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I live in the heart of the Oregon Willamette Valley--The area here is very green and lush, and the Willamette River runs right through town. Corvallis is a town of about 50,000 people, half of which are university students. It's a quiet place, but is surrounded by lots of wonderful scenery and interesting places to visit. There are a lot of parks here, and there is a national wildlife refuge ten miles from town. We are flanked to the west by the coastal range, the tallest peak there is called Mary's Peak, and is open for hiking from April until late fall, I believe. I am about an hour's drive from the beautiful Oregon coast. I am 1 1/2 hours from Oregon's Portland, Oregon, the largest city in Oregon, and a hip, green, and fun place to visit. The Columbia Gorge, Mt. Hood, Multnomah Falls, and more are nearby Portland. 45 minutes north is the Oregon wine country--beautiful rolling hills and wineries. To the east, there is the beautiful Sisters mountain range, the painted hills, a place called Red Rock State Park (I call in the "mini Grand Canyon"), Bend, Oregon, a well-known ski town, etc. I am about 45 minutes south of the state capitol. There is a beautiful park there that has seven glorious waterfalls. I am also 45 minutes north of Eugene, Oregon, which is a funky little town with lots of artsy folks. I am close to Seattle, Washington (about six hours south) and also about a day's drive from the Canadian border. Six hours south of me is the California border. I have friends and family in California, so I would be happy to visit there with any couch surfer friends :) I lived in Arcata, California for eight yeas; it's a town on the north coast, where the giant redwood trees thrive. It's beautiful! I also have friends in the Southern Oregon town of Ashland, Oregon, which is home of the famous Shakespeare Festival and Ashland Independent Film Festival--That is also a nice destination spot for anyone interested. There is a good public transportation system in the city--It's a college town, so there are a lot of young people here. Hewlitt Packard has a branch here, so there are a lot of computer industry folks here, too. :)
Corvallis is a small town of 50,000 people, and home to Oregon State University. We live walking distance from OSU and downtown. There are 3 of us and we have a double size air mattress for the floor and sometimes a couch is available. We are non-smokers, bicyclists (Corvallis is a bicycle friendly town). 100 miles from Cascade mountains and 50 miles from Pacific coast. Amtrak train is 15 miles away, and we have a bus system. We will share meals and have some time to show you around a bit. Up to a week would be preferable. We would like help with chores and food expenses while if you are here longer than a day or two, unless you are never home!!! Access to bicycling, skiing, water sports, weekly Farmer's Market in spring, summer, fall Da Vinci days in summer Eugene Country Faire in summer Free events at Oregon State University
I and my dad have a suburban 2-bedroom house on a shady forested hillside about a 30-minute bike (or 10-minute drive) west of Corvallis. It sits on 1/2 acre of peaceful, shady, forested hillside, overlooking a creek with a variety of wildlife. Within 1 mile is convenient access to a vast network of rugged forest trails, with scenic peaks you can hike or bike in less than two hours. We offer trail guides, and the fruits of our large vegetable garden. We prefer to keep the house very clean, and no smoking. We have one small dog who is quiet and well behaved. The sleeping arrangement is very flexible, and we'll move around to accommodate your preferences. There are two separate private beds (one king and one queen), a living room couch, a futon in the loft, and a large back veranda with a few modest pads.
Couch converts to double-size bed, and we have a queen size air mattress. We have linens for both. A block from the bus line, and walking distance to groceries. Easy biking distance to everything else in town, including the university and a lot of restaurants and coffee shops. We may be able to loan you a bike to use for commuting. We're 1 1/2 - 2 hours drive from beach, rivers, Portland, etc. Greyhound and car rental in town for distance travel, and we can probably shuttle you to/from the train station in nearby Albany.
I am preparing to travel this winter, so at the moment can only offer a slice of my tent. However, in the future my digs maybe nicer, so stay tuned! This tent can be located anywhere in a reasonable biking distance from town. I prefer to awake to the sound of birds and sight of trees rather then the urban melody. I can help navigate the daring mountain biker, or guide the traveling hiker through our local forests and mountains by weekday and through our more impressive cascade mountains by weekend.
Our basement has a guest room with a queen size bed and a family room with an old, but comfy, couch. The family room is, well, a family room; TV, movies, karoke, etc. You may use the kitchen, but are responsible for providing your own food and clean up. Our home is in town, 2 blocks from the the free city bus line that runs every hour. Corvallis is a pretty small city, so you can get pretty much anywhere in town -- including restaurants, OSU campus, downtown, etc. -- from a 10-minute ride.
2 Spare rooms with queen beds, private bathroom, shower, electric stove, refrigerator and private entrance. We are 90 miles from Portland, Oregon, and 10 miles from the nearest major highway (Interstate 5). The nearest train depot is also 10 miles. This is a great place to start to explore Oregon if you have a car: 60 miles to the coast, 60 miles to the mountains. Corvallis is a University town (Oregon State University); the University of Oregon is in Eugene, Oregon, 45 miles South.
Small house with small yard and rose/vegetable gardens, fruit trees. Spare room, outdoor space, couch on covered back porch, some extra blankets. City transit runs weekdays 6:15a to 6:45p, 9 to 4 Saturdays, no service Sundays. 1.5 miles on city bus or foot to greyhound bus station. 20 miles from amtrak train station, by taxi or LinnBenton Loop bus (similar daytime hours, weekdays, maybe Saturdays?). Supply your own food or share enough to be a fair trade.
A couch or bed depending on how much of the family is around. Nice house about 5 miles from Corvallis in the foothills of the Coastal Mountain range. Nearest public transportation starts 3 miles away. Its a nice bike ride though. Sort of a sleepy town but situated in the middle of the Willamette Valley so central from exploring it, and the Oregon coast and the Cascade range--everything about 1 hour by car.
Right now I am without a home, but in january 2008 will be back in the country and able to offer a couch to sleep on. Unfortunately, I'm a poor college student so that's about it. I can offer use of the kitchen as well, but you'll need to supply your own food. My place will be close to the university, downtown, supermarket, etc. There is a persian kitty present, so you must like cats. :)

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