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Rather than spend money on Grand Rapids, Kent hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Grand Rapids, Kent from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Grand Rapids, Kent and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Grand Rapids, Kent with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Grand Rapids, Kent!
At the moment I have 3 other people, besides myself, living in my house. I have 1 person downstairs, 1 person in my living room already on my couch, and 1 person in my spare room. I have room available in my basement on the other side of the person living down there. The room itself will be sort of shared, but the area is separated by a few sheets and blankets. He is working 3rd shift so you will have privacy between 9pm-9am on weekdays and a few weekends. I have a few sleeping bags and blankets, and I can lend you one of my pillows. RULES TO FOLLOW: 1. There is a side door that leads to the basement. If you are going to be getting in after 11pm I do insist you use this side door, so you don't have to walk through the whole house and disturb other people. 2. Food is limited, it is not a free for all, however if you need a few things here and there this is not a problem. A sandwich or two, a glass of milk, heat up a few pizza rolls, etc. this is not a problem. If you cook a full blown meal and drink all the orange juice you will be expected to replace it. 3. Everyone has there own shower habits, and I do not mind. Please take as long as you wish taking your bath or shower, but be considerate of the other people living here, I do only have 1 bathroom. 4. Shower supplies: I do not mind if you use a normal amount of MY own personal showering items; shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. DO NOT use a whole bottle of shampoo on your head during one shower, and DO NOT use any one else's showering items, ask which ones are mine before showering. And do not be offended or surprised if the people living with me take their own stuff out of the bathroom before you get in because they just might. 5. Anything else that might come up I live in a quiet, safe neighborhood, in North East Grand Rapids. There is a gas station just 2 blocks away, a grocery store about 6-7 blocks away, and a Meijer is within 2 miles from my house. For those of you who don't know what a Meijer is, it is a smaller, less known, kind of version of a Walmart, except Meijer headquarters is based and ran from right here in Grand Rapids. They have a food section, clothing, toiletries, pet food, automotive supplies, home goods, etc., and a few have fast food places in them now. Please, if any of you work for Meijer and are offended by the Walmart reference, don't be, I used to work at Meijer for years, and I'm not. I do have pets, a few small dogs. I do smoke, but only in my own bedroom or outside, so you can only smoke in my messy room or outside. I am willing to pick you up from the Gerald R. Ford International Airport or from a local bus stop. This however, needs to be mentioned along with the date and time of arrival so I can coordinate my day if needed. I am not a tour guide, but I am willing and would love to show you around Grand Rapids for a few hours during your stay. If you are busy that is fine, but know that we WILL be spending some time together wondering around downtown. A 3 night limit is what I am comfortable with. I would need at least 2-3 day notice beforehand, anything sooner and I will not be able to accommodate you. When sending a request: in your own words, you must include the 4 rules I have stated. If the rules are copied and pasted, the couch request will not be accepted. If you can creatively include the house rules through out your request, this is an extra billion points in your favor.
Small room (10'x12')with comfortable queen size bed. Room is relatively private, (located in the basement of our home) and "overflow" space is available in the large family room with look-out windows. We can provide a small play yard for a small child to sleep in, and older children can sleeping on the carpeted family room floor (we have sleeping bags available). Feel free to use the kitchen during your stay, but plan on buying your own food. Our home is in a wooded setting (a nature preserve with trails is located a few hundred yards away) about 3 miles outside Saugatuck. Saugatuck is a liberal artist/upscale vacation get-away, that survives on wealthyvacationers escaping from Chicago. Beautiful unspoiled white-sand beaches on Lake Michigan are ten minutes from our home. Saugatuck is a small town, but has a marina and TONS of restaurants, art galleries, and unique shopping boutiques. Holland is located 15 minutes away, with a conservative Dutch heritage and the Tulip Festival in early May. Grand Haven, South Haven and Grand Rapids are all a short drive away. Check out Saugatuck's web-site for more info: - they've got a good tourist guide on-line.
I have a spare couch and a full-sized blowup mattress in a quaint, charming two bed room apartment in Eastown, Grand Rapids. It's a short walk to shops, restaurants, cafes, parks, as well as a laundromat and small convenient grocery store. I also have a 50 lb dog that shed, so you'd have to be okay with that. He's quite friendly but will need to sniff you out first before you guys are friends. It's a quaint apartment so the space is limited, but there is a small bathroom and kitchen that you're welcome to use as long as you're able to clean up after yourself and leave it looking as how you found it. There's also a balcony out back - I'm on the second floor - and though it's not fancy it does make up for in size. We have gas heating that is shared between my apartment and the downstairs and during the summers we use AC units since it's a house built roughly around 1910. Charming neighborhood and the neighbors are mostly young families or retired folks.
