...!!! :-) If you would like to know more about us feel free to send us an email. Christine&Daniel
I live right in the centre of Cologne, so it's just a 5-minutes walk to the central station, the famous Cathedral and the Romano-Germanic museum. My flat is rather small (30m²) but there's a couch available. If you need bed linen, no problem, and in case you prefer to use your sleeping bag, you're welcome to do so. Nicotine addicts are welcome to indulge in their passion as I'm a smoker myself. Usually I work a lot, but there might be some time off to show you around even though I cannot really tell when it is best to pop in as I don't have fixed working days. They change from week to week, so just contact me between 3 and 4 weeks before you're planning to show up.
I live in an apartment in the düsseldorfer altstadt which is very famous for the extreme nightlife (like in Louisiana)close to the river "Rhein". Very friendly neighbors and very good connected to trains and bus-stations. You can shop, relax and everything you need to feel good. I'm a gentle person and im interested to talk to people around the world. Due to the fact that i am in a relation even woman will feel very comfortable to stay here. So if you are looking for a good and friednly place i am the right adress to invite you to the capital of northrhine westfalia, Düsseldorf. Links about the city:
Ok, first of all I live in Duesseldorf capital city of North Rhine Westphalia with about 500 000 inhabitants. it's aproximately one hour north of cologne by train. i can not guarante that i will be able to offer a bed as i live together with my boyfriend and would have to ask him first. We live in a cellar flat in kalkum a northern subburb of Düsseldorf, which is quite easy to reach by public transport. It takes about 20 minutes to the city center, 30 minutes to the main station and the airport. Other cities around such as Duisburg, Essen, Cologne, Ratingen and Bonn, former capital of west-germany can be reached in about an hour.
A comfortable sofa bed in my 1 room appartement, located in the center of Cologne - Ehrenfeld. Shops, Bars, restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, pharmacy are approachable within 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Public transport (buses, urban train) 2-5 minutes from the flat. Kitchen can be used (most common things available), also free wifi and books. Food must be bought by your own, except for usual spices, sugar, oil. Simple bathroom with WC, shower, bathtub. Towels can be provided as well as sheets, blankets and pillows. 15 minutes by urban train to Cologne central station, 6-10 minutes to the most popular Clubs and Bars.
Woohoo, we just moved to our new house so from now on we can offer your own guest room with your own bathroom! OK, it's only a small guest room but it has a great and comfortable bunk bed - so we can host 2 people without a problem. We live in a suburb of Cologne called Widdersdorf (your can find Cologne Widdersdorf in google maps). There is a busstop in three minutes walking distance. From there you can get to the next S-Bahn (regional train) which will bring you downtown in about 15 Minutes. If we can, we would love to show you around Cologne and to spend some time with you.
You'll sleep on a super comfy couch in the living room. So please consider that you'll have your private room for the night - but not during the day because I live and work and study there (I don't have an extra room for myself, my sleeping room is just a bed. All my stuff is in the living room) But be sure that I'll never wake you up in the morning. You can sleep as long as you want (I know how important it is to rest when you're travelling). The rest of the house is also yours. You can use the kitchen & the bathroom whenever you want and don't have to ask. Just feel free :)

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