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Rather than spend money on Colorado Springs, El Paso hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Colorado Springs, El Paso from a local's perspective!

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Right, so the accomidations that I offer are actually in my parents house. (And they fully understand that people are coming to visit). I am off traveling right now, so if you don't think you can chill with some really cool middle aged folks, this place is not for you. Mature travelers only. We have several spare bedrooms and so we can host a number of folks at one time. NON-SMOKERS ONLY! You are welcome to use the kitchen and such, just replace food if you use it and wash the dishes. Depending on the time of year, We might even be able to drum up a meal or two. If you come during dinner time, you might be expected to stay for some yummy food. The water is well water so shower should be kept short, but the water is hot. No phone, Internet or cable TV (but we have a monster collection of books in our library if you just want to chill and read something). The house itself is located about 10 minutes drive off of I-25 in a nice little wooded area. Very peacful, but not really within walking distance of anything. If you are coming, I suggest a keen desire to bike places or a car. It is a very peaceful place and you are welcome to stay for up to a week or so. Please include info about yourself in your e-mail, like country of orgin, age, reason for travel. Happy travels.
We have three spare rooms with double beds in each. They share one bathroom with a shower and small tub, two sinks, and a toilet. We live in a large home on the side of Cheyenne Mountain overlooking the city. Two of the bedrooms have a "airplane" view of the city while the other room has a mountain view. Colorado Springs is minutes away with a variety of shopping from small boutiques to large malls, a great variety of restaurants, museums, and tourist attractions. Colorado Springs is at the foot of Pikes Peak. will give you a taste of what is available. We are 60 miles south of Denver. The glorious mountains of Colorado are accessible for day trips or longer excursions offering world class skiing in the winter, and an endless variety of outdoor activities through out the year. Depending on your needs and interests we can work out details regarding meals - you may cook your own or join us. Laundry facilities are available and you are welcome to share the family living space, TV, computer etc.
Currently I am in Colorado Springs but that would be just for next two weeks and then I will travel a but around the US before going back home to Czech Republic where I will not be able to host as will be living with my mum in one bedroom studio before I will go back to the UK. I will be prepared to host from September 2015 in Nottingham in the UK. I am planning to get room in share house somewhere close to the downtown in Nottingham so everything should be within short bus ride or walking distance. I will be probably able to offer either mattress or couch but will update as soon as I will know what my accommodation will be like. If you need host now I can offer only share of my airbed or floor as airbed is all what I have there as I am about to leave.
Have a spare room with a queen size bed and a seperate bathroom. Also have a couch and a pull out bed. I do have central air-conditioning in my home. My house is located in a quiet suburban neighborhood. The house is located within walking distance of public transportation.(However, from what I've been told, public transportation here is pretty bad, you might want to get a rental car or have very strong legs.)I'm willing to play tour guide and provide rides back and forth to the Colorado Springs Airport as my schedule permits but I work full time so it will probably be mostly evenings and on weekends. Feel free to use the kitchen while you're here. I'm willing to cook an occassional meal but ask that if you empty out the refrigerator you restock it.
I live in Colorado Springs NOW, but plan to move around the same time of my visit. I'm visiting my parents in Las Vegas, Nevada and also dropping off my After which i plan on visiting, with the hopeful intention of remaining, in Australia. I have family there and don't know them, i left when i was 4 and visited them once when i was 9. Now Im 28 and have serious urges to explore my "roots" not to mention i think it's a beautiful world unto itself. So my "Accommodation Type:" is really lacking any sort of potential use for anyone to be a "FREELOADER"...tent space in the snow isn't very appealing.
Basement bedroom with double bed in 4 bedroom/ 4 bath suburban home. Guests will enjoy their own private bathroom and small kitchen with refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker. Use the rest of the lower floor at your leisure with pool table, foosball table and large screen tv. We are conveniently located in the breathtaking Pikes Peak area with Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, US Air Force Academy and other local attractions within a 15 minute drive. Denver is 1 hour by car. Popular ski resorts like Breckenridge, Loveland, Keystone and Vail are 2-2.5 hours away respectively. An exciting day trip for ski and snowboarders.
Spare room with a comfortable trundle or daybed. Our home is located in a small suburb outside of Colorado Springs. We are a reasonable distance from Denver, CO, Cripple Creek, Black Hawk and Manitou Springs. We are able to accommodate responsible well behaved individuals. We have most things available, but live a pretty independent lifestyle. You are welcome to cook, clean and wash as needed. We are adamantly green and ask that you use our resources wisely and/or provide your own. Shops, bars and groceries are a short walk or bus ride away. We are non-smokers, but smoking is permitted outside.
Our home has 5 bedrooms, 2 of which are downstairs and are fully furnished. The two bedrooms downstairs have a King bed and a double bed. They have their own full bathroom, TV and game area. We are in Monument, Colorado, which is 5 miles north of Colorado Springs and the Air Force Academy. Denver is about 30 miles north of us. We are located in a rural area, in a golf course community. The town of Monument is located 3 miles west of us. There are no buses out here so a rental car would be needed. We have a gormet kitchen which you can use, just buy your own food and clean up after.
I live in a dorm at Colorado College; but because I'm in a double by myself I have an extra twin bed. I can only accomodate one person at a time for up to 3 days. But if I really like you, then there's no telling how long you can stay. There are community bathrooms and a small kitchen on my floor (please buy your own food). The campus is about a fifteen minute walk from historic downtown, there are also free shuttles that run from the campus to downtown about every half hour in the afternoons and evenings. Smoking, drinking, snorting, shooting up and pets are not allowed.
Though I am listing an accommodation, it will not be extremely practical since I will no longer be residing in the house listed, my folks place. I would love to offer up their residence as a potential option for anyone passing by, but feel that this would not go extremely well, since I will be travelling in New Zealand the next few months. I was hoping to log onto this site and find a place for myself to crash while I am in the process of locating my own semi-permanent accommodation, at which time I would be willing & happy to share with anyone who needs a place to stay.

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