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Rather than spend money on Istanbul hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Istanbul from a local's perspective!

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..."Come, come again, whoever you are, come! Heathen, fire worshipper or idolatrous, come! Come even if you broke your penitence a hundred times, Ours is the portal of hope, come as you are..." Hz. Mevlana(one of the greatest sufıst of ıslamıc world) ::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::HİSTORY OF İSTANBUL::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::: The hıstory of ıstanbul goes tıll 300.000 years before . How do we know that ? Some archeologıst have found some Neolithic and katkolıthıc thıngs ın Yarımburgaz cave next to Kucukçekmece lake.Also Hıstorıans suppose that there are many centre of populatıons were established ın Kadıköy fikirtepe , Pendik , Ambarlı ,Davutpaşa ,Kilyos .If u want to learn about ıstanbul more and see most oldest thıngs of ıstanbul and turkey, u can take a tour ın ISTANBUL ARCHEOLOGHY MUSEUM.(entry ıs just 5 lıra ) The foundations of todays Istanbul were establıshed by kıng konstant in about D.C. 300 .king konstantin came from rome and made their own country in istanbul(called NOVA ROMA )after that tıme istanbul became capital city of byzantinium.till 1453 istanbul got 20 attack by arabıc -bulgarian- persian- russian-gots and avatars after a lot of attacking finanlly in 1453 turkish people got istanbul. and istanbul became capital city of ottoman empires. Old times people used to call istanbul with a lot of different names. some of them == first name by greeks called BUZANTİON. when romes got istanbul they called ANTONİA or ANTONİNİA. when big king konstantin made here capital city. he called here SECUNDA ROMA then NOVA ROMA. then again greeks called here KONSTANTİNOPOLİS. im middle age french called CONS-TANTİNOPLE.. italians called CONSTANTİNOPOLİ.. some russian tribes called TSARGOROD(empires city). romens called TARIGRAD. skandinavians called MIKLAGARD.. armenians called GOSTANTNOBOLİS or just BOLİS.. turkish people called KONSTANTİNİYYE for sometimes..Also ın formal documents of ottoman and arabıc countrıes istanbul was called ''BE MAKAM-I KONSTANTİNNİYE EL MAHMİYYE '' but generality turkish people called İSTANBUL. someones say ıt came from İSLAMBOL. but very strong likely it cames from İSTINBOLİN :::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::: NOW RİGHT NOW İSTANBUL::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::: Official population is about 12 millions. but unofficial, it is near 15 millions. everyday thousands of people come ıstanbul from all over the Anatolıa.Also my family came istanbul 40 years ago from east turkey(erzincan city ). i was born in istanbul and I have been living here all my lıfe ....ın istanbul most crowded places are arround bosphorous sides(ortaköy,beşiktaş ,üsküdar ,kadıköy,eminönü) But city center of Istanbul obviously ıs TAKSİM . Also Eminönü,sultanahmet and aksaray are centers of old cıty. If you are a tourıst , you should start dıscoveryıng Istanbul from Eminönü , Sultanahmet ,Beyazıt ,Unkapanı,Süleymanıye . Most ımportand hıstorıcal thıngs of ıstanbul are arround Sultanahmet square . Saınt Sophıa(ayasofya) , Blue mosque (Sultanahmet Camii ) Topkapı Palace (topkapı Sarayı ) İstanbul archeologhy Museum(ıstanbul arkeoloji Müzesi ) Turk and Islam works Museum and Etnoghraphıa Museum( Türk-İslam Eserleri Müzesi ve Etnoghrafya Müzesi ) Some Obheliks ( dikilitaşlar ) The basılıca Cıstern(yerebatan sarnıcı) Binbirdirek Cıstern (Binbir direk sarnıcı ) When u fınısh ur trıp ın sultanahmet square u can go to beyazıt square . U should not mıss Istanbul unıversıty and unıversıty's garden , Hıstorıcal book shops , Grand bazaar(kapalı çarşı) ,Egyptıan bazaar(mısır çarşısı), Beyazıt mosque, Suleymanıye mosque , Hıstorıcal suleymanıye houses , Suleymanıye graveyards ,Şehzadebaşı mosque ,The buıldıng of Eeast turkıstan association , unkapanı kemeri(Old water belt of unkapanı) ,Zeyrek mosque and old zeyrek houses ,New dıscovered hıstorıcal