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All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Izmir and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Izmir with them in minutes!
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Nice room with a comfortable double bed in izmir And another city the holiday the holiday place 30 minutes to izmir we have summer house at CESME Çeşme lies (~ 80 Km) west of Izmir on Turkey's Aegean coast, it is within easy reach of Izmir or Adanan Mendres International Airport (via a modern 6 lane highway) and can also be reached by ferry from the Italian port of Brindisi, or the Greek Island of Chios (in Turkish called Sakiz) The name Çeşme (“Cheshme” derived from the Turkish word for Fountain) has always been a popular summer resort for the residents of nearby Izmir and over recent years the “secrets” of Çeşme have been discovered by an ever growing number of European tourists. The region is a combination of rich agricultural land enclosing unspoiled turquoise bays with beaches of fine white sand and (as its name suggests) natural hot water springs. Cesme the perfect destination for a fun relaxing holiday in the sun
You will be sleeping in a room on a bed or couch privately. or on the couch in the saloon facing the other 1 person bed. 3 people and I can sleep in the house without seeing each other. if one more person comes, 2 will have to share the saloon. My place is so close to the metro station, taxi, bus stops that you can almost go anywhere easily in izmir with any transport. Has lots of cheap&quality food, shopping, cafe opportunities around. I live on my own alone. I have total 3 rooms and a saloon. A twin bed for myself. A couch and 1 person bed in the saloon. A couch in one small room 1 person bed in one small room. 4 people can accommodate. I have no pets. I don't smoke. I am a social drinker.
The house I live in that is close to the city (30 minutes to the center) is my dads house which is rather big and has a room with 2 beds for guests only- don't worry about bugging the folks they usually enjoy company (provided that it's the good kind). I occasionally stay at the summer house which is 60 minutes from the city center, a room with 2 beds is always available there. For winter, heating turns out to be a problem if it gets real cold although there is a fireplace and electric heaters that will usually suffice. Neither of the accomodations are smack city center as I have indicated but the surrounding is nice and public transportation is always available.
When you come to live with us; our bigger son will leave his room for you.. It will be your own bedroom. You will have Wi-Fi.. We usually cook fresh tradationel foods at home and at the same time try new different tastes. You can be with us at all meals and also you can cook :) İzmir is a nice city with seashore and historical places. İt’s the third biggest city in Turkey. We live in city center. Our house is only 2 minutes to subway stop and 10 minutes to seaside by walking. At the seaside you can rent bike and ride.. There are many bars, clubs, site-seeing, resaurants, shopping, bazaars, ect. in İzmir. The weather is usually sunny.
a big room with a comfortable single bed.I live in the center of the town alone and studying.I am a language summer I usually work as a rep for a british company called VISION HOLIDAYS.I am a tourist guide.My house is very close to all the stuff in the city.Cuz I live in the center.Feel free to use the kitchen also feel free to use the toilet :P .If you are interested in history, izmir (SYMIRNA)is a great place to visit and my house will be a perfect place to stay but I would like to warn you about my cat I have a sweet kitten.if you dont like pets think twice.
Hi, My apartment is located in Karsiyaka, Izmir. It is 10 minutes walking distance from the train station which is directly connected to Izmir Adnan Menderes airport. I am sharing my flat with my mother. I can host single travellers or couples. Children are no problem. For the time being a double bed is a private room. We will need to share the kitchen and the bathroom... (I am keen on cleanness and tidyness of the house, so neat visitors are preferred) Smoking and drinking are no problem.. Hope to see new friends around...
1 person on coach,2 person on the air bed and 1 person i can make a bed on the floor. I have got some blankets. There is bathroom,kitchen and a balcoon. I live in the main street and there are lots of places around here open until 01.00-02.00. I live in office it is my father's office so for weekdays if you can wake up at 9 am and get out house at 10 am with me or alone, there is no problem for me to host you. The other days saturday some times 10 am is okay if my father is not working than you can sleep all day if you want :)
3-BEDROOMS----3 PEOPLE CAN STAY 3-BEDS DİFFERENT BEDS 1-KITCHEN 1-SALOON AT LİVE MUSİC : ) I AM MUSİCİAN:) PİANO-GUİTAR HOT WATER (FOR SHOWER) NEAR THE METRO VERY CLOSE TO BUS STOP CLOSE TO FERRY STOP PARTY AVALIABLE : )NO NEIGHBOR PROBLEM: ) have three bedroom and Saloon 3 beds for guests and two different rooms. So , 3-4 people can stay at my home. It is very close to Metro and u can reach everywhere besides close to markets , restaurants and public transport (2 minutes by walk)
I live with my grandmather so in our home there is a one room is empty . I can give it to you. you dont need to bring a mat or sllepind bag. My house is not too much big but is is necessery for is in teh city cente there is a bus stop is infront of my house.and it is cery easy to go samewhere. near my hose there are lots of shops restaurant. izmir is a very beautiful city to see. I sugges you to came here. and in my home you dont need to buy any food I will make you :D
I'm living with my family and have a bedroom to share with you.I've only one bed but you can share it couple:)I'm close for everything-shops,restaurants,museums,sea,transport and all activities with you we can explore together ı can help you inthis way also ı've studied it is my work then.Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food.I can make you Turkısh food in order to taste and learn Turkısh culture.

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