Small bedroom with very comfortable double bed in Cascade, a beautiful area of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are a short walk from a lovely river, 45 minutes from beautiful Lake Michigan beaches & art colony towns on the coast of Lake Michigan. Grand Rapids is nice city of Grand River w/museums, galleries, shops, parks, zoo & world-class Meijer Gardens sculpture park & botanic gardens. Downtown about 15 minutes by car. Public Transportation limited in immediate area, but available about 2 miles away are buses --& taxis & rental cars are cheap. We can offer rides when we are going out, which is frequently. Many inexpensive restaurants and cafes in area. You may use our kitchen if you clean up afterward & buy own food. We are 2.5 hrs from Detroit & 3.5 hrs from Chicago--or cheap train service (about $20-$60 depending on times) available to Chicago daily.
I have a large back yard with plenty of room for camping. There is an outdoor firepit. The house is VERY small but you're welcome to use the bathroom and kitchen. It's a pretty quiet suburban area not too far from town but it does work out better if you have some form of transportation. I do have neighbors but as I said, the yard is very large so there is plenty of room for a tent. Grand Rapids has lots of good restaurants and bars. It's clean, safe, and only 30 or so miles from Lake Michigan beaches and resort towns such as Holland, Grand Haven, Saugatuck and Muskegon. If we're home for meals you're welcome to eat with us and we're close to a grocery store where you can buy food and other necessities. I don't mind some drinking as long as things don't get too loud and disturb the neighbors.
Small spare room with twin bed, dresser, and roomy closet. The spare room also contains my old computer, which you can feel free to surf the web and check your e-mail on. The room is in my 3 bedroom ranch-style house in suburban Grand Rapids (Kentwood, to be exact.) You can get to the center of downtown in about 8 minutes on the highway, and the central commercial & restaurant hub of 28th Street is just a few minutes northeast. Feel free to cook/eat/drink anything around the house, but if you're staying more than a couple days I'll ask that you chip in. Fair warning - Grand Rapids public transportation is not the best, and from my house it's about 3/4 mile walking distance to the nearest bus stop. Factor that in if you plan on doing a lot of exploring on the city bus.
We have room for you, even if it's a futon or an air mattress! We currently live in a 2 bedroom appartment close to down town and the bus goes by our house. We are very multi-cultural and embrace all kinds of people, as long as you're not currently a criminal:) What's ours is yours in terms of kitchen, bathroom etc. We'll try our best to give you food, but no guarentees. Contributions of food or food money are greatly appreciated! We are all college aged and consist of both male and females, all with good morals and fun personalities! We are open to up to 2 people staying here for up to a week (or negotiable).
We live in a moderate ranch style home. We have a spare bedroom with a full size bed that can sleep 1-2 people. We don't allow smoking, drugs or pets in our home. Grand Rapids is a city of culture with lots to do--sight seeing, night clubs, theaters, museums, nature centers and parks, shopping--downtown and malls, restaurants, bike paths, ethnic festivals; And, it is very close to tourist attractions, canoeing, dune rides, Lk. Michigan beaches, amusement park, and more. GR is an all-American city and is located a couple of hours from Detroit, and around 3 hours--pending on traffic--from Chicago.
Full size, pull-out couch in my apartment. My apartment is part of a larger house that has been split into four rental units and is very close to downtown Grand Rapids in Heritage Hill neighborhood (home to Frank Lloyd Wright's Meyer May house). The location is great and only a ten-minute walk to downtown. The kitchen is small, but please feel free to use it while you are here. The only caveat is that I am a vegetarian and would prefer that you did not cook meat in the house. Michigan is especially beautiful in the summer, and Grand Rapids is only a 40 minute trip from beautiful Lake Michigan.
Futon, or possibly a spare bed available. Very hospitable bunch of roomates, not far from bus station, train station or airport. Very close to grocery stores etc, and we have the low-down on cool places to eat/shop/have fun in GR! You may use the kitchen while you are here, and we are happy to share a couple of meals with you free (whatever we are cooking) but if you stay for longer than that, we would love if you could chip in on grocery money or buy some food (we're not incredibly rich:)!

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