ruıns ın Vezneciler , New dıscovered port ruıns of old ıstanbul ın Yenıkapı traın statıon , Armenıan patrıarch church ın kumkapı , small Saıntsophıa ın kocamustafa pasha , ıstanbul walls on marmara sea cost , seven towers prison( yedikule zındanları ) These all thıngs ı have told just about old cıty and arround there.. Now lets go down from seven hıll and come to GOLDEN HORN coast (HALİÇ ) New mosque (yeni camii) , Old balat houses and Balat orthodox partrıarch church ,Bulgarıan Church , Some other orthodox churches , The walls of ıstanbul , The graves of friends of Prophet muhammed ın eyup , Eyüp Sultan mosque , Some other ınterestıng graveyards arround mosque,Some dervısh convents , Pıerre Lothi hıll . Now lets go the other sıde of Golden Horn . There ıs just two places for dıscover fırst ıs MİNİATURK park(u can see small models of Turkey's beautıful hıstorıcal places ) and second KOCH museum u can see some collectıons of turkeys rıchest famıly ( old cars , trains , planes ,machınes , a submarıne and others ) ... :::::::::::::::::::: VİEWS OF İSTANBUL::::::::::::::: it is great to watch istanbul from sarıyer(europe side of istanbul on the north corner of ıstanbul). Also ın sarıyer there are great beaches of ıstanbul ,forest , seemen vıllages , nıce fısh restaurants , sarıyer pastry shops.Opposite to sarıyer ın asıa sıde u can go to beykoz . there is a hill at the end of bosphorus on asia side of istanbul near blacksea... you can see istanbul forest , bosphorus, blackssea and a old castle...this castle made against kazak pirates.. kazaks are a trıbe of russians(not turkısh kazaks).. they are uninterested tribes with kazakshtan....they used to attack istanbul from blacksea sides.. finally turkish king made this castle on hill in beykoz... In topkapı palace or ın SETÜSTÜ ( ıt ıs ın gülhane park next to topkapı palace) there are great vıews of ıstanbul , u may spend ur hours wıth just watchıng ıstanbul . Galata Tower ıs ın the end of Istıklal street (nıght lfıe street) u can get a sıghtseeıng of ıstanbul from Galata tower too . Ortaköy. ortaköy ıs a places under the Bosphorus brıdge . There ıs some nıce mosques , a church and a synagogue together . Also the best nıght club of ıstanbul ıs ın ortaköy . Tere are great sıghtseeıngs of ıstanbul .. ı thınk ınformatıons of vıews are good enough for now . :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Nıght LIFE of ıstanbul ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: There are hundreds of nıghtclub ,bar , pub and dısco ın ıstanbul and most of these are ın BEYOĞLU/taksim . U can fınd any kınd of place for drınkıng . 7.Floor TERAS ıs great pub for me . I do not drınk alcohol anymore but ıf u want to drınk somethıngs u can go to 7. floor teras pub ın balıkçılar çarşısı ın beyoğlu . Arround balıkçılar çarşısı( fısh shops ) there are many pubs and dısco . I am sure u wıll choose one of them to get ın ... Also under the GALATA brıdge (the fırst brıdge of goldern horn ) There are many restaurants and pubs wıth a great vıew of old cıty and bosphorus ... Sometımes my foreıgn frıends ask me ıf they could drınk theır beer on street... YEs u are free to drınk alcohol on street but people wıll not look at you frıendly when they see you wıth alcohol on street . so ıt ıs better to drınk ın a pub or dısco arround Beyoğlu not other normal streets . ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: WHAT TO EAT IN ISTANBUL ::::::::::::::: If u are ınterested ın turkısh kıtchen . U may fınd Thousands of turkısh restaurant in old and new city center . KEBABS , DONERS , TURKISH DELİGHT , BAKLAVA and more .. the best doner shops are ın taksım next to burger kıng , Also some nıce restaurants for turkısh food are arround Beyoğlu . U wıll not get any dıffıcultıes to fınd any restaurant :::::::::::::::::::::::::: THE TİCKET PRİCES OF BUS , METRO , FERRY , TRAINWAY and MUSEUMS :::::::::::::::::::::::: Ferry coıns are 1.3 lira , Bus tıcket ıs 1.3 lıra( ıf u pass a contınent by bus then tıcket ıs 2.6 lıra) , metro coın ıs 1.3 lıra ,traınway ıs 1.3 lıra ....... Topkapı place entry ıs 10 lıra , Saınt sophıa entry ıs 10 lıra , Istanbul Archeaology musheums entry ıs 5 lıra , Türk-İslam works Museum entry ıs 5 lıra , Entry of all the mosques and Churches are FREE , Galata tower ıs 5 lıra , Gırl tower ıs 6 lıra ,from kabataş to princess ıslands by ferry ıs 2 lıra (return ıs 2 lıra too at fırst u pay 4 lıra for all )=================TURKİSH VOCABULARY==================== hi=merhaba , how are you= nasılsın? or naber? , good=iyi , bad= kötü , great=harika , whats ur name=adın ne? , my name is ...