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it is a ocupied house with common livingroom/dormitory. Available places may differ from time to time significantly, depending on number of quests. notice that there is lack of heating, electricity, or water, and toilet. water source and toilet is serving one gas station nearby. building officialy is in danger of colapsing so entering is at your own risk. Your property as mine can not be perfectly locked, this is not a fortress, and doors are openable with single kick. there is possible to go for ie. swimmingpool nearby to have bath, shower or sauna, for resonable price. food can be recycled at the city and prepared here requesting prove that you have read that part, and know what to expect
Very good location in midtown, 15 min walk from the main square. There are 6 people in the flat. I can offer 1 mattress and place on the floor in my room to share with me and my roommate. No pets. No smoking. there are plenty of cafeteria, pubs and clubs nearby. good communication point, you can take public transport to all parts of the city. I'm rather busy person, but I can spend some time for showing the city or having a chat. We go to bed about midnight or later, there is no rule. I've got few blankets if needed. I think you can stay up to 2-4 days, depands on my flatmates. any questions? just send me a message:)
I live with my friends, availability mostly depends on their presence, so write to me in advance! I don't have couch ;), floor is wooden, in matt bronze, a bit vintage, I've slept on it once or twice in a time and I would say it's quite comfortable ;) Beds are available if my friends are away. About 10 minutes (by tram, going very often) to main square. Mostly available on weekends, but it depends ;) Preferred Gender: Any Smoking allowed outside Has children: No Can host children: No Has pets: No Can host pets: No Max Surfers Per Night: 2 Shared Room: It depends on my roommates presence
I don't have a regular job and I am away a lot, abroad or in different cities so everything depends on your date of arrival. If I'm home, I can offer an utterly private room for max. 2 people. It is in a separated part of the building, quiet and with it's own locked door. I can provide some blankets but please get a sleeping bag if you like it more comfy. There are no pets, and I would appreciate no smoking indoors. I might be able to host for 1 day or a week, depending on my schedule. Just contact me and we'll try to arrange something.
There is a district which is called Ruczaj, a bit far from the city center. I and my wife have one room with two beds. One bed is for you. The second room belongs to our flatmate. I've written there are two places to sleep, but there is only approximately number...if You resign from some comforts there is a possibility to put up more people. I've got much spare time for show you the Cracow and parts of Cracow. I don't smoking. I haven't got any pets. You're welcome at every time (no matter - day or night)!
A nice room with a double bed with enough space for an additional mattress or spare bed in our rumpus room (very comfortable). We live in a nice apartment at a quiet settlement. 5min walk to the bus stop, about 15/20 min bus ride to the city-center. Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here. We can provide you with a dinner in the evening.
I rent a flat in Krakow where I`m studing.It`s a quite big flat near city centre.I`ve got my own room which is not big but it`s quite comfortable.Feel free to use the kitchen while you are here, but you will have to buy your own food. What about location: It`s realy very close to everything-shops, pubs etc.
Two spare rooms with two, comfortable single beds inside. Kitchen is also available to use. I live about 25 min (tram or bus) into the City centre. Krakow is a great base to explore other nice places as Zakopane (mountain resort)or Wieliczka (famous salt mine). I offer support durig visiting.
spare bed or mattress on floor, please take sleeping bag, I live 25 km from Cracow in small house, bus to Cracow 5 minutes walk, no night buses to place where I live, can take you from Cracow by my car, feel free to use kitchen, visitors should like kids - have 2 doughters (8 & 3 years)
I have a big room with a matras and two beds in two bedroom apartment 15-20 min. drive from the city center. Near we have a huge mall, gym, church, 7 minutes walk to the tram stop. Feel free to use kitchen, we can even go to the rooftop of the house.

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