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Rather than spend money on Las Vegas, Clark hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see Las Vegas, Clark from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in Las Vegas, Clark and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in Las Vegas, Clark with them in minutes!
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Looking for a similar trade in various cities (we're flexible): We have a clean and neat guest room with twin beds and a private bathroom (with a walk-in shower). We live in a new house 15 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Public transit is limited, so you will need a rental car. Nearby attractions include Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Red Rock (sprawling park with miles of beautiful desert mountains, hiking and world-class rock-climbing). The Grand Canyon is about five hours' drive away. Los Angeles is four hours' drive. We're 15 minutes from Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, about 30 from Red Rock. Vegas is full of stuff to do even if you don't gamble. (My husband and I don't, and we still used to enjoy visiting Vegas a lot before we moved here.) Vegas has lots of luxury and outlet shopping, dining and eye candy, plus golf and water sports. If you're into stargazing, we have surprisingly good skies for that, and we have a portable telescope. Within blocks of our house are restaurants, grocery stores, banks, a 24-hour Gold's Gym, a Starbucks and more. A Whole Foods and a bunch of other yuppie stuff are close by as well. We have wireless Internet access, but we have no TV connection. We have a TV and DVD player in the guest room, but no hookup. If there's a sporting event or something you can't miss, there's a clean and safe 24-hour sports pub two blocks from our house. (Yes, we know we're weird because we don't watch TV. We have lots of books and DVDs, though.) Vegas is hot in the summer, but dry heat (very low humidity) makes it much more bearable than otherwise. We have central air in the house, so it's always pleasant inside. Spring and fall are amazing in Vegas -- beautiful weather all day long. Winter can be chilly, but no snow or ice.
My husband and I live in a small two bedroom two bathroom condominum in Las Vegas, Nevada. You will be staying in the small second bedroom of our condo we lovingly refer to as our library. This room is packed with books but has enough room for one or two people who don't mind sleeping on the floor. We have a small loveseat in there - too small for sleeping really - so plan on bringing an inflatable mattress or some kind of bedding. If you don't mind it being a small place to sleep, we don't mind letting you sleep there. You will also have access to our washer, dryer and guest bathroom, complete with a toilet and a bathtub/shower. Also feel free to use the kitchen during your stay but plan on buying your own food. (You are welcome to eat what we have but usually the fridge is pretty empty). We also have access to the community pool, spa, and workout room. We are about half an hour from everything. The famous Las Vegas strip, Red Rocks and the Valley of Fire (two beautiful national parks) and the airport are all about a 30 minute drive away. (Shorter when traffic is light, longer when traffic is heavy.)
modest home with bed to offer and couch when my son is on training for service, close to everything, 15 minutes from the entertainment capital of the world, 5 minutes to all the restaurant, banks, shopping center, 20 minutes from the airport when there is no traffic,4 hours from the Grand canyon,2 hrs, from the new skywalk, 45 minutes from the hoover dam,4 hours from the southern California such as Beverly hills, Los Angeles, and most of all walking distance from the bus stop, make sure you are not allergic to my small dog mixed bread pug and chihuahua,feel at home but pick up your own mess do not worry about ours, buy your own food or u are welcome to join us if you are not as picky, I do not need whiners, opinionated, complainer and plenty of chip on their shoulder kind of people, a happy, possitive and sincere are welcome anytime no need to call in advance, I am so happy to pick u up from the airport as long as I am in town, show you around and entertain you.
I live in a one-bedroom apartment that is located across the street from UNLV and about two miles from the strip. Within walking distances (less than half mile) there are several supermarkets, a mall, target, best buy, barnes and nobles plus a ton of restaurants and other businesses. My place is not far from the bus route that goes to the airport, greyhound or the strip..........The accommodation is for a single or couple. You will be sleeping on the floor but i provide blanket and pillow. The place is small but it is comfortable. You can use kitchen but buy your own food. I dont mind late nighters but keep the party to the strip and be respectful of my place and neighbors. Also please pick up after yourself. I also do not want anyone in my place if im not home- so m-th 8-5 please be out and about. In fact my place is available for those that want to be out and about and not staying in.
Sleeping bags, couch, potentially extra beds if you have kids that want to bunk with our kids. We are 5 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Very close to everything. Shopping, groceries, movies, bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos, gambling, public transit. You can use the kitchen, bathrooms, etc but you must buy your own groceries and bath items. You may use the laundry room in our home as well. We are only 4 1/2 hours from San Diego, California and Los Angeles. About 6 hours from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. 13 hours from Denver, CO. No smoking inside, no drugs, and we do have children so coming in late isn't advised as it disturbs sleep. Thank you and hope you stay with us soon.
A couch or a spare bed, very close to red rock and the entertainment capital of the world, shopping, bus stop is 1 block away,eatery, banks and many more.... 3 hours from Grand Canyon, 5 hours to greater Southern California, Los Angeles,Beverly Hills, San Diego and many more exciting cities and beautiful sceneries. Feel free to use the kitchen, but pick up after yourself. Must buy your own food. Can show around town but u have to pay for the gas and the mileage since I pay per mileage one of my car is leased by my company and I do pay for the mileage everytime I do use it.
Small apartment with a couch to spare, I could possibly have two people (If ya dont mind the floor:) I live about 5 mins from the Strip and the airport bus line stops almost at my front door. My work allows me to set my own hours, so if you want to see the un-touristy things in Vegas I would be more than happy to show you. The kitchen and bathroom are at your disposal, but I am terrible at groceries, and you may have to get what you like.There are about (no kidding) 50 places to eat within a five minute walk from the house. Absolutley No Drugs!!!!
It will be a couple of months, maybe July or August 2010 before I have my place ready. At that point, my accommodation will be a very tiny living space with a comfy sofa for freeloader visits. Presently, I live in Las Vegas, about 6 miles from the famous Strip. However, because my little house will be mobile, I'll offer other locations soon. Just check with me and I'll let you know in advance where I'll be. You will have access to my bathroom and kitchen but will need to buy most if not all of your own food. NO SMOKING at all.
Queen sized bed in small room with closet in small 3 bed 2 bath single family detached home on the west side of town in a master planned community called Summerlin. It's a ten minute walk to a grocery store, pubs, restaurants and public transportation. I'm about seven miles from the Las Vegas strip. Public transportation might take 30 minutes to get to the strip from here by bus. Use the kitchen and use basics like bread and eggs but generally buy your own food. I'm no cook so there is a microwave on the premises.
Sofabed in living room of small 1 bedroom house on the west side of Las Vegas (15 minute drive to the strip). Plenty of grocery stores, neighborhood bars, restaurants within walking distance. Public transport notoriously crappy here, but I'm a 2 minute walk to the closest stop. Kitchen & laundry available for use, please buy your own food but I usually have something hidden in the cabinets if you're starving! I have 2 dogs, sweet poochers. They can be kept in my room while you sleep if they're too lovey for ya.

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