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Rather than spend money on Delhi hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Delhi from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Delhi and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Delhi with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Delhi!
Maximum length of stay: Generally I only like to accept guests for 3-4 days but whatever your plans, just call me and we'll figure something out. I Live With: I now share the apartment with my awesome canine travelling companion, Le Chien Orange. He doesn't have a BeWelcome profile but he has some photos on my profile, check them out! I also have a room plant called Federico, but he's cool.** --- **Since this profile was written, Ricco got accompanied by Bob and Bobek, Largo, the climber plant, and also Gerda, who is sick at the moment*** but I put her in the window and I hope she gets better. She already has a pair of small baby leaves! ***Since this comment was written, Gerda got much better, she is now well and happy!**** ****Since this last comment was written, stuff got more intense. There is now two palms, Mr. Örkény István, the yucca tree, Banán Pál, the palm tree, Nedjma, a sweet gift from a surfer, and Spiky, the kiddo sanseveria. Also Bob is now almost human height. Please bring: Yourself :) I can offer a bed or mattress depending on the situation. Fresh blankets are included of course. I can offer my guests: A guided tour A dinner Other information for guests: We live in an age of climate crisis and we humans are responsible for environment pollution of unprecedented volume. Let's travel green! When you make your travel choices, please consider not choosing flying whenever possible. It's also useful to know that tapwater is drinkable almost everywhere in Hungary and is usually very good quality. Restaurants are obliged to provide you tapwater for free if you are a paying customer. Also, I know that it's a very sweet and friendly habit to bring small gifts to hosts as a symbol of gratitude. But please let's keep it as low waste as possible. I host you for the social experience, the cultural connection, I don't need you to buy a gift and drag it with you during your trip in your already overstuffed bag :) If you do want to give me something, let's cook your favourite recipe together or share with me some interesting stuff about your native language! Public transport: My apartment is at the center of Buda, the Western part of the city. It's got a very good location, close to many important public transport lines, buses and trams. But the street itself is very nice and quiet.
Just moved to a three bedroom apartment. It's bigger than my earlier place We can have dinner shakti nagar(area) is the heart of Delhi in one way. It is quite a well contained area with it's own restaurants, theaters and markets. It is well connected to the main city by metro(tube train),bus, taxi and three wheeler transport. I live on the 2th floor in an new apartment building. My mom, wife and one son (cute 8 months old) live in the same house. There are three bedrooms in our house. Enough space for 2 people on my floor beds... A FULL-time maid and a cook is there for any additional help to help make your stay a little more comfortable... I have a spare bedroom for visitors with a double bed. It has an attached bathroom. My sons's stuff is all over the place in that room. And the cupboards are full of his dresses and toys. Anytime is good time to visit me! But I have a schedule during the weekdays so cannot give much time and attention to the guest!but my wife and kid can. All of us are non smokers. Regular meals are cooked at home and you are welcome to join us. It is mostly simple Indian food. The kitchen is well equipped and I don't mind the guest using it. STRICT VEGITARIAN STRICT VEGITARIAN STRICT VEGITARIAN I can provide additional blankets and mattress if needed.All amenities like extra pillows and sheets/towels etc.available Just one little request for anyone sharing our space is to please treat this as your own home and keep it as MESSY as possible :)... Best part is no curfew or deadline time to come back in the nights or rather wee hours of morning... I think that two days is good for me. If we get along, a longer stay can also be considered
It is a spacious room. size 15 feet x 14 feet, with closet, window with curtains and attached / common full bathroom, marble flooring, common well equipped kitchen & a big well furnished Living room with dining area. This room is situated in Noida which is a beautifully landscaped town in the east side of Delhi, . Noida is well connected with Delhi and is hardly 15 to 30 mins away from all important downtown areas of Delhi & is well connected with transport facilities. Noida has a Film Production city second biggest after Bombay and known for its well planned townp lanning. Also Noida is on IT circuit because Its also known as Electronic city and is a hub for BPO's and Information & technology sector and various known B schools We are a small very freindly and hospitable family and have a cute black dachound dog. As I have been travelling a lot globally all throughg my life , I understand the meaning of easy, comfortable, cheap & sharing accomodations. You are most welcome to contact me for you short stays in Noida/Delhi. please mail you full discription