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Rather than spend money on Jakarta hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Jakarta from a local's perspective!

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Shared Room: Depends You can have your private bedroom. Depends on how many people will be in warning 1: my place is in the suburbs, so it's pretty far from the center of the city. yeah i've moved from a very fun central area to a very nice and far far far from the business district. hahaha warning 2: i prefer to host people who will stay longer than 3 days at my place. warning 3: i'm living at my parents house. so, be nice to them! :P Location: Cibubur (use google map), one of the suburbs of Jakarta (South East of Jakarta) Space available: 1 or 2 AC bedroom, 1 mattress, and a lot of couches are available for couchsurfers, not to mention the space on the floor. :D Max of stay: none, as long as im not traveling. Smoking: my brother is a heavy smoker, but he's the only one who dares smoking in the house. please smoke in the balcony. Food: you can have F&B you want available in the house. usually there's my favorite fruit (watermelon), Manggo Juice, Bread + Nutella (yes, we do have Nuttela here in Indo), and some soda (which i dont really drink a lot). i eat out / order food most of the time. Sex: NO, Illegal Drugs: NO, Alcohol: YES How Far (from my house using private car): - Soekarno Hatta Airport: about 1,5 hour away (11PM-5AM). about 1,5-2,5 hours(6AM-10PM). - Bus Terminal Kampung Rambutan is about 15 minutes away (from this bus station you can find the Damri bus that goes to SH Airport, buses to other areas in Jakarta, other cities in Java and Sumatera). - Halim Airport is about 30 minutes away - Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park) is about 20 minutes away. - The Business district(Kuningan-Sudirman) is about 40 minutes away using the tollway - Bogor is 35 minutes away - Depok (Universitas Indonesia) is 20 minutes away - Bandung is 2 Hours away if you are using public transportation: add up another 10-30 minutes. :D Pets: my pets that come and go: Mosquitoes!!!hahaha .. and the wild birds that chirps in the morning and afternoon. Internet: fast enough for checking emails, facebook, chatting. Satellite TV: my father rules the TV remote and he only watches the news channels only. but when he's not at home, feel free to watch other international english speaking channel. Hang out: i prefer cafe/bar with live acoustic music. ps: i know you have very very little time to read every each profile you want to request, but since you are goin to spend time at my place, better to know what kind of "trouble" you have put yourself into. LOL. so the password for requesting a couch at my place is: "Ga ada Loe Ga Rame!". put this password at the end of your message.
I live with my sister in law and 4 nephews... And I have 1 of my brother lives down stair... My house located in a very noisy place. Right beside the main street while at 5.30 in the morning, you already could hear the noise of cars queuing in front of the house... Until around 1 AM... This is not a good environment for children. My nephews? They already get use to it... Hahahahahaha... And 1 of them, will share the room with u, if u r a guy, and if u r a girl, I'll let my nephew sleep with me... My house is a big house, yes... But my mom, who designed it, had a quite unique taste, so this house has no regular style as any other house... So, we do have a high ceiling, so it would be not too hot at day, but unfortunately, because we do have no proper air circulation, when everything is closed down, you would feel the heat... You will not need any blanket, unless you would like to avoid the mosquitoes... And it was a swamp before, and around me there is a neglected garden... So you would meet a numbers of wild cats, mouses, and mosquitoes... Across my house, there is a Number 2 level mall, you could shop some branded clothes, some restaurants and food court, daily needs, books, and watch movie in the cinema there... As I said that it is located beside the main road, so it is quite easy to get any public transportation here... About 200m, you could find a bussway stop... In front of the house, you could stop the bus which could lead you to anywhere... And taxi will always passing in front of my house for 24 hours... It is near to go to everywhere... Including Kemang area (which famous as a hangout place for foreigners), and also train station, and also Ragunan Zoo... One more thing, we r not a wealthy family... Especially now I am still jobless and no income... You could use our kitchen, but replace it please? Like if you use our eggs, please replace it... If u use our soap, please replace it as well... You don't have to worry to get smaller pack of all those things... The supermarket on the mall across, provide you many things in smaller package, as much as you need only... (You could only buy 1 egg... ^-* Isn't that great?) But again, because I am not live by my own, if you really really really need a couch, I need to ask agreement from my sister in law first... If it is OK for her, then you will welcome to stay in my house... If she is not, then you need to satisfy only with my companion... Either way, try it first, contact me, and we'll see what we can do about it... When I have "my own place", I will update this information.... ^-^
Basically my house has two compartments. One is my room with my wife and the other is my living room enough for two persons with the TV and Fridge there. So don't worry you will have your privacy enough, just don't make noise too loud, LOL. I have one toilet, one small kitchen. It's not a big house but cozy enough for me. First of all, I don't tolerate DRUGS in my house and please don't drunk. Don't worry AT ALL about transportation in my house. My house is just steps away with the Tol Kebon Jeruk intersection where all kind of transportations would pass daily (Taxi, Buses, Busway, Bajai, Ojek/ Taxi Motor) which means you can find any kind of mode of transportation heading to anywhere throughout Jakarta and even outside Jakarta. There's a Busway Station near my house, only Rp. 3.500 and you can surf the whole Jakarta with it. It's a kind of safe and clean bus with Air Conditioner. Many transportation heading to Gambir Train Station and Jalan Jaksa. I can take you at Jalan Jaksa when I'm free. I'm living