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Accommodation information in and around Hamburg.

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Rather than spend money on Hamburg hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Hamburg from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Hamburg and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Hamburg with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Hamburg!
For we are family, our house is open for you if (and only if) you are travelling with kids/teenagers (or if you are a friend or host of us :-), and plan a short trip to or through Hamburg. We live a little more quiet in the North-East of Hamburg, approx. 12km from the Town Center, but with good public transport, which we use daily. It will bring you into town in a little more than 30 min and cost ~10EUR for a day group ticket for all of you. We have a small guest room with a bed for the parents (1.40m wide), and a couch. If you are more then three, your kids can stay with you on Matress or Themarest (inflatables) or they will stay with our kids, depending on their age. Our home is strictly non-smoking and non-pet-animal, sorry :-) We really like playing games, going for a walk and talking all evening... Da wir eine Familie sind, moechten wir euch eine Unterkunft bieten, wenn (nur wenn) ihr auch mit Kindern/Teenagern unterwegs seid und einen kurzen Besuch in Hamburg plant. (Natuerlich gilt das nicht fuer Freunde und liebe ehemalige Gastgeber...) Wir leben im ruhigen Nordosten Hamburgs, ca. 12 km bis zum Stadtzentrum, sind mit oeffentlichen Verkehrsmittelns aber gut angebunden, was wir taeglich nutzen. In etwas mehr als 30 min seid ihr in der Stadt, das Gruppen-Tagesticket in Hamburg fuer alle zusammen kostet ca. 10EUR. Wir haben ein kleines Gaestezimmer mit einem 1,40m breiten Bett fuer die Eltern (fuer kurze Zeit geht das, wir haben das auch lange gemacht.. :-) und einem Sofa, auf dem man auch schlafen kann. Wenn ihr mehr als drei seid, können die Kinder entweder bei euch im Zimmer auf Matratzen oder aufblasbaren Matratzen oder, je nach Geschlecht und Alter, mit in den Zimmern unserer Teens. Wegen Allergien haben wir eine rauch- und haustierfreie Wohnung :-) Wir lieben Gesellschaftsspiele, Spaziergaenge und gemuetliche Quatschabende...
I live in a small appartment in the Europe Home a dometory . Alo Ahe my friends! I enjoy the hospitality of a lot of people all around the world in africa and asia and europe of course. And now I wanna go something back and I hope to be a so nice host as I saw before in the world. I have a sleeping place here in Hamburg near the inner city, its next to the underground station U Saarlandstraße, witch is on the yellow line U 3. If you take the train, you will be in a 10-15 minutes in the center. Next to my place, is a beautiful park of the city, not like the central garden of new york, but still beautiful, we have a lot of canus and kajaks here, so you can take one and discover the rivers around this place, thats why everybody calls Hamburg, the city with a lot of water. I live in a students dometory specially for a lot of ERASMUS Students with five people on the floor. But with seperated rooms, and with a big living room. I have a matress and a sleeping bag in my room for one person, if you are more then 2-3 you have to bring your sleeping bag and matress for yourself. I have no pets and I dont smoke. We have some pubs and restaurants near by. But just 15 min by train is St. Pauli and 13 min to Sternschanze, where you can find a lot of clubs and pubs and crazy shops. If I have enough time, I will show you around. I go to bed, when I like so I dont care about late or early. Best times means anytime! I have blankets but better bring your sleeping bag. We will find out, how long you can stay, but I am relaxed so ... take it easy. So write me a message and you are welcome in Hamburg. moritz
a comfortable couch which can accomodate up to 2 persons and extra bed but which can be shared in my room but only females can share. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment which i share with someone else, in a surburb in the city of hamburg. We are pretty close to everything, shopping malls, river with a small beach, pubs, restaurants and very efficient public transport ie, bus and train to city centre and all other places, and also very accessible to all other german towns and cities and other european cities by train or very cheap flights. You will buy ýour own food or we can cook together but share the bill at home or in resturant. Hamburg in hambur is a famous german industrialized port which international container ships moving in and out and there are greats of resturants and other pleasant sites by the port. Many museums and lots of sight seeing. Very active night live here too, with lots of streets festivals and open air musik concerts every now and then but especially in the summer.
