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Accommodation is flexible depending on who is at home. We are a small family living in a lovely but simple house in a remote area of Salt Spring Island. We live in a quiet community with amazing hikes and wildlife (eagles, deer, and the occasional otter) It is a 15-20 drive from the closest (village) Ganges. It is mandatory to have your own car or bike to get around the island. (There is a local car rental here.) A beautiful island in the spring, fall and summer, but avoid the winter unless you are very hardy. It is very peaceful and quiet at all times of the year.
The couch is in the living room, complete with an open concept kitchen and fireplace. The way to get around on the island is to hitchhike...I do this to work and back daily, no worries (about 15 minutes to the main town) I have internet access, phone, garden, and outdoor bath (there is an indoor bathroom with shower) If I am not working I can show you around a bit...most likely by motorcycle. The island is a 45 minute ferry ride to Victoria, Vancouver Island and 1.5 hours or 3 hours to Vancouver, British Columbia by ferry.
I have a small bedroom with a double bed in my cute little cottage. I live 15 minutes from Ganges and is not on a public transit route, I may be available to pick you up. Salt Spring is a bit challenging but fun island for biking, so you could bring your bike
close to Ganges, walking distance, donkeys braying in the morning and roosters too! 2 musicians live here, i'm one and Oona is the other. No smoking in the house but on the porch is OK. Other musicians and/or artists prefered
Couch in living room at yoga retreat in the centre of Salt Spring Island. Close to bus that connects Fulford to Ganges. Can use kitchen (vegetarian) and drop in to by-donation yoga classes.
Have space for tenter, prefer max. two per stay. Cyclists or hikers only. No extra room for parking cars. 5 min. from town
Due to personel circumstances, I'm not able to accomodate travellers right now. I'll let you know any changes.
Moving to Ganges after the summer of 2010.

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