While you are here you are welcome to use all facilties available and can cook your own food and share ours if you like Indian cousine Please contact through email for kning the charges, ( which are very reasonable and will not make a hole in your pocket. ) I use this amount with I get from my guests for maintaining and paying the housekeeper and part time attendent, cleaners etc.and some goes in for charity also. place is a two and a half room house with toilet and bathroom,in a lush green spacious place,and 10 min from Taj Mahal,and all other amenities,places of interest and market hub within walking distance..public transportation would be available as u get out,and if u are alone,i can even show u around on my bike,in case u are Indian,i can even give u my bike,provided i dnt need it,and provided u have a license :) (in case u aint Indian,i ll prefer to show u around on bike myself,only reason being,that traffic in Agra is even beyond capabilities of Indian license holders to navigate... :)..) its 15 min from station as well,and i stay alone i smoke very rarely,but not tobacco.. i go late to bed,and wake up early,and have my naps in the aftn.. i can host anytime,unless and until theres some emergency,or call of duty.. i do have blankets,and guess can comfortably host u on a weekday if required,though weekends would be the best time.. and for all those foodies.. i have a small make shift kitchen,on a study table,so u can make maggies ,rice and stuff as u plan to unleash ur creativity,as i do on weekends.. ;)
Dear Global Free Loaders...Welcome to India! I have recently moved into a newer, bigger house in South Delhi with 2 bedrooms on the 1st floor. My wife and I have a spare guest room with 2 single beds with an ensuite bathroom (with a water heater). We have an air-conditioner in the bedroom for summers and a heater for the winters. Please feel free to cook your own meals in our kitchen. It has a stove, microwave/grill, toaster oven, fridge. Our house is very close to buses and taxis and other transportation options with the rest of Delhi. Our place is close to center of the city and main markets yet is in a quiet neighborhood. Also only 30mins away from the Airport. Our place is a great place to explore Delhi from and we would love to help you explore Delhi more. You are most welcomed as my wife (she is Canadian) and I are quite a traveled (she has been to 23 countries and I've been to 6...Damn it, Jim!) Contact me ASAP for available dates.
we have four rooms of medium size with well done clean beds.we have got five bed rooms in one of which my parents stay.the other four rooms remain empty most of the time of the year.we are eager to share them with foreign parents are retired school teachers and i stay outside of my home most of the time.we do not have a maid but it can be arranged.otherwise you will have to cook for problem with smoking drinking,non veg food or we r eager to share our own assamese or bodo food.(we r located in assam state in india).its 3 hour from guwahati by road,a sprawling metro city in north east india.which have an international airport n connected to delhi well by all means.
A medium sized room with comfortable double bed and a wooden almirah and attached wash room. We are located 14km away from New Delhi Railway Station but pretty close to Metro Station - Pitampura and Netaji Subah Place (3 km); 0.5km away from nearest Railway Station (Shakur Basti) and 200m away from Bus Stop. A popular lively market begins within 50m distance with amenities as multiplex, shopping mall, restaurants, etc. Despite close proximities to everything, it provides calmness and silent. You're free to use kitchen while you are here if you know to cook (I love food). ATMs of multiple banks are within 2 minute walking distance.
Room right now being used as a TV room, with a single bed. Its located in the North of Delhi and has easy access to Basic shopping, and being near the university area, its pretty cheap. 30 mins by car or auto to the city centre, CP and phargunj. Feel Free to use the kitchen,but you will have to buy your food or if you want can arrange for food during your stay here. If you are on a budget it can be a cheap and easy way to explore Delhi. Can also find cheap apartments near by if you wnat to set up base for a longer period of time.
Hi me and my husbadn stay in Guwahati in Assam oneof the most explored regions of India. This is the land of the Great Kaziranga Sanctuary which has the one horned rihno and the river brahmaputra. We have a spare room and most people are welocme. We like agood party but no drugs we are both 30 years old and work , but hey we would be free in the evenings and love to show pwople around the place. We love a good laugh and look at people are jovial and relaxed... do let us know at least two weeks in advace cheers
One spare bed which is in our sitting room. Only my parent's and I live there and it's a 2room house with one toilet/bathroom so that will be on sharing basis. You can use the kitchen or if u want we can cook the Indian food for you. The place is near to the market so you can buy stuff, stroll around and enjoy the old delhi staying at my place. Ours is half an hour to forty minutes away from Red fort, chandani chowk and Jana masjid which gives you the true essence of old Delhi food n culture etc...

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