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Accommodation information in and around Kassel.

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Room with one or two beds. I live in a community in the country, i.e. in the little village exist only two bars. In our community we do organic vegetable gardening and in our little shop we sell these vegetables third times a week. You may feel free to use our community kitchen, but there will be most of the time other people of the community or some of the other guests. With public transport you can reach the nearest city Kassel in about 50 minutes every hour, but not too late in the evening. The last bus to my location starts in the city of Kassel at 9.30 pm. Our community is located in the Kaufunger Wald, a famous holiday area with natural wood an nice grassland. There is also a big tent space in our garden.
I live on the slopes of a small hillock in the suburb of Göttingen called Nikolausberg (10km from town center). There is a bus stop at 2 min walking distance. I live alone in a 36m2 apartment with a double bed and a couch. Supermarkets, pizzeria, medicine store, ATM, Max Planck campus, swimming pool are some of the close by facilities. Pubs, restaurants, and shops are within 7 km. Feel free to stay as your own house, provided you care for all (helping with kitchen, cleanliness, etc) like your own house :) I can show around the town in the evenings after work or on weekends. Besides the town there are other attractions nearby (like Hannover, Hamburg, etc). Looking forward to your visit :)
Separate room in my parents house. The room has got a comfortable single bed, so you don´t need a sleeping-bag. We, my parents, my younger brother (20), a cat and me, live in Reinhardshagen. Reinhardshagen is a village with 5.500 inhabitants, three supermarkets, some pubs and restaurants. If you like you can move to the Staufenberg, a 434m high mountain. From Reinhardshagen you can take the bus to Hann. Münden (10km), a lovely town with half timbered houses and the beginning of the river Weser. There is a train station to the nearest bigger cities Kassel (20km) and Göttingen (30km). Feel free to use our bathroom, living room and kitchen.You also can use our computer.
This place is NOT in Kassel, but Goettingen! However, Goettingen was not in the database. This is a shared flat with 4 students in the city center and very close to the train station. We have a very nice and big appartement with a big living room and a couch. But you will not have a room for yourself, since the living room is more like a little hall from which you enter the individual rooms. If you do not mind this, you are welcome to stay over. Göttingen is a small place and from this flat you can reach almost everything by foot.
Small room with a comfortable single bed in my medium sized 3 bedroom townhouse in the Center of Kassel. We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. Our place would be a great base to explore Kassel.
actually i am living in goettingen app. 50 km (35 mi) north of kassel. it is an exaguration to state that i have lots of space. basicaly it it is a small room in a student dormatory. but i think when you travel foreign countries it is rather a question of company than of comfort...
a living room with couch; a flat in a small house in the middle of the city, near the river and the big Aue Park. Feel free to use the kitchen, while you are here, but you have to by your own food. Cooking togehter is also possible. Tram and Bus Stations are nearby.
There is a room for sleeping with sleepingbags. In Kassel you can visit some nice parks and museums. I live close to shops and it is easy to get to the center or to the main train station. You can use the shower, the wasching mashine and the kitchen if you like.
I live in a small studio flat usually just reserved for myself but I am willing to make some space for a fellow traveller. Walking distance to shopping centres and the City. My fridge is very small so long term stay may be difficult in that regard.
Couch (2 persons maximum) in a medium sized house in Kassel. 10 minutes walk to a shopping center with all you need, 5 minute walk to the tram station (12 minute ride into the city-centre with Karlsaue, Brüder-Grimm-Museum, Documenta-Halle, ...).

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