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Spare double room in a small 2-bed house in a quiet residential village just outside Oranmore, Co. Galway. There are no direct transport links to the house, so you will require your own transportation, or be prepared to walk into Oranmore (approx. 2.6 miles/4 km) in order to catch the bus into the city. Numerous buses stop in Oranmore and the journey takes around 20 mins.Taxis are also available to/from Oranmore (approx. €5 each way). A taxi to/from Galway city centre is approx. €25-€30. You are free to use the kitchenette whilst here but would need to provide your own food. Alternatively, if you provide a small shopping list in advance I could buy some things in for you and you can repay me on arrival. Please not that I do not have a lot of food storage space and only have a small fridge so please do not buy too much!
I live in Salthill; The house consists of myself and three beautiful women. We have a comfy couch in the sitting room and it is a warm house. There is a bus stop literally outside the door so transport to and from the city wont be a problem. Its a very relaxed house, not exactly party central but if you like good conversation, good food and the occasional sing song well then this is the spot for you. My schedule is pretty full with work and my movie so I cant promise any personal tours of the city; however you may just be able to help in the aforementioned movie and if not, make yourself at home, there are other welcoming housemates about.
Hi, I live in a house smack bang in the middle of town, its a cool place with a big garden. We can offer only camping for the summer cause our house is kinda packed, there are 6 of us living there at the minute. Two Ozzies, one Spanish girl a German Girl and Ken and I are both Irish. Our house is very chilled, and we want to keep it that way. If you are coming to stay expect to be taken out to parties, have'n drinks in the house going swimming etc.. We also have two beautiful dogs.. Anyway I'm sure you get the picture, would love to hear from ye soon....
Student house in Galway suburb. But Galway is pretty small so easy access to city centre. I can't garauntee much more than couch or floor space. 2 people can stay no problem.Kitchen available but no food. Will show ya around if I'm not busy. Probably won't be available during summer june-august but sure give me an email and I'll see what I can do for ya. And if for some strange reason ya happen to be travellin near castlebar county mayo give me an email as that is where I am from so I can offer accomodation there too when I am there.
Looking for a spare bed/couch close to Galway central! I am from New Zealand, have been travling through Europe and working in Greece for the past three months. I want to work in Galway! I have applied for heaps of jobs in the last few days since I arrived just waiting on the call back process :( I am staying at a hostel in town but cash is getting low.. I am just wanting a place to crash for the next week or so until I find a job and get set up.
Bonjourno, Our house is smack bang in the middle of Galway, we live 12 seconds (its been timed) from the best pub in Galway the Blue note. We have two dogs a huge garden with sheds and a glass house.Its perfect for summer BBQ's. There are three girls and three boys living here, one German girl, one Ozzy girl an Ozzy bloke, one Spanish girl, and me and Ken are Irish. Anyways, we hope to see ya soon. Take it easy, Wez (**,)
2 Couches available in spacious house. House is located in the Knocknacarra area, just outside of Galway city. Bus stop just outside the house has buses into the city every 15 minutes! Usually takes about 25 minutes to get in, but you could walk in in 1 hour. House is also just 30 minutes from beach in Salthill. Kitchen is free to be used as long as it's not too messy afterwards. :)
Kitchen/living room combo with a chair and sofa about five minutes walking from Eyre Square, the city-centre. We are within decent proximity to the essentials - shops, pubs, restaurants and a bus/train station. Feel free to use the kitchen, though you must provide your own food. Our place would be great to explore Galway City as well as the rest of Ireland.
Mattress available to stay for up to two nights, very very central location in galway city, close to city centre/ shops, pubs etc etc.. Living there with my girlfriend and lovely flatmate Mariosa Hume, Smokers and drinkers welcome, Free to use kitchen (your own food) We are all very welcoming, open minded people who appericiate music and art
sfasedroom townhouse in the suburb of Richmond. We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport (it's a 7 minute tram or train ride into the city-centre). Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. Our place would be a great base to explore both Melbourne and Victoria.

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