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right now, i live with my parents on a beautifull town, up north in the galil. a great location for beautiful green nature part in israel. including exited waterfalls & hikes, starting of 10 minutes driving, the kineret and great othentic, oriental cities and resturants, i'l be happy to recommend, and maybee join you. when i'll be back from my trip to the state, at summer time proabebly, i hope to have like always my own place,also up north, but proabebly allittel mor closer to tel aviv (the center of israel). as a young & active & spirtual oriented person, i can also tell you all about intrested activites including festivals, workshops, parties and art event, all over israel, and agian it is most likely that atlist to part of it, i'll go myself... i am after 3 munths of travveling in india, and really enjoyed meeting people on my trip from all over the world, and sharing it with them, so i like the concept of this site, though not exacly the intrface... to much darks colours... i speak only english (a good one) and hebrew. be happy to meet you...
a sofa or floor space (if you have a sleeping bag) in the living room of my small apartment. i may get an inflatable mattress one day... :-) my place is very quiet, but just a few minutes walk from one of Haifa's major city centers, so you really have access to everything you may need - some sightseeing, cafes, restaurants, fast-food places,supermarket, post office, a 24-hour convenient store etc. public transportation is great, and there's also a subway station that can take you down the mountain. some buses that operate on saturday stop nearby as well. feel free to use the kitchen, food and pretty much everything else, as long as you are considerate. smokers ok, as long as you smoke outside but no drugs please
Small room in a my mother's 2 bedroom apartment which has a queen size bed. It is close to the top of Carmel Mountain, in the Vardia suburb. The room has a view towards a small parc and from the living room there is a great view to the Haifa Harbor and downtown. The building where I live is relatively close to the Carmel Center, 10min by bus. You can use the kitchen but you will need to buy your own food. There are plenty of places to visit in Haifa and the center of the country: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem...etc.
A bed or mattress, in a big living room, for one or two persons. In few months, I am going to move into a small flat and the spare bed/s will be in a small living room... Still convenient enough and clean. Fully equiped kitchen available for use (with your own food) including fridge, stove, gas etc.., hot showers all day long, TV as well as computer use. Supermarket is very close. Not so public transportation, but I have a car and can help with transfer. Using washing machine and drier might be possible
Small room with a comfortable king size bed in my mother's 2 bedroom apartment, in the central of the Carmel Mountain. close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport (it's a 10 minute bus ride into the city-centre). Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. The balcony view expands at Northeast from the Haifa University to Southwest towards Haifa Downtown and Haifa Harbor.
Countryhouse in a very beutiful aeria, at mid north of the country. 30 min. from Natharet, 30 min from Haifa. 1 bedroom for cople, 1 singel bed for child. The house neer to the center of the vilage, ther u can find every need like: Post, Banks, Coffe houses, organic shop, ec. The vilage is good place to tour around. Car agency 20 min far. No smoking in hous. Free kichen use, u'll buy your own food.Great place to go anywere around.
Small room with a comfortable 2 single bed in my medium sized 4 bedroom townhouse. It is close to public transport and a small kanion. Haifa is a city with wonderfull sea and lots of hiking trails on mount carmel. Another interesting place to visit is the Bahaic Temple and gardens.In The Center, nearr mu appartment, you may sit in a cafe-huse, restaurant or a pab. Haifa is one hour from Tel-Aviv and nearby Acco.
Spare bed in my old room at my parents' apt. since i don't really live there anymore. the room is equipped with a huge home theater system: TV, DVD, surround speakers and a computer with high speed cable internet. In addition all the facilities are available, such as bathroom, kitchen and a small gym at the basement of the building. There are bus lines uptown and downtown across the road.
Hello We are an around-the-world traveling family with 3 kids who does a lot of volunteer work and in the end of April 2012 we will be visiting Tokyo for 3-4 days. we would love to see if you offer is still available. we are VERY respectful, nice, and a great family. we would love to consider ANY options. you can more about us at Sincerely, Kobi Klaf
small room with a big couch, extra matrress if needed. toilet+shower+towels. tranquil atmosphere. lots of gardens surround my apartment. waking up to the sound of birds and not cars!!! im living in the northwest of israel. an hour and 20 minutes from tel aviv by train. you can use my humble kitchen wich provide all you need to bake and cook your goods. i have a very friendly cat.

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