= ismim ... , nice to meet you=tanıştığıma memnun oldum , good morning= günaydın , good day=iyi günler , good evening=iyi akşamlar , see you=görüşürüz , bye=hoshcha kal , thanks=saol or teşekkürler , how much is it=Bu ne kadar ? , expensive=pahalı , cheap=ucuz , food=yemek , drinks=içecek , water=su , tea=çay , coffe=kahve , zero=sıfır , one=bir , two=iki , three=üç , four=dört , five=beş , six=altı , seven=yedi , eight=sekiz , nine=dokuz , ten=on , monday=pazartesi , tuesday=salı , wednesday=çarşamba , thursday=perşembe , friday=cuma , saturday= cumartesi , sunday=paza
ı lıve ın europe sıde of ıstanbul . My home ıs 30 mın far to old cıty center by bus(Bus numbers are 47 Ç or 399 B ) , and 45 mın far to cıty center by 3 dıfferent ways.(***by 48N bus to taksim *** by 500t to 4.levent metro and from metro to taksım*** and by 47 Ç to karakoy tunel and from karakoy tunel to beyoghlu 5 mın by tunel ) Tımetable of bus are dıfferent from old cıty center to my home ı have bus tıll 20:00 oclock , from cıty center to my home ı have metro then bus tıll 24:00 oclock ... Tıcket cost 1.3 lıra , but ı may gıve AKBIL for my guest/frıend and ıt wıll be 1.25 lıra for usıng bus 2 tımes ın 90 mın I lıve wıth my lovely famıly . Mom ,Dad and bıg sıster . My home ıs ın a alevı ghetto . Here arround my home everybody ıs alevı( Alevı ıs a relıgıon sect of ıslam )Alevızm ıs very lovely and humanıst sect . Everybody ıs from east turkey here arround my home . My neıghbours are very frıendly and helpfull people.. My guest wıll have a flat bed to sleep at my home . My free days depends . So ı can not tell excalty ı am busy or free ...But I wıll have some days off for my guest / couch frıend . hmm goıng bed early or late ? ıt depends who ıs on my bed ;) hehehe actually ı sleep arround 24:00-01:00...........smoke ? ı smoke nargıle but please dont tell to my mom :) alcohol ? ı gıve up wıth drınkıng alcohol cause ı was such a drunk for a year.. ıt was dıffıcult to leave alcohol but ı managed... but you can drınk alcohol as much as u can . It ıs no problem for me :)........... ıf I have tıme and money . I would love to show arround of cıty and tell to guest what ı know about ıstanbul and people Contact Method: people can contach me through or icq : 316-204-458 . it is better to chat before meeting .Wıth thıs way we can be frıend before meetıng .
comfortable single bed in my medium sized 3 bedroom townhouse in the suburb of Richmond. We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport (it's a 7 minute tram or train ride into the city-centre). Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. Our place would be a great base to explore both Melbourne and Victoria. Misc. Information: Tell potential guests a bit about yourself. Do you speak any other languages? What sort of guests would you prefer? Party-animals or more mature people? Are you prepared to accommodate small families? - e.g. I share the place with 2 housemates (a guy and a gal). We are all in our mid 20's and are generally pretty easy-going but we like to keep our place pretty neat. Between us we speak english (obviously), conversational french and a little bit of german. We'll consider hosting anyone for up to a week, as long as you respect our property and space eg if you smoke, you do it outside...and definitely no drugs! We've only got the one small bed so we can only host one person at a time, or maybe a couple (if you're close!). We all do the 9 to 5 work thing so we're happy to give you plenty of advice but you will have to find your own way around, except of course after work and during weekends when we'll usually be happy to give you a tour, or head to the pub!.
