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Rather than spend money on Gosford hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Gosford from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Gosford and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Gosford with them in minutes!
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I have a single mattress already in my lounge area (Used as a day bed/couch for people to sit on) and a couch that is totally fine for sleeping on (and long enough for normal sized people). Ok - Let's go down the list... - I live in an awesome little suburb/town called 'Copacabana' which is a tiny beachside village with about 12 shops and a couple of hundred people - we are surrounded by beach and rainforest.... swimming at the beach or lagoon, going bushwalking or just chilling at a cafe are all good things to do in Copa! There is a bus from my place at least once an hour to the nearest major shopping centre (Erina Fair - yes, very big shopping centre). I generally live by myself but at the moment have a very friendly Dutch boy living in my office. I love, love, love my little place with it's little perch on the hill and its amazing ocean views! I don't have any pets, and I don't drink, smoke or eat meat and couch surfers should do the same while at my place (you can eat whatever you like when not at my place obviously - just don't want my place smelling like steak!) I don't have any pets, I'm generally a night owl, I run a drumming company so you'd be welcome to come to work with me and try some drumming! Stays of one - 2 nights preferred but possibly a tad longer if we click. I can supply all bedding but a sleep bag would be handy for you to have.
At the moment, my boyfriend and I are living with his parents while we save to travel, but are planning on buying at the end of the year. We live on the Central Coast of NSW which is only an hour from Sydney, or an hour from Newcastle (depending on which direction you are coming from). There is public transport anywhere and, time permitting, we would be happy to pick people up from the train station or ferry you around to places. The Central Coast has pubs, restaurants and shopping centres in every suburb so you can buy your own food to stock in the fridge, but we will be happy to share our dinners with you when we have the house to do it! The Central Coast offers a range of great activities including heaps of beautiful beaches and outdoor adventures.
2 storey house with sofa bed in living room with downstairs bathroom in the suburb of North Avoca. My 4 children and I live in the house with is on the lake and minutes to many beaches. Restaurants, cafes and shops are only minutes away. Bus stop at front door which can take you to Gosford train station for travel to Sydney which is an hour south. You may use the kitchen while you're here but food will be your own expense otherwise if I cook, you can chip in for food and join us for meals. This is a coastal area with lakes and surf beaches. Would suit someone looking for a beach holiday.
Family home where the children have moved on - 2 bedrooms spare with single bed in each or sofa bed (double bed size)in formal lounge room. Gosford is 2 hours north of Sydney on the Central Coast We are very close to everything - surf beaches, national parks, major shopping centre, pubs, restaurants and public transport (it's a 15 minute bus ride to the train station then further 1hr 15 mins on train to Sydney). Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. Our place would be a great base to explore both the Central Coast and Sydney.
2 couches in living room with tv, VCR and DVD player. The house has 2 bedrooms (both occupied at the moment), 1 bathroom, a study, family rom, kitchen and dining room (which is part of the living room). I live in Gosford on the Central Coast of NSW, near buses and trains. Sydney is a one hour train ride away. I'm about a twenty minute drive to the beach. There is a shopping centre accross the street with a supermarket, restaurants and takeaways. Feel free to use the kitchen (though I'll probably cook for you), and if I like you, I'll probably let you use the internet too.
a small room with a double bed and a double bunk, shared bathroom and large kitchen, there is usually 5 to 7 people already living in the house so you are welcome to cook for yourself or contribute towards group meals. it is on a large property set in the rainforest with two streams running through. it will take you 10 mins on a bike to the nearby villiage, where a train will get you to the beach in 15 mins, gosford city in 15mins, newcastle city in an hour, or sydney city in an hour.
I am staying with my parents at the moment trying to save some money for a masters degree in Europe so I am not really in a position to offer a couch - as its my parent's couch rather than my own. I will get back into the couch surfing community as soon as I have my own couch again!
Spare Bed in my studio apartment at Avoca Beach, close to shops, beach, attractions. 1 1/2 hr train ride into sydney city. Good spot to explore the beautiful central coast and its beaches, whilst still being close enough to see the sites of sydney or newcastle.
At the moment we are true "freeloaders", just came to Australia after an 18 year absence and Viviane is discovering. At the moment we have no accomomodation available, as soon as we settle in we will continue to host as we had done in France. We'll let you know!
My husband and I have tent space in the backyard and a shower & kitchen that can be used. Unfortunately no oven! Preferably prefer visitors on weekend, as we are don't have much public transport and would like to show you around.

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