with my wife only. I can provide you two mattresses in my living room. We will share you our kitchen so you can at least save money from buying foods outside. Please do your own dishes and laundry in my house. I don't have pets and please don't bring your pets because I don't have any space for them. I love them though LOL. I don't smoke but if you really need to smoke, you can do it outside of my house. I'm working from 8 AM to 5.30 PM (Monday to Friday). Saturday & Sunday are basically free if I don't have music gigs, so maybe I can accompany you to some places you'd like to go if my schedule allows me. I sleep late usually practising with my bass. So please consider this if you are the kind of person who needs to sleep without any music that can disturb you. But I might leave my bass behind to welcome you :).I don't slap the bass at the middle of night of course, LOL. But keep it silent started from 11 PM since my wife needs to sleep early, but it depends on how interesting you are to, kidding! I can host from 6.30 PM until the next day in the morning before I go to work from Monday to Friday. In weekends I can host all day long LOL. I have blankets you can use but I don't think you need them in Jakarta with the temperature that don't need blankets LOL. Not too hot though, don't worry I have a big fan enough to make you float in the air LOL. Any more questions please feel free to contact my YM or email
My place is located in South Jakarta. It's a small and warm family house with 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, 1 family room, and 2 bathrooms. There are 3 other person live here with me, with no pets. While in here, you may use my room, which equipped with blanket, aircon and access to the internet. The bed is large enough for two person. There's no TV in the room, but you can watch TV in the family room. Sometimes, some of my friends would come along over weekend to play poker or just hanging out in my place. You'd be more than welcome to join, but if you're already have other plan, that'll be fine too. And if you're able to cook, especially food from your country, I'll encourage you to use my kitchen, and please please cook something good and save me some.. :) But if you can't, there are tons of places to eat around the hood (from street food to restaurant). You allow to smoke in this house. But, drugs and the like are highly restricted. Currently, I work from home. So, I might have a chance to show you around and explore the city. But, you might as well sightseeing on your own. Several options of public transportation can be easily access from my house.
small room with pretty enough comfy single bed, (because I am single...) with bathroom, shower, clean toilet. A room with conventional tv, non AC ( I am very green support living). It's 50 m from recreational area, Setu babakan, Betawi central cultures if you really interested to see traditional house of Jakarta. Feel free to use everything while you're here, have barbeque party or cook everything that you want to of course buying groceries, meat and everything that you need in nearby local market here. My place is not so far from university of Indonesia, Ragunan zoo, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah and you could do your adventure using train to Bogor or spend the whole day enjoying Jakarta by Trans Busway.
Im working and do local travellin sometimes,i love to hang out with all my guest although sometimes Im hardly to find even at home... Jakarta is Big City to cover up. It will be my pleasure to host you to show parts of it. Mostly i help my guest for their travelling arrangement because we have over 13.000 islands to visit. Always feels nice if i can gathered you with other guest member to share accomodation, transportation and lots of things in a cheapest effective way. I have 2 place i live on, one is with my family with few rooms available...and one is with my best girlfriend, "NETZ", we rent a small 2 bedrooms house b'coz its closer to where we work. So, make up your choice....:)
Small room with a comfortable double bed in my medium sized 3 bedroom house in the west jakarta (30 minutes drive from the airport). We are very close to everything - malls, cafe, restaurants and public transport (it's a 10 minutes walking to train station which take you to the city-centre). Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food if we aren't eating at home. Generally, we will share our dinners and lunches with you for free if you eat together with us! ;-) Strictly no drugs,alcohol,or smoking in the house and please keep the house neat & clean.
I lived in the hustling bustling big city since 2004 and stay at dorm in Slipi, West Jakarta. My room isnt spacious enough but can accomodate up to 2 person. My places is very close to Malls, CBD area, and sightseeing. And just because my dorm is close to my ex-university, you can get any kind of food in a budget. But not everyday i'm stay in jakarta ussually i stay there for 2 weeks and goin back home in Tulungagung, East Java ( 1 hour by flight from Jakarta). At my village, i have few house. Its very comfy here, surrounding by beaches and mountains. You can also stay here if you want.
This is a family house with two small beedrooms for me and one nephew. the house is a medium-sized with living room and a kitchen. I prefer to accomodate one or two-girl guests only. You can share my bedroom, but since the bed is single size, you can use the mattress to sleep. Location is in the outskirt area of Jakarta. the neighbour is close to shops, restaurants and public transportation. To downtown Jakarta in weekdays take about 1.5 hours. Feel free to use the kitchen, and feel free to buy your own food and groceries, if your stomach can not cope with I provide to my family.
Spacious room with a comfortable Queen-sized bed in my family 3 floor townhouse in the heart of Jakarta. We are located in the heart of the city, at the border of West and South Jakarta, close to the Senayan stadium and shopping malls. Therefore might be a bit loud because we live on the main road, across a guesthouse. First floor is my Fathers office where employees come in to work 9 to 5 and we have a live in maid. Lunch might be provided on the weekend, provided that my parents are home and the maid are cooking for the whole family, however we usually go out for dinner time.

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