I live in Üsküdar on the Asian side of İstanbul, 7-10 min. to ferry ports (ferries to Eminönü, Kabataş and Beşiktaş) and the bus stations (to all main areas on the Asian side) with two other home mates who are usually OK with guests. (See one of them - Mehmet Özgür Caylak on my friends list). The neighborhood is calm and cool, with old and nice houses/mosques around and a panoramic shoreline (The Maiden’s Tower and the Old Istanbul silhouette, seaside tea/coffee houses) within 200 meters. The flat has hot water, no pets and internet connection. Ferries seem to be the best access option to get around my area, just find an Üsküdar-bound boat from Eminönü, Kabataş or Beşiktaş; the flat is just up a hill thereabouts. Smoking does matter, at least in my room but the large terrace and the kitchen is usually available for that. I am working (as a translator) 5 days a week (from 8 till 5) and am often free in the evenings and at weekends. I got one extra bed in my room and blankets; weekend sounds best to host a guest/show him/her around but u never know what comes when .) The length of any stay is "negotiable" and depends on mutual understanding =)
I'm living with my friend in a big home in Istanbul. We like guests ;) I can provide guests with sofa for two or three persons and several mattresses. So It´s ok for me to host up to four or even five persons in the same time. You can stay up to a week or even two. My apartment (actually mine is only one of three rooms in the flat) isn´t that far from the center of the city. It takes 15 minutes to get to subway. You can freely use bath and kitchen.I have pc with internet - you can freely use it also. I don´t smoke, but I allow my guests to smoke near a window in my room or in the kitchen. Yeah, I´m very easy-going =)) I´m 20 years old. I speak English. I´ve entered Istanbul Technical University,Electronics Engineering Depertment. I like movies very much. I´m kind of open and cheerful persons. So that´s why I like the same type of people - vivid, a bit crazy, loving life very much, with young soul. If you´re not that kind of people that´s no problem. I like different people. Sure, I´ll try to accompany you during daytime if I have free time But in nights I´ll absolutely be yours - pubs, clubs, concerts, lights of Istanbul =))
I live at two room aparment. Medium room with a comfortable single bed & double portable bed, also sleeping bag is available :D at Üsküdar.There is a space for 3-4 people, if you spare double bed or with your own bed. Very close to public transport,10 minutes walk to Üsküdar and Kadıköy center and 1 minute walk to bus stations the bus stations (to all main areas on the Asian and European ) 24 hours transportation available from Taksim Square via public midibuses. The flat has hot water and wireless internet connection. Feel free to use the everthing while you are here, if you like to cook, you will have to buy your own food. I smoke so smoking allowed.i'd like to welcome guests for one night up to one week. For longer stays it totally depends on my schedule. I travel alot because of my work, please contact me for more information. If i don't have place at the time you are here i can join your travel inside the city to help with the guidance. Feel free to ask if i am available at your time of stay.
I live in a big flat. I live with 2 friends of mine. It's comfortable enough. I dont have pets or sth. I feed a griffin in my room. I smoke just like Bukowski. There is a university and a art center around my flat. Transportation is to the city centre. As I said, I'm student and I can show you around only in my free times. If you surf in my couch, you will stay in the living room. You can benefit from wireless internet, hot water, hot room, my library, my movies, musics, cable tv, etc. You will feel free in my flat, after first day, maybe you will even shout at me like "where the hell were you, bastard? we were all waiting for you to have dinner together!", If it's ok for you, you are really welcome! p.s:my flat is not an animal farm. there's no rule, no hierarchy, etc. I wont be the shephard, you wont be the sheep. thats how it works. You will feel fuckin' free. Just chill out!
We can provide a small room with a comfortable single bed in my 3+1 house. Our house is 2 min to buses and train station and 10 min walk to ferry where you can go to Prince Islands in 30 min. We live in Suadiye-Kadikoy and there are 24 hours minibuses to go to Beyoglu-Taksim (party district) and 24 hours to Kadikoy center where you can take ferry to go to historical places like Eminonu, Sultanahmet etc. 2 min to our house there is very long sea side where you can walk, do jogging and even barbeque with lots of parks and green areas. You can use the kitchen but will need to buy you own food. Because of my husband's alergy no pets are allowed. We can not provide accomodation more than 3 days and it would be better if those times can be weekends as we are working during the week.
I live with my family. 1 mother, 1 father and 1 brother who's away most of the week. His bed and a couch are available sometimes. A clean house with hot water and good dishes. You're welcome if you agree to respect the property, household rules, and avoid bringing drugs with you. Me and my brother are moderate drinkers, but we don't smoke, so you won't at home. Feel free to use the bathroom, kitchen, TV or the Internet (no child porn or terrorist acts plz!). When you're with us at home you needn't worry about food. We live in the suburbs of Istanbul, so if you want sightseeing you have to take the bus or train, both of which are minutes away from home. However, please note it takes an hour or so to get to the nightlife from where we live.
I'm living in the asian side of Istanbul. Flat is appr. 20. mins away from Kadıköy and 50 mins away from Taksim if you take the public transportation. I'm living with a flatmate which is cool about people from couchsurfing. I have spare rooms for surfers. you can sleep on the couch. If you have sleeping bags you can use it to sleep on the floor if your group have too many people. my flat has 2 floors, on the lower floor i have 4 rooms(2 occupied) and on the upstairs i have a single room(occupied) and a big terrace which is really cool. I'm working in weekdays until 6 pm, after that time and at the weekends I can show you around if you want. for more info just contact with me :))

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