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Probably will be a double bed in spare room. Depending if there's friends visiting, it might be an air matress (that stays blown up through the night!) in another spare room. Marty (partner) and I live in Pottsville beach, wich is halfway between Tweed Heads NSW and Byron Bay NSW. The area is beautiful, we live 2 min walk from the beach and a lagoon/creek. There's a bus that starts in POttsville and heads north, none that go down to Byron. Hitchiking seems easy enough, if you're lucky, we'll have time to take you around a bit. You're welcome to use house ammeneties, and kitchen, seeing on what's happening when you're here, maybe a communal dinner would be nice, otherwise, you'll have to get your own food.
Chris and I live in a unit/apartment on the third floor (45 steps) overlooking the beach. It is easy walk to the beach, shops cafe and movie theatre. We have a small guest room/office with either two single beds or it turns into a king size.Summer is warm here and are winters are very mild & we have blankets We have no pets (unfortunately as we are not allowed) but love animals. We don't smoke. Public transport is by bus. We don't work a regular job so any day of the week is fine depending on what we are doing. We love to show people around and would consider going to Byron Bay, Nimbin, rainforest etc.
Free Tent space. Weekend Summer (October - March), Weekly stay Winter (May,June,July,August,September). Bushland Close to beach. No amenities. Shops 2km. Buses run two houly from 7am to 7pm. Daily buses to airport. Uncovered off street parking for motorcycle only. On street parking for car for overnite or weekend stay only.
we live in a coastal town. 12 shops and a creek and beach. Nice to stop over. But not near immediate city. However there are buses that frequent into town on weekdays, but are scarse on weekends. You will have to supply your own food ect. Can use shower though.

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