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We live in a village called Leura, 2 hours by train west of Sydney in the stunning Blue Mountains, 3kms from Katoomba. We are 2 women, we have 3 dogs (greyhound, whippet and chihuahua) and a tabby cat. We live in a huge art deco house (actually 2 flats) that we are currently renovating. We have plenty of beds but if you have a sleeping bag it would be helpful. We don't smoke but we don't mind if you do as long as it is outside. There is plenty to do in the Blue Mountains and it is all easily accessable from our house as we live only 5 minutes walk from the station and bus stops. We are happy to give advice when we can but neither of us can drive so you will have to rely on public transport etc. We don't mind if you have a bit of a party just don't wreck the place. You can stay up to 3 days, more if you can help us with our renovations in some way.
Fairly large room with a very lovely comfortable double bed.Our house is hidden away within a very bushy area that is quiet and peaceful.However we are still very close to Leura and Katoomba(which is situated in the blue mountains, N.S.W), therefore close to many popular tourist destinations such as "The Three Sisters". All the suburbs sourrounding our area are very close together. Katoomba is 2 hours west on the train from sydney.You are most welcome to use our large kitchen and amenities.However you must buy your own food. We have a very large two storey house therefore you have alot of privacy and time to yourself. Our surrounding bushland makes our house a very nice place to really experience the Australian outback. There are many lovely scenic walks and endless other things to do within the area.
AT moment due to death of my father I wont be taking any requests for a while. jan 2006 cheers helena Hi, I travel a lot but when i come home i stay with my mother in her lovely house in Katoomba, Blue mountains. Even when i am not there i am sure she would be happy to accomodate respectful kind folk.. It is about 1.5 hour by car from sydney and 2 hours on the train. we would arrange to pick you up from train station. A car would be helpful as its not right near the main street - am sure we can sometimes take you around. we are both world travellers having lived in many other countries. I am half spanish so speak spanish. I was born in brasil (my mother speaks spanish, portuguese and fluent french).
two single beds in my home, which is attached to the Gundungurra Tribal Council building complex, see website for details of Tribal council
small bedroom

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