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Accommodation information in and around Daegu.

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Rather than spend money on Daegu hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Daegu from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Daegu and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Daegu with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Daegu!
Small room with a comfortable double bed, the 14th floor of 25 stories condominium. A bathroom will be private for you. Feel free to use the kitchen, internet, laundry machine,etc. They are opened for 24 hours, always supposing you don't make too noise. You will have to buy your own food or you can take korean food on my family's meal. There are many markets and shops around here. You can stay here 1-7 days. The next buildings have an indoor swimming pool in the basement. You can use it on weekend.(it's cheap) This condo lies 15km west of the center of Daegu. It's the very west of the city. But don't worry, it takes just 20 minutes(enough) by subway to go to the center. It's close to a subway station: 5 minutes on foot. Move my mind if you want pick up service for free ..even to go to other cities^^ (of course according to the development of the situation)
I have a bachelor apt in a central location. I live close to the main Bus station and downtown. There's plenty to do - check out the Noraebangs (singing rooms), temples, night clubs, shopping, the local foreign hangouts or join me for a nice BBQ dinner of Samgyeopsal or Galbi ^^ My place is on the small side, but I can provide you with a comfortable bed roll for sleeping. My place is cozy, and you can use the internet anytime, and watch tv. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. Its very cheap to eat Korean food, so you may find it easier to go to one of the nearby shops. Please note, that like most Korean apt's I don't have a bath, but a shower. You can also do your laundry for free in the apartment. My machine is a bit noisy but functional ^^
Hi! My wife Hye-Kyung and I are happy to welcome you to Korea. We don't actually live in Daegu, but in nearby Gyeongsan (GFL does not allow that town as an option). It's about an hour to Daegu proper. Our "bed" is two camping mattresses on the living room floor. No pillows, but we do have a cozy blanket two can share. We will host couples or women--sorry, but our current family situation does not permit us to take in solo male travellers. Ours is a scent-free, non-smoker-only home. We are happy to welcome you for a night or two. ***Having just moved into a new apartment, and with a baby boy, we are putting ourhosting ability on hold for a couple months while we get settled. See you in 2012.*** Happy travels!
I live alone in a flat with three rooms so I have a spare room but there's nothing in the room. I live just next to my school, beside downtown. It takes about 20 minutes from the railway station by bus. Subway is quite far from my house so I usually ride buses. While you are staying in my house, you can freely use the kitchen, which I rarely use. I am still under school system and there are loads of things to study, so I can't help you much but just letting you stay in the spare room. There's not much to see in Daegu but KTX, rapid transit railway stops in Daegu so it's easy to connect other cities from this city.
A private room with bath will be offered for the guest. If I have 2 guest at the same time they will share the room.I live in northern part of Daegu city with my wife. My house is an apartment house. We have a medium size living room and three small rooms. We sleep on the floor that is heated by hot water in winter. We use Korean traditional floor mattress in stead of western style bed. I can share a room for the guests with bath. Blankets and towels are available for the guests. We don't have pets and don't smoke. Can be used public transportation easily.
I am on business for 4 months in Daegu. Occasinally I have to go to seoul. I have a large hotelroom with an extra bed. So no need to share bed :). If needed there is also room on the floor, but I do not have extra sheets or stuff like that. I do hope that you understand that if I am away my room is not available. Also, since I am not in my room during week days, I can only provide a sleeping place during the weekend. My hotel is near Songseo Industry complex subway station. (near lotte cinema).
I'm in Daegu, the 3rd largest city in Korea. It's definitely "not as cool" as seoul, but I do have a good time here. I have a reasonably sized apartment by korean standards and can offer you a bed to sleep on. I'm happy to have visitors, but depending on the time of year, I might have a lot of time or not so much. There are not as many historical things to see as other cities here, but there are some decent clubs, bars, and I have some good friends. Have a great trip!
My space type is one-room that is 4F buildng My room is 2F and 1room, kitchen , small terrace, bathroom , singbed ...washer, print and copy machine, air conditional This room is close to everything downtown about 15 min. by traffic( bus or taxi )and my university add, trainstation, suvway ,too while you are here, you have to prepare your food :) but u can use tableware etc... u can feel comforable !
I live in a small studio close to KNU, easy access to downtown but I only have a bed. The studio is sort of separated in to two spaces. I can let you either use my bed or take the floor. It's totally up to you. I can't accommodate anyone at the moment since I'll be traveling for about a couple of months, but I promise I'll keep this status up-to-date once my travels are over.
Small room with a comfortable single bed in my nomal sized 3 bedroom in Daegu. Everything is close to reach, such as pub,highway and shops etc.. Public transport is well developed in Korea and I've got a car,and when I feel like to go traveling, I'll be happy to be together with you :p. I might show you around some local parts. You'll be seeing the real Korea.

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