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Accommodation information in and around Houston, Harris.

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Rather than spend money on Houston, Harris hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Houston, Harris from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Houston, Harris and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Houston, Harris with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Houston, Harris!
I'm currently living with my family (mom, sister, and sometimes a brother or two). My family is possibly the nicest group of people in the world. We've got a spacious house and can probably offer you your own bedroom with bunk beds and lots of floor space. I live in Katy, a suburb in the West of Houston. Houston's a sprawling city so we're far from the center, about 45 minutes driving. Public transportation, like in most of Houston, is crap. I do go to the center fairly often for the baseball games, though, so I might be able to offer you a ride. We can also offer you a shower and general hospitality. I don't require you to write my name or prove that you've read my profile by titling your request something like "armadillo shit." I appreciate personalized requests as much as the next guy, but you can copy/paste your request and call me Gordon if you want, I'll still host you. Although if you're reading this, you're not one of those people so I guess it's not worth mentioning. I don't ask for anything in return, but I do appreciate a nice note because I like to save them :) I've got a small cat but she's hypoallergenic, so if you're allergic to cats then you don't have to worry! If you have a fear of things that are adorable, you may want to think twice. Smokers are welcome to smoke on the porch with my mom. If you smoke inside then I will happily sew your lips shut.
At the moment I cannot host anyone!! :-( Sorry!! My sister and her family are staying with us for a few weeks because they moved back into town and are in the process of buying a house. Until then, our small home is pretty packed. I WILL THOUGH, be very HAPPY to show you around if I have time!! Just shoot me a quick email! I have a small home, but perfectly situated in a part of houston that is easily accesible to other areas. I live with my family (parents and younger sister). I live near many of the hotspots. I have a couch you can sleep on which is not too bad. i've slept on it myself a few times! buses are easy to catch from my house to other parts of the city although i do warn you... public transportation in houston is sloooooow. You can use the kitchen and washer and dryer. If you happen to be around while we have a family dinner, I must warn you that we will invite you w/open arms. My parents, like myself, love to meet new people. They may even want to invite you to family members' homes!!! :) I love to meet new people and have had foreign exchange students stay with me before.
We have a spare room with a comfortable double bed and a shared bath. We live in a quite suburb, about 40 minutes southeast of downtown Houston. You will need to rent a car to enjoy the area - Houston does not have a good public transportation system. We are a friendly, conservative, fun-loving, straight couple and would enjoy making friends with another couple like ourselves who loves to travel. We prefer people in our age range who have a home somewhere in the world where we could also visit. We are in our mid-50's, and we have one housemate in his 40's. He is unemployed, so he's almost always at home but pretty much keeps to himself. Our house is older, but we keep it very clean and neat. We ask that you also do not smoke, and definitely no drugs! We can accommodate 1-2 adults (no kids or pets please). You must buy your own food but are welcome to use the kitchen, although you may want to eat your meals out because Houston has lots of nice restaurants.
Spare room with a comfortable double bed in my two bedroom townhouse.I live inside the loop in the Museum District.I am very conveniently located to most of the art venues,resturants and shops.Public transportation is not the best feature of Houston. Although we have a metro rail, that takes you downtown and to the medical center.The metro station is three blocks from my residence. You may use kitchen facilities,but will have to buy groecries and any special food that you wish to eat.Since I am a vegetarian, I do not keep or cook meet in my kitchen.But, I do not mind my guests eating meat in the dinining room. It is a great location to explore art scene of Houston conveniently. Also, you can drive to Galveston Beach, san Antonio and Austin and use Houston as a base.
I am unable to host anyone at this time since I'm traveling. But once I'm settled I intend on paying back the system! I'm really just a giant kid at heart. I ask too many questions, act too silly for my age and wear my heart on my sleeve more often than I should. As I grew older the world never lost its shine. Right now I'm traveling all 50 states for an interview project and for a personal journey. Less than 10 states left on my trip! As a guest, I'm pretty flexible. I can be off on my own and also enjoy having long conversations with my host. I'm a pretty quiet guest and I'm not the type to stay out super late partying. That being said, I like to have fun and act like a "silly billy goosehead" as my old supervisor would call me.
A town home with completely unused living room , with a spare mattress and a couch , can comfortably sleep two people. Very close to the happening place in houston The Galleria, 15 mins from Downtown, right around several stores , restaurants , shopping centers , Cinemas, bars, and other stuff. Kitchen is an integral part of the living room , a spare computer with internet connection is available for use and kitchen can be used if needed, feel free to grab a few bottles of water or grab a few beers or some liquor from my refrigerator. Public transporation from this place is good as well tho not quite freqent , can drive you around and show you around in the evenings, you will have to plan your own mornings.
We have an artist loft/studio space that has a sleeping area. Bring your sleeping blankets because we don't really have extra ones to provide! The space is close to UH downtown, 3 minute drive from downtown, and close to metro rail line. I would suggest that you arrive in either a car or have a bike because Houston is not a very pedestrian/bus friendly place (except but downtown area). From outside you have a beautiful up close skyline of downtown and are not far from convenient stores ... We don't have a real kitchen, but a microwave and mini fridge you may use. A sink is in the common space and have shared bathroom/showers (very large and private). PS. Be honest at all times.
Queen size bed in an average sized bedroom. Pretty feminine decor. We are in a suburb of Houston Texas (Spring), North of the city. Takes about 40 minutes to get into the city; an hour and fifteen minutes to reach Galveston Texas (coastal town/island on the Gulf of Mexico). Feel free to use the kitchen. If we are here we can assist you in getting to the store, into the city, to a car rental. I don't use public transportation, don't know how frequent it is, but there are buses into the city of Houston. San Antonio (a unique American city) is about 4-5 hours away; Corpus Christi is about 5 hours; Austin about 2.5 hours; New Orleans Louisiana about 6-8 hours away.
One bedroom with a very soft full size bed in an upstairs apartment about 20 miles north of Downtown Houston. My apartment is located in The Woodlands, TX. The mall is approximately 4 miles away and it's close to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Market Street, and parks. The Woodlands also has over 150 miles of paved walking trails. There is a bathroom across the hall from the bedroom and unless my son is home, it's all yours. The kitchen, dining room, and living room are available for your use and I do have DSL internet. The only thing I ask is if you use the kitchen, clean up after yourself and I would expect you to purchase your own food items.
futon in the living room in my 1 BR, 1 Bath apt. Will provide blanket, sheets, pillow, and towel. Kind of far from everything, but hey, its Houston. With a car, everything is doable! Feel free to use the kitchen and appliances and things and stuff, but food is not free, unless you're here for one night only, in which case, I can afford to feed you. I like my apt clean and neat,(messes attract bugs, and there is nothing I hate more than roaches. It's Houston. Humid and tropical)so I expect you to leave everything the way you found it. I don't care if you make a giant mess, as long as you clean it up.

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