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Members in Konstanz / Germany
Accommodation information in and around Konstanz.

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Rather than spend money on Konstanz hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Konstanz from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Konstanz and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Konstanz with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of Konstanz!
In my 4 to 8 people's (double)flat share we often have a free bed/room to offer, for the most part it's a 140cm sized bed, but it can also be a classical single sized mattress (90cm). Usually fresh bed linen should be no problem, too. So don worry about the necessary fundamental comfort when you are on backpacking in Konstanz / Constance, Lake of Constance. Our flat share is located in a suburb of Konstanz called "Wollmatingen", a quite secluded area - you have to travel into the city for about 12-15 min by bus, but we are often able to offer a ridable bicycle from our comprehensive cellar stuff. extra chilling factor: a very nice, rough garden, a kinky cat and relaxed living conditions with shared fridge, and conversations/beer. Also over four years of 'Konstanz experience'. But be prepared for a relaxed but well-fitting attitude towards tidiness. ATTENTION: This description is for my current flat, which could change in about 6 weeks (Oct. '11) - I will keep that up to date for you soon.
A double bed or a mattress on the ground, it is nut much space and we have to move together but for few days -no problem ;). I am a non-smoker easygoing student, and live in a flat share with three other students (smoking in the house is not possible, but feel free to do it outside). If i have enough time i can give you a look aroung if you like. The flat is near lake constance, it takes five minutes to the lake (and a place where you can go swimming), 15 to downtown, 20-25 to the harbour/railway station (everything on foot), 10 minnutes to bus stops, one minute to a baker/pizzeria/kebab-döner-shop/supermarket/apothecary I am not at home everytime so if you want to stay please request early enough. cheers eva
Small pavillon with a comfortable dobble air-bed in the hinterland of Konstanz (old University-City on the Lace Constance) We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport (it's a 30 minute tram or train ride into the city-centre). Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. Our place would be a great base to explore Lace Constance
Floor or perhaps small room in a two-story apartment with six roommates in downtown Konstanz, Germany. Really old, kind of dark, sometimes unkempt, totally charming house, always with many great people around to chat with. In any case not great or super-comfortable sleeping accomodations but very friendly people. Extremely close to everything imaginable.
to offer: spare room, big kitchen, big bathroom, food- not centre 5min by bus, lake of constance 5min by bus- great for swimming, walks etc..,swiss boarder 10 min by bus, shop, bars, discos, clubs in easy walking distance, ..friendly, welcoming area, a good place to relax and experience some german and swiss culture..
Spare Mattress on the floor of my one-room appartment in the city center, 5min walk to the lake or train station...In Summertime a hamook in the garden can be also used or a couch in the separate room of a friends place and bathroom of corse can be used, you just have to buy your own food.
nice flatwith a comfortable single bed in my medium sized 4 bedroom flatin the suburb of Kreuzlingen. We are very close to everything - shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport (it's a 2 minute bus ride into the city-centre). . Our place would be a great base to explore the lake of constance
Hi there have space for 1-2 persons in my room in a community - I live with 1 guy and 1 girl. Feel free to stay up to 3 nights and to use our bath and kitchen, but please bring your own food. 15 Minutes walk from the train station, 10 minutes from the town centre.
Couch in a seperate room. I live in a little village, only one bus station but in the next village is a train station, from there you can reach nearly every city in the environments (for example constance). We are close to the lake of constance.
We are a nice House where 10 people are living peacefully together in the middle of the old centre of konstanz!Everyone is easygoing and nice loving party ,chatting and going out at all!all of us are students so dont hasitate were raelly easy going

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