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Accommodation information in and around Cordoba.

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Rather than spend money on Cordoba hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Cordoba from a local's perspective!

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I am going to travel around europe on 2010, when i get back I'll move out of my house and probably have a spare bed or matress. For the time being I have a spare bed on my parents house. We are at about 10 or 15 minutes away from downtown, you can take a bus a block away and the same bus (about 10 minute waiting)will leave you AT MY DOOR, NOT KIDDING, hehe, right on my door. It is a NON SMOKING HOUSE, you can smoke outside of course, but we don't even allow smoking near windows. Climate in Argentina is pretty nice so even in the winter, smoking outside won't be so bad! You will be able to use the kitchen (at certain hours e.g. from 12 pm till 2.30 pm, we are a country that takes naps!) but buying your own food, and you'll probably earn yourself a nice asado (barbacue) coz my dad is a pretty nice host and will want to cook for you!
I live in a small flat,which is in a typical middle class neighborhood, 10 minute by public transport from Cordoba downtown. I offer free access to use the kitchen, I have no problem in cooking, what's more, I love it and I used to work as a cook for some years now.I can tell you where to buy food or eat out and we can walk around our colonial city center, museums and old churches if you are in terested in. There some beautiful hills near the city with nice scenary and little towns, there are buses to get there or I'll be glad to go there in my car.
Tengo para ofrecer una habitacion en mi departamento de tama˝o mediano de 2 dormitorios en el Barrio de Nueva Cordoba. Estoy en el mejor barrio de la ciudad donde habitan el 90 porciento estudiantes Universitarios. Se encuentra en pleno centro con casi todos los medios de transporte a mano y los mayores centros turisticos de la ciudad a menos de 30 cuadras. sientase libre de utilizar la cocina y usted podra comprarse la comida o comportiremos gastos. Mi hogar es un excelente lugar para conocer la segunda ciudad mas importante de Argentina, Cordoba
Double bed in living room, small house with working office in the front (open from 8am-1pm M-F). During these office hours the front part of the house is closed but guests can come in or go out through garage. Guests could use office bathroom (with shower) as their own private bathroom only after office hours and on weekends. If not, they can share Master Bath. You can use the kitchen but you must bring your own food. Located only 15 minutes bus ride from downtown Cordoba. We have 7 different bus lines all located within 5 blocks.
Dependiendo si en el momento de recibirte estamos en casa, podemos brindarte un sofá muy comodo con acceso directo al baño, o hasta la casa completa, que tiene 2 habitaciones, 2 baños, un lindo patio. Ubicada en un barrio hermoso con seguridad privada, muy cerca del centro de la ciudad y de zonas comerciales, incluso un hipermercado.Estamos muy cerca de todo: tiendas, pubs, restaurantes y transporte público. Nuestra casa es una linda oportunidad para que conozcas Córdoba junto a calidos anfitriones.
Shared apartment with 1 free sofa and mattress on the floor in the living room (+1 hammock in the balcon (just for chill). very comfortable and friendly apartment to visit the city and explore downtown Cordoba (the heart of Argentina). Departamento a compartir en Córdoba, Argentina. Yo duermo en la pieza y hay un sofá en el living + un colchon en el suelo para un tercer huesped si es necesario. El departamento cuenta con todas las comodidades y está en pleno centro de la ciudad de Córdoba
At the moment , I have a couch if you stay in my flat or a bed if you stay in my house.- The house in a city located in north cordoba city , around 50 km ( 1 hour by car or bus).- My flat in Cˇrdoba city will be in March 2007.- In both cases we have shops, pubs, bars, restaurants and public transport.- We can share the food or whatever while you stay at home , but prefer you buy your own food.- I don┤t smoke so if you have to smoke , please you can go out the room.-
Comfortable bedroom for yourself with placard, with single bed and access to two complete bathrooms. The second is a small room with single bed and big furniture where you can save your package, with private bathroom. (This is the service room, but we don't use it). This is a very big flat, with two complete bathrooms, complete kitchen, laundry room, dinning room, living room and study room. There are three balconies to the front of the building.
i have a small room to share with a person.. in a family house.. we are 6 people. i dont know yet if they want to host someone but i can try. i live in the city..we are very close to everything such as university, shops, restaurants, pub, shopping center, and public transport. if someone want to came to my house have to be a girl because my parents will be more open to that.. because im a girl so.. i dont know. the person will have to pay her own this.
Habitaciˇn peque˝a, con una c˛moda cama invividual, se puede poner otra cama individual al lado. Puede usar libremente la cocina, pero usted tendrß que limpiar lo que use y comprar su propia comida. Estamos muy cerca del centro de C˛rdoba Capital. El transporte p¨blico estÓ a 200 metros y vincula fÓcilmente con pub, bares, shopping,museos,estancias jesuiticas cercanas, terminal de ˛mnibus (a 15 minutos )y aeropuerto a 5 minutos.

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