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Its a small room (my room) with a queen sized bed. Its in an apartment with 3 bedrooms that my parents own. But since its my room and I do use it, sometimes it gets messy, I try to keep it neat whenever I can. :) Its towards the west end of singapore (take note that the airport is at the east end) so it does take quite a ride (train and the bus) to reach. And it takes about 30-40mins (bus and train) to reach the city. 20min or less if u take the taxi and the roads are not filled with traffic jams. Having said that, Singapore is so small that it doesnt really matter where you stay, it is well connected and 100% urbanized so you'll never be stuck anywhere without food sources or amenities nearby.
I keeps a dog in a 3 bedroom government high rise flat with my family in Jurong Area. 5 minutes walking distance to our neighbourhood centre for food and basic shopping needs. 15 minutes bus ride to nearest shopping mall, bus interchange and MRT station. 1 hour traveling time (including bus and mrt rides) to town and CBD area. You can use our kitchen for light Cooking and washing machine. No smoking in my house.
Small house. Staying with parents. 15mins walk from lakeside MRT. Have spare bed.
not in a position to accommodate other members at the moment
near to University & fun areas in the west.
Single room and 2 beds
Warm and comfortable!
Will Update soon

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