-north part of hamburg 10 min to airport, 15-20min to city center -I live alone -I have a sofa bed -I don's smoke and if you smoke, please not at my home! -I don't have pets, please don't bring any! -8 minutes walking from my place is subway+metro (15min to the city-center), bus station is across the street of my place. -If I have time i could show people around. -usually i go to bed pretty late, after midnight. -I can't offer you a totally private room. I have 2 rooms under the roof of a house on 2 floors. Upstairs is my bedroom, downstairs the living room (with a bed-sofa, where you could sleep) The rooms are not really separated, there is no door between upstairs and downstairs (we call it "maisonette-appartment" - don't know, if there's an english word for that). -staying fot 2-3 nights should be okay if you don't have a sleeping bag, i'll find blankets somewhere, but it would be easier, if you bring sleeping bags.
i live in a very nice part of Hamburg called Barmbek. it's close to the city and to the harbour. i live alone in a two room flat. you can choose between sharing my double bed in my bedroom....or the couch in the living room.... i don't have pets. bus and underground stations are also very close. it will be easy for you to go whereever you want. usually i have to work during the week. if i have time, i can show you around. if you like to be more on your problem. i can help you with suggestions what to do and what to see. usually i go to bed late and have to get up around seven. you can sleep as long as you want...i will not wake you up. if you have your own blankets it will be fine, if not i have enough to give them to you. up to three nights will be ok....a longer stay depends on how it works....if everything works well it will be ok. fell free to ask me any question you want.....l answer!
I'm living with my family in a home in Tabgstedt - 20 km from Hamburg. We like guests ;) I can provide guests with sofa for one person. So we can host host only one (max 2) in the same time. You can stay up to 4 oder 5 days max. It takes 30 minutes to get to Hamburg. You can freely use bath and kitchen. We have pc with internet, flatrate too, wireless too - you can freely use it also. We don´t smoke inside the house, but we allow our guests to smoke in the garden. We´re very easy-going =)) I´m 46 years old. My women ist in the age of 45 and our two daughters are 19 and 18. We speak English (not very perfectly). We´re kind of open and cheerful persons. So that´s why we like the same type of people - vivid, loving life very much, with young soul. Sure, we´ll try to accompany you during daytime if we have free time.
sorry but move to hamburg right now, so cannot host in cologne anymore. find me in HH soon... live in hamburg now in a small appartment. its located 5 min walk from the aussenalster (right of the big lake in the middle of the city)in the district uhlenhorst. it's a 10 min bus ride to the city center and main train station, where all lines of public transport meet. there are lots of shops, restaurants, bars around here in walking distance... can offer you a sleeping couch and a spare bicycle, which is definitley the best way to get around in the city. because my place is quite small i can host not more than 2 people at the same time... work here at the federal high court as a lawyer now. finished my law degree in cologne in 2004. spend 2005 travelling around asia, russia and eastern europe...
Its not Hamburg, its a village 60 kms west of the city centre not far from Stade. That means we live on a farm and all around us you´ll find lots of meadows and cows and things like this. Our place is nice to relax and interesting if you like the landlife. The farm is an organic farm and if you like, you can also give us a hand in the every day work or one of our projects - it will not be boring, there is always something happening. Our house is an big old farm house, its partly renovated, so there is enough space for guests. There is a train station 8 kms from our place and from there its about an hour by train to the city center of Hamburg. The trains depart every hour and we can surely arrange the transport from and to the train.
Hello dear Global-Freeloaders-Travellers. I could offer one bed (for of two people) for the maximum of three nights in my shared flat. It is in the center of Hamburg, St.Pauli. WHY? I travelled alot around the south america and just loved to meet new people that are inspiring and see the world as really "one world". And I like to get known to new people. So: feel free to contact me if u like to visit hamburg! The only thing: From my job I travel a lot (nearly 10 days a month) so i am pretty hard to reach :-) Just write an eMail. Greetings, Sven
Couch in the front room, which si quite comfortable. i've fallen asleep on it myself many a times after a few ummm to many Guinnesses. Located approx 15 minutes by tube from barmbeck, and 3 stations from the main train station. There are bars (i'll show you them) close by, but the best one's are within 20 minutes. There are various resturants close by, but again the best ones are about 20 minutes away. Feel free to use whatever you want./ However, if you take the last beer out of the fridge, please replace it with another one from the cupboard.

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